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This Just In: Mallard Fillmore Cartoon Creator Arrested, Charged With DUI

Copcar_8Right-wing cartoonist Edward Bruce Tinsley, who draws the conservative Mallard Fillmore strip, has been arrested and charged with two criminal misdemeanor counts for operating a motor vehicle under the influence with a blood alcohol level over 0.08 percent (Class C) and for operating a vehicle under the influence in a manner that endangers a person (Class A).

Bartholomew County court records show that the probable cause affidavit was filed on December 7, and it looks like Tinsley was released after paying $750 bond. The court set his initial hearing today, and he's scheduled to appear in court on January 3 at 3 p.m.

Rumor had it that Tinsley was arrested earlier this year for public intoxication, but charges were never filed in that case.

UPDATE: Here's the Star story about the arrest, complete with predictable Ted Kennedy comments in the BackTalk/TalkBack section. Hey, kids, when can we talk about your guy? And do you really think leveraging Kennedy is a good defense?


That explains a lot.

so much for personal responsibility being a conservative value

You know, you are right, 3:24. No Conservative has EVER been arrested before. This one thing just blows personal responsibility out of the water.


I think the point 3:24 is trying to make is much like the point folks made after Rush Limbaugh got busted abusing prescription drugs.

I can imagine quite a few folks out there who'd be more than happy if yours truly got arrested for DUI -- or anything else, for that matter.

If you sling a lot of mud for a living, you've got to make sure your image stays super-duper-clean.

As a rule, I don't have even one drink and get behind the wheel. It can be a pain. It can mean costly cab fares. But I just don't do it. The potential risk is too high.


I'm sure that you didn't mean for your post to come accross this way but your comment that the potential risk from getting behind the wheel after drinking is too high is a bit crass isn't it? I mean you are right, the risk is high but... uh... isn't the risk injuring yourself or someone else?

I won't deny your point about abiding by the law so that people can't criticize you, but haven't we lost something in our discourse when we don't abide by the law becuase its... well, the law?

Maybe my comment wasn't clear enough, and for that I apologize.

I was saying that I go above and beyond the average preventative law-abiding measures because of my position.

All drinking and driving is bad, but there is a legal limit in place that allows most people to have a couple beers and get behind the wheel.

In order to never have any questions raised about my behavior, I've eliminated the "couple beers" thing.

Sorry for the confusion.

All I was trying to say is that people who sling mud have to be even more careful than your average citizen when it comes to this stuff.

and it's a pretty good rule to follow because who can really tell if they are at .08 (which is pretty low). Better safe than sorry, and when you have a bright line rule like TDW, that's the best approach. And safest.

And when you weigh 75 pounds soaking wet as you do, TDW, a couple of beers can get you over .08 pretty fast! For some of us, it's less of a problem :-)

I'm a little confused (not an uncommon state for me). Is this a new, recent incident, or is this related to when he was picked up in August for drunk driving, which you reported on this blog?

I'm confused too.....what does this have to do with anything? Is it because he's a "right-wing" cartoonist? Would've thought you'd be above that, if that really the reason this is blogworthy.

Apperently they are two seperate issues. And if you've ever read Mallard Fillmore you know that if a well known liberal was picked up for the same offense he'd run a week's worth of strips about it. Turn about is fair play.

Oooooo!! Almost as bad as RON GIBSON ASSAULTING a police officer!

Is that why Ron is moving out of his City Council seat? I don't believe he thinks that he can win that seat with his baggage.

Obviously some police officers were bribed by the elite MSM. Can't have truth tellers like him running around free. He'll be framed for murder next.

Riiiight... drunkard caught outside bar assaulting a police officer at 2AM was framed. Your conspiracy theory sounds great. Do you think they forced him to drink 10 seven & sevens too?


If he was not identified as "right wing" you'd never have seen one syllable about it here or anywhere else. How many people got arrersted for DUI on December 7th? How many have you heard of mentioned here? Is it just ONE?

And TDW, please be careful, I would NOT like to see or hear that you were in irons or trouble or injured in anyway. We right wingers do not think that way.

This is a new incident, unrelated to his prior arrest for public intoxication. There were no charges filed in that instance.

The wingers certainly seem to be defensive here about their conservative humor hero being a common public drunk ... I'm surprised none of those ultra-sensitive types have yet brought up Chappaquidick. It's their standard defense for anything and everything: "...but Teddy did it first, Mommy! "

Wilson, I don't think it's defensiveness so much as annoyance at the partisan nature of the website. Which is kind of annoying in and of itself. It's a partisan site, the object of which is to skewer the right, not to be an objective source of news or opinion. Some people still find that basic premise objectionable, which is why they complain when TDW does something clearly partisan.

That's what she's paid to do. As she's said many times over, those who don't like it can start their own blog.

an objective source of opinion?

Probably a poor choice of words, but what I meant was political objectivity with regard to a subject. Like, for example, a uniform stance against DWI (not that that would make for an interesting blog). Or at least opinion that isn't dependent on a slanted version of the facts.

If you're assuming I don't have a uniform stance on DUI, you're sorely mistaken.

Just because I don't write about it doesn't mean I approve of it.

Opinions are slanted versions of facts.

they're having a field day about this over at atrios.

also, it isn't just tinsley's defenders who love to bring up chappaquiddick. tinsley loves those as well, and makes them regularly (which is part of what makes the story so deliciously ironic). i've been going through the mallard fillmore archives, and only having gotten as far back as 2004, i've already found 8-9 chappaquiddick jokes and another 5 jokes about "spending like drunken democrats".

also, atrios commenters have noted that today's strip was apparently about prepackaged egg nog, and how you need to be drunk to enjoy it.

Wonkette has hilarious commentary on this story (2 actually, they did a follow-up, with a link to the Star)... What's your policy on posting links, Jen?

I had to disable active links in the comment section, but you're more than welcome to post them for folks to cut and paste. (Use TinyURL if they're long'uns.)

If it's something you want me to see, just e-mail it to me at takingdownwords@yahoo.com.

"Chappaquiddick" was almost 40 years ago.

Don't the Repubs have anything more recent to flog the Dems about?

schadenfreude, mein kinder. schadenfreude.

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