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What Rats? What Ship? Walk -- Don't Run -- To The Nearest Statehouse Exit

Wavegoodbye_5Looks like everyone's favorite Bureau of Motor Vehicles Commissioner, Joel "You Shut Up, It Works Just Fine" Silverman, will be leaving his post on Oct. 16. The Guv's Office just put out a release on several more departures, including chief of staff Harry Gonso and Department of Labor Commissioner Miguel Rivera. The big question: Wheeeeeere's Esther?

Here's the release in its entirety, since these don't always make it up on the Guv's website immediately:

News Release
For immediate release

Governor announces administration leadership changes

INDIANAPOLIS (September 27, 2006) – Governor Daniels today announced four changes in leadership at executive agencies and one in his office. The transitions will occur over the next few weeks to the end of the year.

"Several outstanding people made two-year commitments to state government, so we knew transitions would begin to occur in the natural course of business," said Daniels. "We began succession planning within the first several months of our administration because we knew maintaining the exceptional quality we started with would be a challenge."

The changes are as follows:

Michael "Mickey" Maurer, Secretary of Commerce and president of the Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC), already has announced he would leave his post at the end of the year. Nathan Feltman, current IEDC executive vice president and general counsel, will replace him as Secretary of Commerce and president.

Miguel Rivera, Department of Labor commissioner, has submitted his resignation effective October 6. He has accepted a private sector position. Lori Torres will be the new commissioner effective on or before November 1.

Joel Silverman, Bureau of Motor Vehicles commissioner, has submitted his resignation. He will leave the BMV, effective October 16.

Ron Stiver, commissioner of the Department of Workforce Development, will become the new BMV commissioner. He will be replaced by Andrew Penca, Workforce Development deputy commissioner for strategic research and development.

Harry Gonso, the governor’s chief of staff, will leave his post before the end of the year. Earl Goode, currently the deputy chief of staff and former commissioner of the Department of Administration, will take his place.

"Indiana has been so fortunate that seasoned, proven business leaders like Harry, Mickey and Joel were willing to enter public service. All have worked incredibly hard to reform state government and launch Indiana’s economic recovery," said Daniels. "None of them needed either the jobs or the headaches."

Earlier this month, Daniels hosted a picnic at the governor’s residence to meet people interested in state service. The 70-plus cabinet members and other agency heads were asked to bring a guest, someone qualified and interested in a leadership position. Lori Torres was one of the individuals who attended the event and emerged as a candidate for the Department of Labor position. Two other individuals already have been hired to state government positions since the event.

“I’m especially excited when we recapture Hoosier talent like Nate and Andrew and bring in fresh faces like Lori,” said the governor.

Feltman, a Mishawaka native, returned to Indiana in 2003 from Chicago. Before joining IEDC in January 2005, he was a partner at the law firm Ice Miller in Indianapolis where he concentrated his practice on mergers and acquisitions, and cross-border transactions. He also spent two years practicing law in Russia from 1996 to 1998. He has helped lead the new economic development entity to consecutive record-breaking years in 2005 and 2006 for competitive deals, investment in Indiana and jobs creation.

Torres is a general partner with Smart Kessler and Torres in Greenwood. Her areas of expertise include real estate law, criminal law, bankruptcy practice, commercial law and litigation, probate and corporate law, as well as being a certified mediator. She is president-elect of the Johnson County Bar Association and a member of the State Board of Funeral and Cemetery Service. She also is a volunteer for several local organizations.

Stiver has overseen the $975 million Workforce Development agency since January 2005. During his tenure, Stiver has restored fiscal stability to the unemployment insurance system, replacing a $2.5 million annual deficit with a $3.3 million surplus; completed an overhaul of the workforce development system to a regionally-driven system that better serve employers and employees; launched the Major Moves minority training program to better prepare minorities for jobs in the skilled trades, and restored fiscal stability to an unemployment insurance system that was on the verge of bankruptcy.

Penca, who earned his master’s degree at the University of Southern California, returned to Indiana after working for several years outside of the state. He has been deputy commissioner since February 2005 and has provided important leadership and support on such key programs as the $23 million Innovating Indiana Strategic Skills Initiative. He previously was an investment advisor for AG Edwards & Sons in Indianapolis and served in several product planning and market analysis positions for Honda R&D Americas, Inc., in Torrance, California.

Goode moved to the governor’s office as deputy chief of staff in April and has focused on the governor’s Major Moves initiative and economic development issues. He was the commissioner of the Department of Administration from January 2005 to April 2006 and came to state government following a 39-year career with GTE (now Verizon), where he served in a number of leadership positions. He retired as president of GTE Information Services.


Media contact: Jane Jankowski, Office of the Governor, 317/232-1622, jjankowski@gov.in.gov


they can't even put out a release about new administration jobs without slamming the previous administration...

It seems to leave out that Stiver cut costs at DWD by making people wait for their initial check up to 18 weeks!!!!!! He is the boy wonder in the administration, I'll enjoy seeing him squirm under the BMV heat for a while.

If MD was truly a CEO he would have fired Joel long ago...instead he lets the guy leave with a slap on the back and a congrats?

maybe they just plan to hire Silverman back on some big "consulting contract" ?

Interestingly, they don't say where any of these people are going next. Maybe they don't want to call attention to that massive revolving door...

i cannot believe they made nate head of IEDC with his record!

Let's hope Tom (Top Dot) Sharp is next.

I did find it interesting that their new places of employment weren't disclosed.

If, in fact, Harry Gonso is heading back to Ice Miller, I think that would definitely require a post-employment policy waiver.

Policy schmolicy.

Let 'em eat cake.

How do we get the AG and SOS to resign?

Maybe that's because people like Joel don't have jobs!

since Silverman resigned, he won't be able to collect unemployment benefits ...

does this mean the state is finally going to start creating jobs?

So - Will Ice Miller be taking Lapdog Hupfer back? Possibly Director Hupfer has wreaked enough turmoil on the DNR - or maybe he will stick around long enough to make sure his wealthy (future) clients areadequately taken care of by the legislature. Yup - bet he hangs in there long enough to make sure his future paychecks (Governor's buddies) are handled with special care. Man, what a sick excuse for government!

what a bunch of PR morons. Releasing this on a Wednesday! Giving up Joel's head before the election after losing all that political capital all summer!!!!


Good luck Ron Stiver, you're going to need it, Doogie!

didn't ron stiver REALLY screw up at DWD his first couple months on the job...like forgetting to send out unemployment checks?

Apparently Miguel Rivera wasn't part of the in-crowd like he thought. He got axed and the people at the IDOL are all the better for it! He was/is a fake and phony!

So will Silverman have wait 8 weeks for his unemployment check?

I think Rivera is the only person on that list who has not been involved in a scandal or ethics question of some sort...

I liked Mickey...he was a really classy dame!

Now that Maurer is gone, is Mitch the shortest guy in the administration? Before we get to the "napoleon" jokes, its important to note that Napoleon was actually 5'6".

Dr. John, you may be on to something. Whether he goes back to Ice Miller or not, bet he jumps ship by the end of the year.

no, Mitch has a number of clones....they know who they are...!

What is totally being missed in all of this is that the Gov's Chief of Staff is hitting the road. This is a big deal. I don't have access to the Gov's office, but you have to wonder about his effectiveness... Talk about a lot of staff problems, not to mention overall management of issues! Welcome to public service! (and gooood-bye!)

There was some talk about Shalliol for IEDC. He had plenty of experience at Lilly and so on. Gonso must have spiked that for his former Ice Miller buddy, not to mention there is no love lost between the budget director and Gonso.

Is Shalliol sticking around? Going? Hasn't he allegedly done his job, according to Mitch?

Mitch Roob also...talk about a sputtering mess he's presiding over.

Good headline TDW. Told ya. We'll see who else is heading for the exit. Then the fun begins...who will be the replacement rats?

How about J. David Donahue, that clown they have running the Department of Correction? When will he go? I notice this blog seems to pay this guy little attention, but he truly is one of biggest idiots this administration has brought on board. He is a buck-toothed moron from Kentucky that has privatized everything in sight. He is just as short as the governor, only a bigger blowhard. They make quite a pair when standing next to each other. He has terminted or run off all of the talent the Department ever had. The juvenile facilities have become true hellholes under his watch and direction. Number, frequency and severity of violent incidents and use of force are way up- due mostly to new (read much lower) staffing schemes. I am stunned that the Justice Department has not taken action against this mule molesting scumbag from the inbreed hinterlands of Kentucky (just my opinion).

Pity the poor BMV schlub who has to plan the good bye party.

Damn it, Debbie. How many many times do I have to tell you I don't like butter cream frosting? What the hell, I'm commissioner for 10 more minutes. You're fired.

Yeah, what does give with DOC? Heard after the election that one long-time worker was fired over the phone on her way to work. Now that's class.

"I think Rivera is the only person on that list who has not been involved in a scandal or ethics question of some sort..."

I just hate it that Rivera is sneaking out of town under cover of the more newsworthy Silvermans's departure. Rivera was the person on the list who got the least attention, not the one who deserved the least. Ch 13 did expose Miguel's "cost effective" policy of ending mine inspections but he deserved so much more exposure.

Miguel Rivera's legacy at IDOL is a huge reduction in child labor inspections, getting rid of IOSHA safety inspectors by ordering field people's work stations moved to Indpls - to the point of risking federal funding due to understaffing, turning a non-partisan process for establishing wages on public works into a partisan farse carried out by political hack hires, nearly 100% turn over in deputy commissioners, calling a merit staff member "an embarrassment" at a public meeting in front of the press, and ending construction safety inspections for Metro Indy Coalition for Construction Safety member firms which donate to Aiming Higher. But most disgusting, given the agency to which he was appointed, he engaged in clear and obvious age discrim, political discrim, and rampant patronage in hiring, awarding bonuses and distributing praise, and promotions.

He told staff today he is going to Bentonville to work for Wal-Mart. He rather proudly remarked that he'll be enjoying much greater pay. Given his ideas on labor, he couldn't have found a more compatable employer.

Didn't anyone notice the male chauvinist pig quote attributed to the governor? Nate and Andrew are "Hoosier talent" but Lori is "a fresh face"?

The Mitchster needs a quick course to bring him up to speed on gender issues in the 21st century!

Wow! You all must have missed a lot of news or forgot to take the blinders off!

Did you all miss Lacey Jr., Gibson and the joke Kennedy commercial??? Proof again, the dems just think they can do no wrong and nothing will touch them. Guess again, election day the people will speak, unless of course you have all the dead people voting for you again.

I have a great idea! Why don't you slap stickers on the gravestones!


"The juvenile facilities have become true hellholes under his watch and direction. "

Everything I've heard from staff is that is the God's honest truth. But out of sight, out of mind.

Wait everyone, we're forgetting that classy former Judge, Jim Payne!

It's simply amazing the amount of high level idiots the Governor has appointed. I'm sure they were all "successful" eg brown nosers who worked their ways up the private sector ladders one way or another, but when you actually have to work (in the public eye, no less) boy does it show!!!

Remember how much the Republicans complained about mid to lower level staffers in the O'Bannon admin.

Cat got your tongue, Mitch?

Maybe all of these people are leaving state government to work for the Do Nothin' Debbie in the City of Lawrence. Wait a minute, I'm confused. The City of Lawrence is a refugee camp for O'Bannon/Kernan Administration hacks. By the way did anyone see that Do Nothin' Debbie wants to raise taxes 17% so she can hire more wayward Kernanites??

No wonder you had to high-tail it back to Indy, TDW! It was fun to have you back in the Fort....stop by any time.

There couldn't be a better choice to continue the "classy dame" mentality than Nate. I'm just waiting for the new dress code up here-- he's been telling us what to wear for quite a while. I wonder if I have to call him "Daddy" now.

my worst Natemare just came true!

Hey, 9:46 - get a life! The two "talents" were labeled so because they came from other state positions where their talents have been demonstrated. While the "fresh face" is new to state government. Whether or not you agree with those assessments, that was the clear intent.

If you want to be a race-baiting, gender-baiting idiot, why don't you go join the Amos Brown discussion. You'd fit in a lot better there.

Sure hit somebody's nerve. Makes you wonder who made that last post. Well, no matter, cheers for anonymity--protects the innocent as well as the guilty.
Now, there's a concept, innocent bloggers on this site? Hardly. Oneriness is more interesting anyway.

9:46 wrote: "Nate and Andrew are "Hoosier talent" but Lori is "a fresh face"?

There's something conspicuous about MMM's comments in the press release. Besides making the "talent" and "fresh face" comments above he also praises Gonso and Silverman. He is silent about Miguel Rivera... Don't say anything if ya can't say somethin' nice??

Front page story shakeupin Friday's IndyStar.
Where have they been? What a spin?
From the beginning the word was that it was PLANNED to go in, turn the world of state government upside down the first two years, then try to right it so by the time the '08 elections come around people will forget how pissed off they were in all this trauma and re-draw the short straw!! NEVER FORGET PEOPLE! Start the fix in '06!

Did someone miss the fact that elephants never forget! He's pissing off the wrong party!

Mitch may just find out in November, that his "power base" is crumbling. You can't treat people the way he and his flunkies have and expect them to vote for your party.

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