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Back To Before: Indiana Guard May Send Largest Unit Since WWII To Iraq

Americanflag_2There's so much to say about this story, but let's just start from a premise we can all agree on: If we're going to deploy these troops, we need to make sure they've got night-vision goggles, machine guns and other vital equipment.

"The Indiana National Guard announced Thursday that the biggest unit called up since World War II could head for Iraq in 2008 to bolster the surge of U.S. troops there.

"Every unit in the 76th Infantry Brigade has seen duty in Iraq or Afghanistan, but the 3,500-soldier outfit has not served together in a war zone. The mobilization is 'potential,' according to a Guard statement released Thursday, as the Army looks for ways to sustain the increased number of troops ordered into Iraq by President Bush.

"The soldiers of the 76th had been told they'd be staying home until at least 2010. Last month, the Defense Department notified its leaders to move that up a year. On Wednesday night, Guard officials informed their soldiers the timeline had been bumped up again, to 2008, with the mobilization expected in the first half of the year.

"Mobilization of brigades in Arkansas, Ohio and Oklahoma also was moved up.

"'You hate to tell soldiers and families on rumor,' said Maj. Gen. R. Martin Umbarger, the adjutant general in charge of Indiana's 13,000 National Guard troops, 'but the comment to me (from the Defense Department) was, 'This isn't certain, but we're looking at your unit.''

"First, the 76th will need some re-fitting.

"'We're short on night-vision goggles,' Umbarger said, 'and some machine guns, vehicles and communication equipment.' He said he has 'made that clear' to the Defense Department and expects a full larder in advance of departure."


A friend of mine is in the Indiana Guard, ready to finally be out in the next month after spending a good chunk of time in the middle east a few years ago. But now she was just told that she's going to be shipped to Kuwait with her unit immediately -- unless she agrees to sign up for another year to train new recruits here in Indiana. Of course, there's no guarantee that if she signs up for another year, she won't be shipped off to the middle east sometime before she's out.

Did someone forget to tell Dubya that National Guard means just that "guard the Nation" -- not the world. I say we tell him that the guard stays put and if he wants to take on the whole damned world, he can just bring back the draft for active military. We'd sure see just how high that balloon would fly if his precious daughters (and those of the rest of capitol hill) are part of the military picture! Might also be incentive for those of college age to actually use their votes. You know, the ones that we of the Vietnam era worked so hard to get for them . That is if they can find their way out of the bars!

Somebody pointed out that the British are sending the 3rd-in-line to the Throne (Prince Harry) to fight in Iraq. Where are the two drunk Bush Princesses - passed out on a bar-room floor?

We need to stop importing Middle East oil so we can wash our hands of that toilet and let the savages kill each other without us having to get involved.

Biodiesel is a step in the right direction, but don't expect Big Brother to force a change. That change has to start at the grassroots level, meaning each and every one of us has to start reducing our consumption of petroleum products.

I'm seriously considering replacing the gasoline engine in my truck with a diesel motor so I can use biodiesel instead of gasoline.

My sister and brother-in-law are already planning to convert from natural gas to geothermal to heat and cool their home.

My wife and I are designing our own house, and we have two requirements for it: solar electricity and geothermal heating and cooling.

It might sound expensive now, but if you think how much you'll save in energy costs...solar panels and geothermal systems will quickly pay for themselves.

I look at it this way: every time you fill up your gas tank or turn on your lights, you're financing terrorism. It's time to kill two birds with one stone: cut off funds to terrorists and break the back of Big Oil.

"Somebody pointed out that the British are sending the 3rd-in-line to the Throne (Prince Harry) to fight in Iraq. Where are the two drunk Bush Princesses - passed out on a bar-room floor?"

Where were you during Viet Nam Wilson? Passed out on the floor?

Ernie, let's stick to the topic of how badly managed George Bush has bungled the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan - it aint about me. Stop the silly personal insults and discuss topics like an informed citizen.

"Stop the silly personal insults and discuss topics like an informed citizen."

Good advice Wilson. You should practice what you preach.

Slamming the President’s kids is a cheap shot. I’m sure the Prince will be kept at a safe distance from harm. A kidnapping of the child of any Head of State would be devastating to the security of the nation represented. If you had any military experience you would have known. That's why some people need to be exempt from the military, national security etc. The British have a long history of sending royalty into battle however in recent years putting them in danger won’t happen.

pssst: Prince Harry is the grandchild of the Head of State: Queen Elizabeth.

It's odd that the 2 Bush Princesses are partying while US soldiers die. None of their many cousins of the Bush family are in the military either.

"It's a rich man's war but a poor man's fight".

"It's a rich man's war but a poor man's fight".

This describes every war America has fought since the Civil War.

Speaking of the Civil War...a lot of people don't know that conflict continued in the South long after the Civil War officially ended when Robet E. Lee surrendered at Appomattox in 1865. Die-hard Confederates fought an insurgency in the South that lasted more than 20 years beyond the war's official end.

Wilson, any connection the a head of state or high political office and that person is a risk.
What about the Clinton brat? She was service age, did she go? No. She was caught partying a few times too. Where's Carson's grandson? You don't want to talk about democrat siblings, cousins or grandchildren do you?
You’re a hypocrite Wilson, for someone who ran from service you are quick to judge others.
When the Queen dies Harry is 3rd in line, anything can happen.

Oh, here we go, the Wilson and ernie show. I think I'll switch channels.

"Die-hard Confederates fought an insurgency in the South that lasted more than 20 years beyond the war's official end."

True. The southern Democrats party fought against the reconsolidation of the south with the north.
It kept southern blacks in slaved and from voting for 40+ years. Great party history.

The difference between the Bush Princesses partying while soldiers die is that Daddy is the guy who is pushing and backing that war wholeheatedly. He wont send his own drunk daughters but wants to send others to fight. That's hypocrisy!

Ms. Carson is fiercely opposed to Bush's Folly - why should her own grandsons (both LEOs) go? Congresswoman Carson's first husband is a injured vet himself as is her 2nd husband. Her son is a Marine. She served for years on the House Veterans Committee - she donated a large building on her block for a transition house for homeless vets and used her power to get the funding to run it. This Thanksgiving she had the guys over to her own home for the dinner. She hates the war but appreciates the warriors!

Sorry to disappoint those of you who think that the young prince won't see battle. But the British take pride in their monarchs, past, present and potential, fighting right alongside the commonfolk. Prince Charles went to the Falklands, Prince Andrew is a pilot and so Prince Harry will like-wise go where-ever his unit is sent. Only the joining up part is a choice.

I know I'm not the first person to notice this: Liberals in this country simply HATE President Bush for everything he stands for.

And it doesn't start or end with the Second Gulf War, 9-11, or Hurricane Katrina. It goes all the way back to the 2000 Election. The liberals are still that bitter and hateful over the fact that Bush beat Gore, and the Supreme Court wasn't fooled by Gore's attempts to rig the vote in Florida.

If it weren't for the war in Iraq, the Republicans would still be controlling the Congress because we all know there are too many divisions within the Democrat Party, and they have no real agenda for this country.

Look at what's going on now--Obama and Hillary Clinton are in the same party and constantly at each other's throats. The Iraq war was the ONLY reason Democrats re-took control of Congress last year, and look now: they have no plan for anything!

Either way I don't see good prospects for the Democrats in 2008: If the Iraq War is still ongoing by next year's Presidential Election, I think many will believe the Democrat-controlled Congress was an utter failure, but at the same time many are upset with the Republican Party.

I think we're going to see a lot of Independents and third party members win Congressional seats in 2008.

I just want to say regardless of what you think about the war. It is not true that only poor kids are in the army. I am a carmel kid dad is a doctor national guard member and I am not rare. Lots of my high school clasemates went to service acadamies. I have at least 10 frat brothers who are in the guard. Our enlistments are for six years this means that the vast majority of us have either enlisted or reenlisted since September the 11th. So we knew what we were getting our selfs into.

i would like to see some solid truth and proof of why we are heading for iraq.i feel that bush's motives for this war is more then what were told and i will follow a leader of the truth anywhere but bush won't even listen to the very people i'm suposed to serve.i think that make a bigger statment then the reasons that have been given.truth and integridy and accountability should be what bush shows not the stuborn boy that he is portraying.

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