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Monday Fun: The Reason Why It Always Pays To Double-Check Your Work

A major hat tip to the reader who caught this one. You have to wonder whether the gaffe was made before or after the decision to switch to a private printing vendor.




Maybe Daniels and his staff are taking spelling lessons from Dan Quayle?

Not only did they leave off the recipient address, but this envelope violates US Postal Regulations on several levels; no room for the required bar code at the bottom and a recycled paper symbol where the postage (a.k.a. "idiot box") notice should appear.
I'm betting that if they sent this one, there were thousands of others dumped into the system just like it.
Why can't they seem to govern?
And they can't even outsource competently!

"Why can't they seem to govern?"

You're right. Spelling and stamp placement are the two most important things I look for in a candidate for public office.

I cut down the scan to highlight the typo.

It's regulation everything. But for the bad spelling, of course.

Wow, I thought that everyone knew that "moron" ended in an "n" and not an "r" -- apparently not.

Good thing that New Crew is going to be aiming hyer.

Yep...should have been an "n" instead of that second "r."

Speedway, you dummy. They did not leave off the recipient address. That is a clear window that you can peek through to see the recipient address had TDW chosen to leave the reciept for her "I H8 U" plates in the envelope...

This was probably proof read by Joel Silverman himself.

And speaking of proofreading, the Star had a little mistake today as they referred to West 71st St. as the Northeast side: www.indystar.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20070226/LOCAL/702260431

it snot mitchs falt that the printor kant spel evry wurd rite!

I wonder if this was the same person who wrote his efficiency "repot" from a few months ago?

I wondered that, too, Lauren.

Seriously, these were outsourced to the B. Howey Envelop Co.

Poor Brian. He's now bound to be the butt of every typo joke on this site.

Ironically, in his latest attack, he misspelled yet another candidate's name. How hard it is, really, to get "Judy" right?

He does keep me entertained, though. And that's good for something.

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