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WedgeWhack! Drozda Amends Lottery Lease Bill To Forbid Stem-Cell Research

Noentrysign_4For a Republican, State Sen. Jeff Drozda sure is a top-down control freak. He's all about prohibiting gay adoptions even though the courts have held that such arrangements are perfectly legal. And the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette tells us today that he's also all about clamping down on stem-cell research. Who really wants our state universities to be top-tier research facilities, anyway?

"Senators also approved an amendment from Rep. Jeff Drozda, R-Carmel, that says none of the grants going to state universities and colleges through the [Hoosier Lottery privatization] life sciences initiative could be used for embryonic stem-cell research.

"There was no discussion on the change, which passed 32-17."

Pragmatic observers of the General Assembly realize that Drozda's nutballery will fall flat at the end of the day, but it sure would be nice if the moderates in his caucus would cast the occasional vote against the dude's right-wing agenda.


Yet the college-educated constituents in his suburban district unquestioningly vote him right back into office. Ahhh, the simple, black and white world of Robot Republicans!

Drozda WedgeWhacked! his way into that seat, but I have to think he's not 100 percent safe from a primary challenge.

Gay adoptions are only legal if the Legislature says they're legal.

Courts are not the Legislative Branch.

"Courts are not the Legislative Branch."

Right. They're there to make sure the legislative branch doesn't make illegal laws.

They do that a lot, if you haven't noticed. See also: history.

And for further ratification of TDW's comment above, check Judge Fisher's tax court ruling of, oh, 7-8 years or so ago, that gave the legislature five years to change the unconstitutional property tax system.

Which they did--at the last possible minute, throwing reassessments statewide into a tailspin.

They're nothing if not gutless. The same folks who gave us, in 1973--thirty-four freaking years ago--property tax "reform" via Otis Bowen. By raising the sales tax, and shifting that money into a Property Tax Replacement Fund, to lower your property taxes. As if the two would ever trend equally through the decades thereafter. (They didn't.) With logic like that, we need the General Assembly like we need a hole in the head. Nothing has changed since 73. Just some of the faces (not enough of them)

Harrison Ullman was right. America's worst state legislature. Isn't it time for them to adjourn sine die already?

Senator Drozda has never attempted to mask who he is. Much of what he does in the legislature is related to his religious beliefs. The guy was publically campaigning for Ambassador to the Vatican for crying out loud. You can't fault him for his positions, you can disagree with them, but it is his right to believe in what he wants. As it is his right to use his position to further those beliefs. Nobody says Representative Bauer can't support the positions he does, so why the double standard for Jeff?

Shut up about Harrison Ullman already. Nobody under 80 even remembers the guy.

"As it is his right to use his position to further those beliefs."

If you want to get right down to it, he's supposed to be representing his constituents' beliefs.

4:28 is mis-informed: "Shut up about Harrison Ullman already. Nobody under 80 even remembers the guy."

Yes, there are more than 45,000 people who do remember him fondly. Who bought his book. Who attended his funeral and wake.
NUVO readers (mostly 25-44) LOVED THE GUY, so much they thought it was his paper. It's the Star's readers who are in the "age 80 to dead demographic."

He started out as a Republican, then saw the light and converted to Democrat. Then, in disgust, he declared a pox on both their houses. He was one of the only journalists in the state who really cared about the PEOPLE, not politics.

Why do you have so much hate for a dead man, 4:28? What did he do to you? Investigate your park land deal?

Attack us living posters/bloggers, but leave Harrison out of it - he's WAY beyond your level, punk!

TDW wrote:
"If you want to get right down to it, he's supposed to be representing his constituents' beliefs."

That's not entirely accurate. He most certainly should consider the beliefs of his constituents and what they want, but at the end of the day, his job (and that of any elected representative) is to do what the public good requires, regardless of the desire of the constituents or the majority.

Naieve? Perhaps. Pollyannish? Maybe. But I suscribe to the views of James Madison who, as some may or may not know, is the principal architect of the U.S. Constitution. He had a great deal to say on the subject of what representatives should do (as did Edmund Burke.)

I am not defending Senator Drozda. I'm only discussing a disagreement I have with TDW, and it's not a partisan disagreement, it's a philosophical one.


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