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Election Day 2006: Best Of Luck To Everyone Under The Political Sun

Donkeyphant_6Welcome to Election Day 2006.

There won't be any other posts today, so you can use this one to reflect, snipe or do whatever else you want to do.

Congratulations to everyone for whom this is the last day of a long campaign season. Here's hoping every Hoosier goes to the polls to cast a ballot. And here's to the folks who make a living doing this. No matter which side of the aisle you're on, you deserve a pat on the back. And a stiff drink. But not 'til after 6 o'clock.

Best of luck to everyone. See you on the flip side.



Ahhh...it's so great that after today we can FINALLY get some peace and quiet: no more mud-slinging political ads on TV, no more crazed lunatics from the extreme right and extreme left spending hours on their soapboxes blaming one another for whatever's going on. I think we can all take a giant step back and breathe a collective sigh of relief. Politics now takes a hiatus for two years.

"Politics takes a hiatus for two years" - Don't think so, DP. The second the midterms are over, the running for the 2008 presidential election begins. Locally things will calm down, unless we're inundated with Bayh-related propeganda. It'll back off, but it won't ever go away.

Uh, nothing stops on the poltiical front: slating for municipal elections is about 80 days away. Seriously.

The phone lines start buzzing tomorrow morning to committeemen and women.

I wasn't asked for a photo ID today! I just gave the kid behind the counter my voter registration card and he must have thought it was my ID.

When I worked my precinct during elections (for about 20 years), my job as clerk was to eyeball the voters to see if their apparent age matched the birthdate on their record and to see if their signing of the voter rolls matched the sample signature.

Never had a problem.

Voter ID is designed to scare people away from the polls, and the experience of "no ID needed" proves that it's mere windowdressing.

Slating in 80 days? Any predictions on the next county chairs in Marion?

if melina loses it won't be mike oconner!

>Voter ID is designed to scare people away...

That must be why Blockbuster is going out of business. People have been scared away.

And banks, too.

And that must be the reason that retail sales are down. No more check writing.

And that's why nobody gets loans any more. Not even those "payday loans."

And that's why nobody drives a car anymore.

Or even buys a car anymore.

And nobody drives, either.

Gosh, it sure is gettin' scary around here!!

I know it's tough, but wrap your mind around the fact that voting is a fundamental right. Renting a movie is not.

"crazed lunatics from the extreme left"??? Was there a last-minute Trotskyite ad buy I missed?

>I know it's tough, but wrap your mind around the fact that voting is a fundamental right. Renting a movie is not.

I just love how this argument changes all the time.

People are "afraid." Okay, what makes them "afraid?" It must not be the idea of having an ID because we have tons of other places in our society that also require ID and are thriving. What segment of our society is "afraid" to go to places where millions of others go regularly? I can name a couple: like living people inpersonating dead people; or people who try to vote twice; or other criminals who don't like to be tracked. Who else?

The elderly can't get out. Oh, like the elderly don't drive, don't rent videos, don't write checks, etc., etc. And besides, if that is the impacted group, then Republicans have screwed themselves. So what's your point?

It's a poll tax. But IDs are free. And even in court, your high-priced attorneys could not produce a single case where it would actually cost anyone money. "But there are "hidden" costs." Oh, more so than the cost of driving to the polls? Economists are great at finding a "cost" to everything, including time. So I guess every single voter in this country is having his/her Constitutional rights violated. And I guess that's been true since before the Constitution was even written. Damn those Founding Fathers! And Damn those civil rights advocates! After 200+ years, they still can't create a fair and decent democracy.

Poor people can't afford ids. (Another version of the above.) I suppose that's why payday loan stores never have any customers. And that's why no poor people have checking accounts. And that's why no poor people drive. And that's why... oh, never mind.

I guess it all boils down to the politics of fright. Democrats have always been so much better at that than Republicans. And they are demonstrating their acumen once again.

marriage is a fundamental right too, but you still have to show ID to get a marriage license...

"marriage is a fundamental right"


never mind, 12:04...he clearly does not understand.

12:04 you've obviously never been to law school...

Precint 28 was a disaster. Opened late. Republican information distributed as people waited to vote. Pens not ready to mark ballots. Sigh.

Mr. Ladd, if those passing out literature were within 50 feet of the polls, then they have violated the law.

An election law violation? They'll have to wait in line behind the robocallers for their slaps on the wrist.

"if those passing out literature were within 50 feet of the polls, then they have violated the law."

Well then Orentlicher is breaking the law up in Carmel...

Voting is a fundamental right.

Driving a car is not.

And, getting an ID is not free. You try and figure out how to get a birth certificate and see what I mean.

Hassle, expense and more expense plus the time to stand in line at the inept BMV.

A woman in my precinct was told she couldn't vote because the address on her driver's license didn't match the voting rolls.

I thought the ID was to prove identity, not residency -- otherwise why would military IDs and passports be acceptable? They don't have addresses!

1:58. . .I watched two people leave a southside precinct without voting because their address didn't match. When it was my turn, my address didn't match (moved to a different apartment within the complex) and I made them call the election division. They told me I could vote. Although they were the ones who apparently told the other two that they couldn't vote.

Furthermore, I have a pocketful of propaganda given to me by people working for various campaigns. . these same people handing out the literature. . were the ones holding the door for people to go in and out of. . clearly less than 50 feet. . .

Relax folks, when it's cold or rainy, many inspectors often allow the distance/chute rule to be altered. For both parties. As long as it's not blatantly beside the machines. In many elections, I've never seen the provision abused.

The whole ID/match issue is ridiculous. The earlier poster got it right. The sole legal purpose of the law is to match photo ID pictures to the voter...there are multiple reasons the picture ID may nnot hahve the same exact details as the voter's roll.

Which is why, ultimately, however long we have to wait, this ridiculous law will be overturned, and a reasonable ID law will be enacted.

Provisional ballot my ass.

the address on the drivers license does NOT have to match the voter roll...

1:58 and 2:09, do you know if these problems were reported? The Star has been running "updates" all day about the lack of complaints about the ID requirement.

I was afraid I would have that problem, too, since the address on my license is outdated (but I had to show proof of address at my new address when I updated my registration). The nice old ladies at the polling place hadn't heard of any problems, but then again I'm outside the metro area.

My daughter voted at the State Fair grounds. The Democrat poll worker who checked her ID also handed her the Democrat marked slate within feet of the voting machine and obviously in the same room.

This wasn't within 50 feet of the polling place this was inside the room with the voting machines and the person was one of the precinct election board people.

When she asked the Pub worker there why he let them do it - he said "they always do it". Apparently they intimidted the Republican.

Anyone here think that's right?

I was a good girl and had my ID in hand when I went to sign in. Probably should have waited for them to ask just to see if they would. After having my purse searched at Pacers games, my tootsies bared at airports, and my keys lost when my coat went through the metal detector at the City-County building, I'm used to all the scrutiny.

Happy end of election TDW. Looking foward to reading after the trolls have left.

3:31 Did you ask to speak to the inspector? I find it hard to belive the Republican hadn't nipped this in the bud. If what you said is true, call the Election Board ASAP. We had a case where an overzealous Republican poll worker was doing something similar a couple of elections ago. Voters called the electiosn board and complained to the Inspector at the polling site. She was removed from service that day, and I understand she has been banned from working the polls. These bad apples in both parties cannot be allowed to work the polls.

3:49, the main complaint here, over and over, is that most Inspectors seem clueless, too. Four of the five at my polling place were clueless.

With anyluck at all, Joe Pearson will carry Marion County, and we'll get inspectors back. It's a big job, but it's time to let someone else try it.

Out here in Hancock Co., a guy at the door was checking IDs. Then you went to sign the book. I noticed my wife's name was printed twice. My name was below her name and was the last one on the page. I do not know if my name appeared twice with maybe the second printing on the top of the next page. Does this mean my wife could likely vote twice?

GO SODREL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The absolutely rediculous John Hamilton supporting Baron Hill made my stomach puke all over Monroe County, Jackson County, Bartholmew County...well just about all over SE Indiana

So what does an election day entail for a TDW?

>>The absolutely rediculous John Hamilton supporting Baron Hill made my stomach puke all over Monroe County, Jackson County, Bartholmew County...well just about all over SE Indiana<<

You sure it wasn't just something you ate? In any case, it sounds serious. I'd be seeking out medical attention ASAP instead of posting to blogs.

There was no missing the ID requirement in my precinct -- huge sign on the door, and a request for my driver's license before the worker even said hello. The poll workers weren't very friendly this year, which is a change. Usually they're pretty decent people.

Forget 50 feet... The POLL WORKER was handing out fake sample ballots that were ads from Carl Brizzi. I've called and emailed everybody I was supposed to but it seems nothing was done while the republicans successfully got a restraining order against the democrats for having literature within 50 feet.

Here's what happened to me: Upon entering the poll location, the poll worker asked if I wanted a sample ballot and handed me, what appeared to be, a ballot. It had 'Sample Ballot' on it and even had an ES&S copyright at the bottom. (My location uses the ES&S optical scanner.) Upon further examination of the "sample ballot" I noticed that all the Republican ovals were filled in and that ALL DEMOCRATIC candidates were grayed out with bold print stating "NOT RECOMMENDED." Puzzled, I flipped it over and there was a picture of the smiling republican, Carl Brizzi with his name, logo, and website plastered in full color. I looked ahead in line and everybody had one. I turned back toward the poll worker and noticed a stack of at least 100 of them on her table. The poll worker, an elderly woman, was handing them out as sample ballots. I doubt that this was an isolated incident.

"The poll worker, an elderly woman, was handing them out as sample ballots. I doubt that this was an isolated incident."

Are you sure this was not a mistake by the elderly lady?

Somebody gave her a LARGE stack of these. She also happens to be my neighbor. Her and her husband work there every election. She may not have known what they were but she accepted them from somebody and that somebody knew what they were doing and they fooled her at the very least. I'm working late tonight (I'm in "the business") so I'll have to ask her tomorrow. Either way, it is completley illegal.

The law is fifty feet from the polling machine not station.

"The law is fifty feet from the polling machine not station."

I know that really was my point. (Plus it was actually less then 10 feet from the 'station')

Sorry Nobody, I was refering to an earlier post. What you are refering to is clearly in violation.

Ooops, sorry.

Ugh... don't know if I should laugh or cry, but the Star's fancy Flash feature is reporting the following in the Marion County Sheriff's race:

Steve Davis (R) 4 votes 1%
Frank Anderson (D) 7 votes 2%
Barry Campbell (L) 391 votes 97%

Hmmm... it's on the Star's website, so it must be true!

What in the name of efficiency happened in Delaware County, for cryin' out loud. Can they get anything right?

Thought they just said something about the time on the machines being wrong. Oh, good old DST strikes again! Aren't we just so happy we had to live with that most of this year, and still SUFFERING ill effects.

Congrats to Ellsworth on a nice win. Looks like Herrell will regain his seat in Kokomo and Ed Mahern was down at last check. Should be an interesting night.....

Please stop griping about DST - not every issue, and even those actually involving time, is caused by the time change. The machines were programmed for 8 p.m., a time that an official has said was when polls closed in another state also using the same machines and programmable cards. Also, keep in mind: poll should have closed at six, but they were programmed for an 8 p.m. shutdown. DST only changed time an hour. So, what's the other excuse.....

"Please stop griping about DST..."


THE FLOGGER won? Holy crap. I am amazed ... but it appears he did.

That's really kind of funny, in a morbid, odd, grotesque kind of way.

Yep. The Folgger won. Makes one proud to be a Hoosier. Just the kind of PR we need to attract new businesses to Indiana. Kinda reinforces the ole stereotypes doesn't it.

Looks like the Planned Parenthood Queen and a canned hunting proponent also won as well as a dirty old scumbag is headed back to Congress.
On the bright side, looks like Hill beat Sodrel. Nice guy from New Castle looks to be winning.
Hey, I'm for the best ones, not their party.

Speaking of DST, how is Troy Woodruff doing? It looks like he's losing to Battles, but I'm having trouble finding anything definitive.

not good on twood. looks like no stance on anything battles might have pulled it out. Hail to the next bauer puppet

The TDW sleeps. G'night.

Congratulations, GOP! Looks like the “Southern Strategy” worked again in Tennessee (“call me Harold”).

I'm moving to canada.

The "Brizzi trolls" are celebrating - BIG TIME!! hahahahahhaha

48/52 isn't that big of a margin. The way Brizzi dismissed and mischaracterized one thoughtful proposal on crime as "amnesty for gang members" showed me that he is just another sleazy politician and doesn’t really care about our safety. The way Brizzi lied (or didn’t get his facts straight) about the Stewart case showed me that he lacks administrative and leadership skills. I’m confident that Melina Kennedy has a bright future ahead of her; Marion County lost tonight.

I don't think you gain much of a future by being the only member of your party to lose a county-wide race.

The "one thoughtful proposal" (emphasize the singularity of that) was EXACTLY as Brizzi characterized. Folks on this blog and elsewhere kept trying to say that guns weren't involved. But go read her own plan. This so-called "thoughtful" idea DID target GUN TOTING gangemembers. Yep, it was "thoughtful" - as in full of thought for the public. And the public rejected it BIG TIME. Even Kennedy's own supporters rejected it, as was exemplefied by their repeated attempts to recharacterize it.

But let's not stop there. Consider the "experience" issue. First, Kennedy said it didn't matter. Then she cut ads trying to suggest that she'd spent time in the courtroom. Then she tried to steal the experience moniker. Oh, yes -- experience DOES matter, and the public REJECTED hers.

And then there are those condescending ads about "asset forfeiture." "A term we all need to become familiar with..." Make me PUKE! Funny thing about those ads. Kennedy's whole point was not that Brizzi was not using AF properly, but supposedly he just wouldn't tell anybody what he was doing. And yet, he actually responded TWICE to a request for such information from the Marion County Dem Chair. If nothing else in this campaign did it, this little maneuver earned the proper name of MELIAR.

Then there's the SUV thing (1 - really more a criticism of her buddy Frank Anderson; and 2 - funny how she had to hide the SUV since union leaders don't think SUVs are bad at all) And there's the office, which someone else actually signed the lease on. And there's the legslative change that raised all prosecutor salaries.

Meliar. Meliar. Meliear. ... If the name fits, wear it.

Melina Kennedy is nothing but self-ambitious scum. The public in this county saw through it; and even on a banner night for Democrats, they sent her packing. She is done. TOAST.


I can't imagine Melina running for anything again soon.

But, I've been wrong before.

She ran a horrid campaign. Raised enough money to be competitive, but she misfired over and over again.

In honor of Pelosi becoming speaker, I plan on placing an order for 2,000 rounds of ammo!!! Get it cheap, stock it deep...the bills to ban it come to life in Jan. '07!

Wow, 6:53....with logic like that, I can only hope you don't own a gun.

Don't you have a Mensa meeting to attend or something?

Governing the House will be difficult, considering the slime left behind by current leadership.

But I predict it'll go just fine.

Sean Hannity must be having a stroke this morning. Tee-hee.

The R's can celebrate their small win in Marion County, but what else did they do in Indiana? Indiana netted 3 congressional house seats with Hill, Ellsworth and Donnelly and the D's regained the majority in the Indiana House (thanks for playin', BBoz). Indiana citizens were tired of the 3T (toll road, taxes (property) and time) as well as the whole BMV fiasco. So much for Uncle Mitch helping out, huh? He's more of a liability than an asset as Indiana voters recognized this and the votes reflected that accordingly.

Do we need to even talk about the trend on the national scene? The public has spoken and are tired of the war in Iraq, tired of the extreme conservitism and realize what the Republicans have and have not done.

So yeah, if you're a Republican, you can celebrate the prosecutor race, but most Republicans elsewhere will be very quiet today.........

Brizzi is going to wish he had lost after the Council D's turn up the heat on exposing his lies and incompetence. He can rest today but his trial is just beginning.

Ugh... the Star's vote totals are still wrong this morning... they show the Ds leading the statewide races, while their copy says the Rs won... stupid $%^@&$*@! paper!

Are the Marion County totals on-line someplace?

Guess these numbers are the latest MC...


Marion County Numbers are listed on www.indygov.org

"Indiana citizens were tired of the 3T (toll road, taxes (property) and time) as well as the whole BMV fiasco."

So are the Dems going to change these things or not?

The toll road I don't care about. Yea, the money to make our roads safer was nice, but I can always afford a safer vehicle if this won't happen. Property taxes need to lowered and frozen at 1%, not 2%. If the Dems want DST on Central Time, I am totally done with helping this state out at all. No more donations, no more supporting local businesses...I will buy everything I can on-line. I will not buy the junk the kids that come to the door sell. I do NOT want DST on Central time. Either go back to what we had or keep us on Eastern.

Oh, and what is wrong with owning a gun and buying plenty of ammo for it since the gun grabbers are in power? Sounds like a smart thing to do!!

There will be gridlock for the next two years in Washington...and I'm not referring to traffic on the Capitol Beltway. Yes the Democrats took control of the House, and it looks likely that they'll also take over the Senate, but their majorities are slim, and far from the two-thirds majority required to override vetoes from President Bush.

It's my hope the new Congress and the Bush Administration will be able to work together to do the business of the people instead of wasting time and taxpayer dollars getting at each other's throats, but somehow I think that may be asking too much.

First thing Democrats should do...put a federal price cap on gasoline, heating oil, and other petroleum products.

"First thing Democrats should do...put a federal price cap on gasoline, heating oil, and other petroleum products."

If we are going that far, why not just take over the entire energy industry? While we are at it, why not take over the auto industry, big pharma, retail, and housing? Why take little steps when you can take one big one in less time?

It's so comforting (NOT) to see that the Brizzi trolls can't even be gracious winners. But that's not the reason for my post.

Although I've never missed an election since 1972, this was my first time to work a polling place. And it was an amazing experience that made me proud to be an American. Throughout the day, those of us from BOTH parties worked together to see that everyone's vote counted. We directed people to proper polling places, we called the election board to get permission for voting or help with provisional ballots. We watched a blind person vote an Australian ballot for the first time ever (the machine read to her instead of a poll worker). We didn't care what party they were, we just wanted to make sure their vote counted.

But as to the voter ID, it's restrictive beyond reason. We had to have a IUPUI professor cast a provisional ballot because he had a Minnesota ID (he'd just moved here in August) and his IUPUI ID didn't have a date, even though his address matched, he was reegistered and in the polling book, The clerk's office had told him his college ID was fine. I'm all for making sure the voter is who he or she says he his, but this is ridiculous.

The board told us to reject an absentee ballot of a nursing home resident who'd been given the ballot for the precinct of her nursing home instead of the precinct where she was registered. We had numerous incidents where the BMV had made clerical errors on driver's licenses or just plain dropped people from the rolls. We had voters whose registration addresses had been changed by the BMV or clerk's office to places they'd never lived.

But at the end of the day, we made sure everyone,regardless of party had a vote. We were professional and bipartisan. It was a great day for Americans (and not too bad for the Democrats too :-) )

Well let's not bite off more than we can chew...but th energy sector has the highest impact on the economy, which should make it first in line to receive a federal price cap.

"First thing Democrats should do...put a federal price cap on gasoline, heating oil, and other petroleum products."

Sure thing, then we can call the country "New Venenzuela". Yeesh.

Well it's either that or we continue to pay out the nose at the pump while the oil execs continue to rake in billions. I don't know of any other short-term solution. Although we've made some progress with alternative energy, it's still going to take some time before it can effectively compete with Big Oil.

Gas prices went back up today. Wonder why?

Hawaii experimented with capping the price of gasoline. The state imposed a price cap, stating that the oil industry could not exceed the cap regardless of market conditions. Well, when prices dropped back down, the oil companies responded by keeping Hawaii's gas prices at the state price cap, far above market prices. So price capping could be a two-edge sword in that regard.

It's not just gasoline and oil, we're in another robber-baron Gilded Age era where the profits of the chosen few at the top far excede the wages of the company's workers. And I don't see any Carnegie libraries popping up this time around. It's just plain corporate greed. I mean really, just how many grandchildren is mini-guv planning on having?

You price cap folks are not thinking the entire thing through. Unless you nationalize the ENTIRE US based companies, you end up with oil being sold for higher prices in other countries. Price controls outside of a one world government only means the oil is shipped to the customer willing to pay more for it. Basic economics. The only way to stop this is for a forced take-over of ALL assets, making all employees government workers. And, we can only do this to US based companies, so those companies outside the US will just sell their oil to China/India who might be willing to pay more. Do US based companies pump enough oil to support us until alternative energy is up and running? Do we do a S. America and steal those foreign owned assets on US soil?

DP's Hawaii recollection is only partially factual.

I'm not for government fuel price caps. How about just putting them on a neutral playing field tax-wise? Remove the Bush-inspired tax breaks and impose a windfall profits tax.

Because that's what their profits are--windfall, on our backs.

There'll still be plenty of moenn left for exploration and pipelines.

(Jocelyn, honey--we can't hear you today. Hmmmmm)

Republicans are rightfully crushed after this election (especially if the Senate turns out to have been lost also).

Indiana Republicans can really not celebrate anything. Lost the Indiana House. Lost 3 U.S. Reps. No one cares about the statewides. Nuff said.

Marion Co. Republicans can feel good about Brizzi winning - but that's it. Brizzi should have won by 10 points, also, I was surprised the numbers were so close. R's lost even township races - Ricketts and Marendt, Bowser, et all - DONE.

It's nice to bask in the sun, but let's not forget the fickleness of the American voter. It's time to work hard and see that the well-fought fight was not in vain. Those people across the aisle worked hard too and we need to all get along if we want this state to move forward.

What, TDW has not updated her site yet? Must still be hung over from last nights celebration!

"What, TDW has not updated her site yet? Must still be hung over from last nights celebration!"

Likely getting with Pelosi and national Dems on how to go about with forced re-education camps.

"What, TDW has not updated her site yet? Must still be hung over from last nights celebration!"

I'm getting there. Yeesh.

Rest assured, my exhaustion was not alcohol-related.

You don't realize how stressful it is to have 14 months of work come down to one night until you've done it.

No, I have not done it; but you definitely have an excuse to unwind and celebrate, though! I'd be surprised if you got much, if any sleep at all! Take a break!

And I don't know that I ever want to do it again.

Okay, that's a lie.

I love Mom TDW. A voice of reason.

Agreed. Mom TDW ROCKS!
How 'bout your own blog? We've got some trolls we can loan you, just until you get on your feet and get some of your own (ha ha).

She's not just a voice of reason. She also possesses the ability to make friends with anyone.

I'm told this ability tends to skip a generation.

"The "Brizzi trolls" are celebrating - BIG TIME!! hahahahahhaha

Posted by: | Nov 08, 2006 at 01:11 AM"


Looks like Bauer wants to review DST: http://www.indystar.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20061108/LOCAL19/61108026

"It's so comforting (NOT) to see that the Brizzi trolls can't even be gracious winners. But that's not the reason for my post."


It's a sad day for the trolls when all they have to celebrate is Brizzi :-)

So...first thing on the political agenda following the election...ABOLISH DST!!!

We tried for 6 years to get Rid of Rumsfeld, but electing Democrats to take over the Congress finally did the trick. Ready to impeach Bush?

I just realized something...If the Democratic Congress removes both Bush and Cheney from their respective offices, we'd be left with Nancy Pelosi as president and Condoleezza Rice as Vice President, if we follow the Constitution's line of succession. What are the odds of that happening?

The centerpiece of the Democrats' camapaign that resulted in their sweeping takeover of the Congress was anger over the seemingly never-ending cycle of violence in Iraq. Therefore, it is imperative that the new Democrat-led Congress make good on its promise to develop an effective strategy for winning the war in Iraq and bringing our troops home within a reasonable period of time. Otherwise, the Democrats' control of Congress may be very short-lived.


You don't need to yell, silly.

If you want to call a 2.5 percent margin a decided victory when all of your other countywides got their asses handed to them, go right ahead.

But if I were Carl Brizzi, I'd be eyeing the nearest political exit in Marion County. Dan Burton can't stick around forever, can he?

"But if I were Carl Brizzi, I'd be eyeing the nearest political exit in Marion County."

Considering the kind of people who run Marion Co., if I were _anyone_ I'd be eyeing the nearest exit as well. Give Bart his casino so he doesn't try to get his greedy hands on anymore surrounding county tax money.

Carl should have won by 10 points easy. After completely ruling the campaign, he barely won. That's embarrassing. To chalk that up only to demographics or national tide is strange.

If he were smart he'd be waiting for Burton to retire. Or maybe he's hoping Mitchie is a one-termer (although there'd be a lot of R's in line if that's the case). He'd be stupid to run for mayor - I mean, that's really a hard job!

Melina and her staff ran a bad campaign. Raised good money, everything else was not good. Still, she has respect in the community (sorry trolls)even among R's. So, if she so desires, her political career is not over.

As for all you gloaters, my question is "why?" And also, go ahead and gloat over one race. That's pretty weak when Dems just dominated everything else in Marion Co. and the entire nation, even winning the US Senate. It reminds me of a running back dancing in the end zone after scoring in the 4th quarter when his team's getting beat by 4 touchdowns.

And while this might upset my Dem friends here, it's pretty sad that Republicans couldn't field a candidate that could take on Rep. Carson in her state. A decent candidate would have beat her, even in this year. Heck, Brizzi could have beat her this year.

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