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Priority Check: Guv's Health Care Plan Dies After He Fails To Find GOP Votes

Caduceus1_6The Guv's proposed cigarette tax hike and health care plan just died on the House floor, despite bipartisan support from House Democrats.

The final vote tally was 52-44, with 25 Democrats and 19 Republicans voting for the proposal.

So much for leadership when it comes to health insurance for needy Hoosiers. But hey, when it comes to selling off our assets, he's all over that.

By the by, rumor has it that the Guv was out at dinner and couldn't be bothered to take calls about the bill from House leaders.


can you report what you know about Advance Indiana's report that Carl Brizzi illegally is trying to open a bar?? I am impressed that AI actually covered this, since I often think of it as R partisan.

also, brizzi carries a gun without a permit because he considers himself a "law enforcement officer" apparently to get this license, he's now pretending he is not a leo. If I were an LEO, I wouldnt want brizzi in my class. that's for sure.

Please share what you know if you would...

The investors:
Craig Huse (35%)
Stephen Huse (35%)
Thomas Browne (10%)
Christopher Clifford (10%)
Carl Brizzi (10%)

The Huses already own St. Elmos. Very considerate to cut in a local politico. Also, Craig Huse is Chair of the Indiana NRA-PAC. Gun control anybody?

Ironically, the decor of this new saloon is to be "Prohibition-Era" - very fitting for the local Republican Prosecutor considering Prohibition used to be a big GOP issue and we all know what sort of lawlessness was unleashed by that GOP social-engineering!

"So much for leadership when it comes to health insurance for needy Hoosiers."

Your House Democrats didn't do any better. Health care for the needy had bipartisan opposition.

more dems voted yes than pubs
that shows the gov didn't care much about this
was he really at dinner???

There's a big difference between being out to dinner and speaking at a dinner.

Might want to check your facts before posting rumors, TDW.

what dinner was he at that he could not be bothered to take a call from someone discussing HIS big bill??


Too bad Mitch!!!!!!!!!I guess the house blew that smoke in the right direction!!Ha Ha--read it and weep. Your Lottery proposal will not fly either!!! The Democrats have reinstalled a Democracy that has checks and balances in it, and does not allow for 1 man

In case you all had forgotten, here's some of what the Speaker said about health care in November. I'll let these words (and the roll call) speak for themselves.

"Meeting their [uninsured Hoosiers']needs has been a priority for House Democrats..."

"The governor's plan is a small step, but one that needs to be taken..."

"We intend to do a lot more in the 2007 legislative session..."

"We promise to find affordable health care for all Hoosiers, particularly the 850,000 who have no coverage."

Here are the links:




While you might be pleased that (in your view) the Governor has suffered a political setback, keep in mind that the program of insurance for people who need it was depending on the funding in the bill that was defeated today. Gloat if you want, but you do so at the expense of people OTHER than the Governor.

As well, you may wish to take a refresher course in government. You do not live in a democracy, and never have - the democrats haven't installed any form of government. You live in a republic (or, if you prefer, a representative democracy.) It's a minor distinction, but for an academician like me, it's an important one.


Ok lets see here. The Gov proposes a cigarete tax hike to help fund insurance for the poor.

The DEM's get their hand at putting their own bill together and the House Public Health Committee voted 8-0 to increase the cigarette tax by 54.5 cents per pack, for a total tax of $1.10, to pay for health coverage for the uninsured.

Then the DEM's get upset at the Gov characterization of their property tax initiative as a "whopping big" tax increase, so they make a whopping big cut in the proposed cigarette tax increase he is seeking.

So in a narrow 12-11 vote, the House Ways and Means Committee approved the 25-cent cigarette tax increase to pay for a health insurance plan for the working poor.

That is LESS than what the GOV wanted. So to me the ball is now in the DEM's court to get their bill passed.

So in the final vote the DEM's could not get enough of their members to vote for their version of the bill. Even with 19 REP's voting for it the DEM's could not muster 32 votes for it.

Representative Democracy? You're fooling yourself! You're living in a dictatorship! A self-perpetuating autocracy in which the ruling class.......
Ah, there I go bringing class into it again. But that's what it's all about....If only people would listen.....

This is the Democrats' premier issue, not the Republicans'. All that talk about health care, and the House Demos tucked tail and ran for cover, and now their flak points at the Republican minority caucus. HA!

"This is the Democrats' premier issue, not the Republicans'."

Don't tell the Guv, since it was one of two big issues he pushed in his "State of the State" speech.

And it sure looks like House Democrats brought more votes to the table than House Republicans.

Democrats told Republicans they had to meet halfway on this issue and make it truly bipartisan.

The Guv didn't care enough to make that happen.

If the Republicans could not meet the democrats 1/2 way for whatever reason and the Democrats hold the majority in the house then why couldn't the Democrats muster enough votes to pass the bill on their own with the help of the 19 republicans since it contained most of the changes the democrats voted for during the House Ways and Means Committee ( which was not bi-partisan but majority rule based on the 12-11 vote ) ?

House rejects cigarette tax increase
By Mike Smith
AP Political Writer
February 27, 2007 11:45 PM

Surprised and disappointed.

That, according to his press office, was Republican Gov. Mitch Daniels' reaction Tuesday when told that the House had rejected a bill to raise cigarette taxes to reduce smoking and fund health care initiatives.

He has proclaimed it a top legislative priority, but Tuesday was the deadline for advancing House bills to the Senate _ and the defeat of this one was a serious setback.

The House voted 52-44 against the bill. It would raise the state's current cigarette tax of 55.5 cents per back by 25 cents, with the new revenue used to provide health insurance to low-income Hoosiers _ primarily children.

Democrats control the House 51-49 and got the proposed tax increase through committee and to the floor, but the bill's author, Rep. Charlie Brown, D-Gary, had said that he wanted at least 25 Republican votes to make it a truly bipartisan bill. That would make it hard for either party to solely blame the other in the next campaign for supporting a tax increase.

Who cares if it's bipartisan? If Charlie Brown and the rest of the Dems truly wanted to help the uninsured Hoosiers, they'd have passed the bill.

But their goal here was obviously to put a thumb in the governor's eye. Congratulations, you did it. Do you want to tell the uninsured that your politics killed this thing or should I do it in 2008?

Good luck with that, 9:44.

Guv in 2006: Sell! Sell the Toll Road! Do it now! Here are some handouts, House Republicans. Here are some incentives to legislate my will.

Guv in 2007: Meh. Whatever.

He's the leader, right? I guess I expect him to lead when he puts something on the table he says he really wants.

House Democrats met the Guv halfway. House Republicans turned away from him.

Good. Tax increases are always bad.

Glad to see there's still some real Republicans in the House.

"He's the leader, right? I guess I expect him to lead when he puts something on the table he says he really wants."

As opposed to Mr. Bauer and the rest of the House Democrats who talked a big game about healthcare in 2006, but didn't even come up with a proposal to do something about it this year! Then when a proposal was made that Bauer said "needs to be taken" (see Jay's earlier post), they can't even get half their caucus to vote for it.

Maybe the governor didn't do that much to get it passed, but it's not like you all can say, "Hey, we did all we could, but the Republicans dropped the ball."

"Maybe the governor didn't do that much to get it passed, but it's not like you all can say, 'Hey, we did all we could, but the Republicans dropped the ball.'"

I kinda think that when someone calls you at 5 o'clock reaching out for your help on your biggest proposal, you should take the call and do what you can.

But the Guv ignored that call.

He's been telling Hoosiers for two years that his ideas are the brightest and best, but when it comes time for him to do something, he goes to dinner instead.

Most of the House Republican leadership voted against the Guv's proposal. Last year, they opened their arms to his Toll Road proposal.

Either you're telling me he doesn't have any juice with his own caucus, or he didn't care enough to ask them nicely to support his initiative.

Was he dining at St. Elmos discussing bartending tips with Carl Brizzi?

I believe he was at a Lincoln Day dinner in Richmond.

The dinner was scheduled to begin at 6 o'clock. He got the call at 5 o'clock.

Ah, so the whole thing collapsed because of a late evening phone call to an entirely different branch of government?

You'll create any lie to keep from blaming the Democrats. Your hypocrites failed; simple as that. This is another campaign promise that the Democrats have failed to deliver on.

Looks like you only stand for yourselves.

Put down the crazy water, friend. It'll all be okay.

The battle royale this session isn't Bauer versus Daniels; it's Bosma versus Daniels.

Intra-party fiiiiiiiight!

The fact remains that the Governor failed to provide the possible-crucial leadership needed to keep one of his own major legislative initiatives from failing because of obstructionism from within his own political party.

Bon apetit!

Mitch Daniels doesn't have the juice to deliver. And House Republicans know it. They've had their names on the ballot since Mitch's election, and they got their hats handed to them.

At least in part because the state is a little concerned over Mitch's leadership.

You don't think Hoosiers voted for a Demo House because they were thrilled with the possibility of Speaker Bauer, do you? Last fall was, partially, a Daniels referendum. And he lost. House members, who run every two years, are sensitive to that. Thus they'll free-lance when they feel the need to show an independent streak to the voters back home.

His own caucus might have placed the 5 p.m. call, but Mitch could have done precious little to sway votes. He probably knew it.

In an odd way he probably did the correct long-term political thing by not helping out. Think about it: who would take his call, and succumb to his arm-twisting, at that late hour, in his own caucus? For a House vote that will ultimately be part of a compromise fight in a month or so anyway?

I'll wait for the answer.

Pretty funny commentary on the whole tax issue: http://www.jibjab.com/jokebox/jokebox/jibjab/id/540379/jokeid/122678

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