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Senate District 41 Debate: When A Problem Comes Along, You Must Whip It

Flogger_3 Even if you're not a die-hard political junkie, there's one debate you won't want to miss this week:

"Indiana Senate District 41 candidate debate with Democrat Terry Coriden, Libertarian Kenn Gividen and Republican Greg Walker, 7 p.m., Napolitan Student Center, Franklin College."

Terry Coriden versus the Flogger. It'll doubtless be one for the ages. Well, at least if someone brings up the whole "beating people in public as punishment" subject. For those who don't remember why he's such big news, recall that the Flogger is the guy who whipped longtime Senate Pro Tempore Bob Garton in the May primary.

Even if you don't see the pure entertainment value of a debate between a couple normal guys (a well respected local attorney and the Libertarian candidate for Governor in 2004) and a guy who wants to bring back public stocks, consider that if the latter fella wins, he'll be joining an ever-growing brigade of right-wing nutballs in the State Senate, which used to be respected for its ability to gently whack down some of the silliness that made its way over from the House side and to refrain from making any silly proposals of its own.

Indeed, whatever you thought of Garton, Borst and the other older, wiser members of that GOP caucus, they did manage to prevent a lot of bad legislation from ever reaching the floor.


Whipping? Flogging? Sounds like a Dickerson campaign slogan !

Please stick to the topic at hand. Pretty please.

There are topics other than Eric Dickerson to talk about, and this is the second unrelated thread in as many days that's now headed way off track.

There's a reason I shut down the two Dickerson threads that generated more than 100 comments each.

That was too kind, TDW. Wilson and the other Dickerson/Carson politicos - why don't you get off this website and your lazy butts and go out and campaign!!!!

For those of us old enough to remember campaign theme songs how about a list here? Maybe "Beat It" or "The Beat Goes On"?

Kenn Gividen.... I hoped he would disappear following his run for Governor. Oh well....

Is he still using the "Ken Giveden, rhymes with dividend" line? And is the elimination of class basketball still his pet issue?

Yeah. No doubt. TDW, you just lost "normal political hack writer" status in my book calling It's-like-dividend-with-a-G a "normal guy."

You're still a career politician, Kenn. Just that one no one has ever elected you.

My money is on Todd Seisky!

Perhaps I should explain. During the 2004 election we had a mock debate and Todd played Kenn Gividen. He was fantastic, in fact, he did a better job playing Ken Gividen than Ken Giveden did playing Ken Gividen during the actual debates.

Normal is relative, and relatively speaking, I don't think Kenn's all about the whipping.

Its still a huge mountain for Coriden. The district is - on base races averaged - 65.9 R 30.5 D.

Anyone go to the debate in Franklin tonight? Would love to know your reactions.

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