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Third Time's A Charm: Feds Repeatedly Ask FSSA For More Privatization Details

Fssa_36You know how we love original documents here at TDW, so in case you were wondering what the United States Department of Agriculture wrote to Family and Social Services Administration officials earlier this month to precipitate 125 pages of answers about the controversial IBM privatization deal, here you go: usdaletter2.8.07.pdf

Note that the feds asked Roob & Co. twice in December for more information about the deal before they met in person earlier this month to ask one more time for written documentation.

We've been told countless times that everything's going to be hunky-dory, but it doesn't seem, at least from the oversight perspective, like the higher-ups at FSSA have their act together quite yet.


Maybe Mitch Jr. ran out of paper after the 1700-page mess they took to Ways and Means!

I assume FSSA submitted the response by 2/20?

I can't wait to see the Star headline in a few years when this deal falls apart!

Ask anyone involved in this mess. ACS and the FSSA heads have no idea what they are doing. They are being privatized on 3/19 and no one knows what going on and whos going to do what.

Well doesn't that just beat all, those pesky FED's asking for a PLAIN-ENGLISH response... twice!

In a couple of years I wonder how much this will end up costing the State to fix.

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