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On The Poll: Hill Leads In The Ninth District, Kennedy And Brizzi In Dead Heat

Wishtv_6Last night, WISH-TV aired the first in what will be three nights of coverage of a statewide political poll that looked at a number of races. The initial segment covered the Congressional race in the Ninth District between Baron Hill and Mike Sodrel and the Marion County Prosecutor's race between Melina Kennedy and Carl Brizzi.

Good news: It would appear that voters in Southeastern Indiana don't want to get fooled again. Hill leads Sodrel by six points.

Even better news: A visibly shaken Brizzi stammered through his on-camera response yesterday after finding out that he's trailing the challenger by one point. Instead of discounting the poll or talking about his record, he went back to the same old "experience" talking points. Hint: Those don't appear to be working, Carl. Nor do your "I'm a really tough guy" TV spots.

Anyway, here are the results from the first segment of the poll. WISH will air results from the Eighth and Seventh Districts tonight. The final piece will air tomorrow night.


And for people like you, Marion County will continue the way it is! I will not get off my personal song and dance. Unlike you, I am not quoting figures, stats or rumors. I am talking about real life, real issues the prosecutor's office has failed to do.

shhhh, this site does not want anything said if it does not show Kennedy in a positive light, even if it is the truth.

"Now who's avoiding the questions? You've built Carl up like a Roman god, yet you can't support it. You keep claiming there are stats and facts, but instead of producing them, you just revert back to the "Carl is the bestest ever!" line. Accoridng to you at this point Carl is the greatest attorney in the history of the legal profession. Somehow I doubt it."

I don't claim any fact that you mentioned above.

I don't know if he is the "greatest attorney in the history of the legal profession". I know Brizzi and I know what he stands for. I know his passion for Marion County. I have witnessed first hand the opposition he faces day by day. I have seen how the Mayor has shot down his ideas (to better Marion County) while Kennedy sat there like the little drone she is.

If she cared about the streets of Marion County then she should have been enough of a woman to say something back then (she had 6 yrs to do so). Kennedy sat back, watched the Mayor do unspeakable things, and said nothing. What does that tell you about Kennedy? She does not care about an issue until she is running for something.

If you are looking for Brizzi’s accomplishments visit his website, they are all over the place. If you are interested in just getting to know a candidate, I dare you to investigate. However, like any other drone you follow Kennedy so of course you won’t do it. It takes a special strong person to go against the grain. Brizzi did it! He could care less about the ticket.

Results Matter right. Well look at Kennedy’s role in Economic Development results. Kennedy was quoted saying, “Just like in any business, government is the same. You have got to have performance be part of what we look at”
“according to data released by CNN, when Kennedy was in charge of economic development for the city, Indianapolis suffered from 1.37% job growth from 2000-2005.”

“Kennedy continues to say that results matter but she was unable to produce positive results in her last job. When Kennedy was responsible for economic development, cities neighboring indpls prospered while Indianapolis failed to produce positive job results”

“Her sole responsibility was to provide a positive economic climate so that Marion county residents could earn a decent living for their families, but Kennedy failed to produce results.”

Let us see how the Kennedy drones dodge this one. You know its coming 