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Here We Go Again: Ricketts Admits Exchanging Words, Denies Dangerous Driving

Copcar_2Remember when TDW posted the police report alleging that Lawrence Township Assessor Paul Ricketts tried to run someone over in a parking lot?

Well, it would appear the Topics has picked up on the story (hat tip to the TDW field correspondent who forwarded this, even though it's going to bring back all the Larryville nutballs):

"Lawrence Police are investigating a report that Lawrence Township Assessor Paul Ricketts tried to run down a longtime political foe with his car after leaving a Sept. 28 city council meeting. No charges had been filed as of Monday.

"Lawrence Police Deputy Chief Bob Bowser said the case is under investigation and several eyewitnesses need to be interviewed. He didn't expect the case to be resolved before Election Day, Nov. 7.

"Lawrence resident Ron Ryker told police that he complained out loud that Ricketts' vehicle was parked in a fire lane near the Lawrence City Building, 9001 E. 59th St., after a special council meeting on Sept. 28. Ryker got into the car of Paul Rogers, Republican Club president, and Ricketts got into his own car, pulled alongside Rogers' vehicle and told Ryker 'You better not talk to my wife again.'

"According to the police report, Ricketts drove away to drop off his wife at her car. Ryker said he began walking across the parking lot toward Ricketts' car with the intention of telling Ricketts that he had not made the comment to his wife.

"Ryker said Karen Ricketts made hand gestures at him to stay away, but he continued walking toward the car. The report said Ricketts drove around the parking lot at a high rate of speed toward Ryker, and Ryker claims he heard someone yell, "Get out of the way! He's going to hit you!"

"According to the report, Ricketts narrowly missed striking Ryker. He told Ryker, 'You better enjoy it while it lasts,' before driving away, the report said.

"Ricketts said Thursday the accusations are 'unfounded' and are an attempt to hurt his chances for re-election.

"In less than three weeks, Lawrence voters will decide whether to re-elect Ricketts, who's been the township assessor for 10 years, or name Democratic challenger Jeff Hill to the seat.

"'It's obviously a smear tactic on someone's part,' Ricketts said. 'I think that's his (Ryker's) motive, that he's trying to cause trouble.'

"Ryker worked for the political campaigns of Phil Mullins and David Parker, who ran against Ricketts in the Republican primary, as well as Helen Taylor, who was defeated by Dino Batalis in the Republican primary for township trustee.

"Ricketts said he exchanged words with Ryker after the council meeting but that he did not threaten or attempt to hit him.

"'I didn't do anything wrong,' he said. 'I didn't hit him, I didn't threaten him, I didn't come anywhere near him. I'm very confident they'll find nothing -- no basis for his comments.'

"Ryker said he and Ricketts have been at political odds for about two years, dating back to when Ryker, a Republican, voted for Lawrence Mayor Deborah Cantwell, a Democrat.

"'We have bumped heads several times. This has been an ongoing feud,' Ryker said. 'I perceive him (Ricketts) to be a dictator. I believe absolute power corrupts absolutely.'"


Any one want to start a pool on how long it takes for the crazies to come out?

Actually, I was betting on my own, and I already lost.

Must've been a late night in Larryville.

My guess is there will be a couple posts in the next few hours and then an explosion at about 4:15.

4:15? Hell they read it on govt. time in the assessor's office...

The "enjoy it while it lasts" comment sounds exactly like Ricketts. He behaves and talks that way when he thinks he's in a position nof power and infallability.

Maybe he can hire Ice Miller, and get them to later deny representing him, instead filing a Scrivener's Affidavit.

Lawrence ought to just be abolished as a city and absorbed into Indy. It's way too crazy out there for normal decent people to govern.

Schneider ruined it for everyone. Greed. Stupidity.

12:10 pm and all's welllllll....

Some of the crazies, including the two names parties in this article were at the Merritt-Brown debate last night. I didn't see if they talked to each other, but there were no bodies in the parking lot after the event.

Does anyone know how Russ did last night?

Here's what Jim Shella, who moderated the debate, had to say on his blog:

"I moderated a state Senate debate in Lawrence last night between Republican incumbent Jim Merrit and Democratic challenger Russell Brown. While Merritt holds a leadership position and is generally well-regarded, Democrats think they have a chance to unseat him.

"His agreement to debate may support the notion that the race is within reach. It may also be a reaction to what Merritt saw when Bob Garton lost in the primary. He campaigned vigorously for Senate President Pro Tem.

"Nevertheless, the debate was conducted on a high level. It was about issues and not personalities. And each candidate surprised the other.

"Merritt declared that the lifetime healthcare benefit for lawmakers will disappear next year. (He was standing alongside Garton when the latest version of it was unveiled.)

"Brown announced that his previous indecision over a hike in the minimum wage has ended. He now supports the idea."

blah blah blah Good for Russ. Cantwell and team Deb need to go.

Cantwell needs to go? Not hardly. If you want honest answers out there in Larryland, she's your best hope.

The Republican cast includes a interesting interwoven group of folks...kinda like an interfamilial cluster blank. Every once in a while they pull in a decent Republican, then corrupt them.

If your hope lies in folks like Kyle Walker and Paul Ricketts, you're deeper in trouble than you think.

Nice riot at Larry North the other day. Geeeesh.

Ricketts (and Walker) are probably two of the best things to happen to the Repub party in Lawrence. . . better yet, Marion County. These knuckleheads who keep posting such negative, venomous, outlandish lies about them need to get over the fact that Tom is no longer running the show. Stop whining and being such poor losers, join the Party for the good of the party - and not just for yourselves. Please accept the fact that, although important, there are more opinions out there that matter than just that of old retired vets. Yes you served our country, but that doesn't give you the right to put down, harass, and be an a** to everyone who isn't a vet!

For the first time, in a very long time, Lawrence Township actually has a township chairman, and some Republican leadership, who gives a flying crap about other people, the party, and the good of the whole. Whoever posted about Ricketts being a "dictator", must still be wallowing in their sorrow that they do not have Tom around to protect them anymore. Now HE was a dictator!

Has anyone noticed that NONE of the topics posted on this blog regarding Ricketts have any truth to them? There is not a single accusation that can be proven because the evidence is just not there!

Get over yourselves people. This blog does not travel far, so if you are getting your kicks by insulting and degrading people, then so be it . . . enjoy your therapy. Because other than that, none of this crap means anything to anyone. Get a life.

8:24, I've personally witnessed Rickets's and Walker's hateful venom against political enemies. It's as ugly as any I've ever seen, and that includes some pretty wicked stuff. Their venom is most-often directed at anyone who likes the Mayor, but hey, they're equal-opportunity goofs. They'll mow over anyone who gets in their way.

This has nothing to do with Schneider, except that they were allies of his. And allies of most of the guys who got rich off that silly water utility "sale". And a township trustee who is so out of touch he prints campaign fliers in his office, and wonders why anyone would dare question him.
Such is the state of government out there, which is why the Mayor has such difficulty...she's busting up a longtime Mafioso operation. That's never easy.

Good Republicans are everywhere. If they had any sense they'd repudiate the tactics of these guys.

They both need to stop sucking at the public trough, too. Pitiful.

where is Russ from?

Ron Ryker should have pulled a Steve Jackson and busted out a gat 9mm!!

Gezz. Why do folks even vote anymore...these are idiots we get to choose from? This country deserves it's burn-off into nothingness.

Like the song said, "Move bitch! Get out the way, get out the way, get out the way." Was Ron walking in a street or crossing at a cross walk anyway? Oh, a parking lot...yield to pedestrians not try to run them down. I do need to laugh...no evidence, eh? What are eye witnesses? Bowser + Ricketts + Breezy = No Charges. Got to love small town politics.

it is convenient that the pros. office is waiting until AFTER the election to look into this when it happened almost a month ago.


I am amazed that this blog would stoop to printing out and out lies in an attempt to hurt a political candidates re-election bid!

Many times I have seen this blog go after the "Republican of the Moment" in an attempt to help Democrat candidates, but the printing of these lies and trach about Assessor Ricketts is the worst ever!

1 - The victim (Ron Ryker) is certifiably nuts and runs with a group of trouble makers in Lawrence. Their only reason for existence is to cause the MCRCC and Township Chair Ricketts trouble.

2 - They believe that Tom Schneider is going to appear from the sky on a golden chariot and reclaim power in the city (ain't gonna happen.)

3 - In addition - all of the lies about Ricketts in this so called news story are an attempt to damage him in not only his current campaign, but in any future races that he may enter.

Get a life folks!

If you want to report on a "good" story - try the one about the REAL NUTS in Lawrence - not our hard-working public servants like Assessor Paul Ricketts.

The good citizen's of Lawrence Township have a candidate running for Assessor that is well above all of this "backwoods hoopla" from the GOP. Jeff Hill has been a Lawrence Township resident for over 30 years. He is a very fine gentleman with a degree in Business Administration & is a Certified Level I & II Indiana Assessor Appraiser. It is time to "upgrade" the current Assessor's Office where nepotism and disorder looms. He will be a real Public Servant not a just another Politician in office.

Hey Hill, your 9:03 post was really nice. I'm sure it required a whopping 5 seconds of thought and effort to copy and paste it from your website to the blog. Having a degree and the assessor certification is great. But is doesn't hold a candle to someone who teaches the rest of the assessors in the state how to do their job plus being elected to run the state assessor's org by Dems and Repubs.

I am a Jeff Hill supporter. Read this part again:
It is time to "upgrade" the current Assessor's Office where nepotism and disorder looms. He will be a real Public Servant not a just another Politician in office.

paul ricketts is a fat corrupt f*ck

Over the line 9:36. I'm no fan of Larryville's current assessor, but that kind of comment belongs on Indyundercover not here.

Jeff hill is the shining star of the township candidates. PR is....well we know what he is, don't we?

"...someone who teaches the rest of the assessors in the state how to do their job..." No wonder the state property assessment is all messed up. I wouldn't want him to teach my 3 year old how to wipe her butt. She would get poo everywhere! Nice try 9:18. Jeff will be a much better Assessor then Paul. You watch!

What a bunch of crap!

I just wonder what little Jenny will do for work after the Dems get their clock cleaned in November. Maybe she could move to North Korea and do p.r. for their fine government!

Truth is really hard for the Ricketts followers to swallow. They have good reason to be as worried as they appear to be. It will be interesting to see how many of them post on this blog on the evening of Nov. 7th when we are busy celebrating with Jeff Hill.

There's going to be a lot of salty Budweiser Tuesday night from all the Republicans crying in their beer ...

Did anyone hear that Ricketts was kicked off of the CDC for hording the 2 mil?

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