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Default Judgment: BMV Giving Out "In God We Trust" Plates No Matter What?

LicenseplateTDW has heard that employees at local Bureau of Motor Vehicles branches are handing out the new "In God We Trust" plates without asking customers if they want that plate or the regular state plate.

What's the word, eyes and ears?


All I know is that I saw more "In God We Trust" plates driving back from Florida than "regular" Indiana plates.

I better not get one of those damn things, or it'll go right back.

I did see one on a taxi cab the other day and thought that was unusual.

Business is Business
Two Unspoken Rules:
Avoid talking about Religion.
Avoid talking about Politics.

I was at Va. Ave branch and the employee was saying to people getting plates "Do you want the IGWT plate? It doesn't cost any extra."

The 2 people getting plates while I was standing there said "Um, OK" and took it, without seeming to think too much about it.

This was last month and it made me wonder at the time if that was a directive from her supervisor to promote it.

iufan, I was in the south meridian branch last week and heard nearly the same thing. The employee said there was no extra cost and the customer said "sure" without much of a thought. I was going to get an education plate but decided to get a regular green one instead so there would be at least one issued there.

My former plate number in New Mexico was GAZ 666. The person at the DMV said that people before me were hesitant to take that plate number.

As someone who does not share the common mythologies of New Mexico, Indiana, or the US, I felt proud to put it on the vehicle.

"The employee said there was no extra cost and the customer said "sure" without much of a thought."

How the hell did you know that the customer did not give it "much of a thought?" Do you read minds? To me, saying "sure" would give the impression the person did think about it. Now if the person said "Um, well, ugh...ok." or maybe "Ugh....sure, whatever." then maybe I would agree with you.

For the record, the lady at the Greenfield branch just asked me "Do you just want a regular plate?" or something to that extent. I said "Yes" or maybe "Yea." I wonder how many customers waiting would have thought I gave her question no thought had I answered "Sure?"

Wait, I bet this lady is a die hard atheist trying to prevent me from promoting God!!!

Some folks just have to make a mountain out of a molehill. If it bothers you so much, then when _you_ get handed the God plate, just hand it back and ask for a different style. Why must all the liberals get bent out of shape when folks are taking these plates on their own accord and obviously not having a problem with it?

Do you folks get upset with your bank teller when they fail to give you a choice between old money that does not have "In God We Trust" and new money that does?

Making a bid deal about nothing.

The plates are not forced on anybody.

Typical leftist propaganda.

I was in Crawfordsville last week at a restaurant when I overheard an elder lady speaking to friends at the next table. She had just come from the BMV. She seemed to believe that the IGWT plates were the standard issue plates, and was glad of it.

It just reinforces the underlying belief by many that the plates are pushing religion.

"It just reinforces the underlying belief by many that the plates are pushing religion."

And your point?

We are a nation under God.

Actually, we're a nation. "Under God" was added to the Pledge later.

If it is OK for to be on the US currency I use to pay for a plate . . .

I wonder how "Allahu Akbar" (God is Great) plates would play in Elwood and Pittsboro?

"I wonder how "Allahu Akbar" (God is Great) plates would play in Elwood and Pittsboro?"

Drive out there and ask them, who care?

If you don't like the idea of the plate request that the state issues a plate in support of Atheism of Satanism. See how far you get. The last I heard the Democrat Party was in control, should be an easy approval if it has merit.

Holy heavens, it's hard to believe how dim this guy is.

The last I heard the Democrat Party was in control...

In control of the BMV? The executive branch, under the control of republic governor, operates the BMV.

Ain't God been good to Indiana

"We are a nation under God."

So God was responsible for slavery? The civil war? A few elites having kids out-of-wedlock with their slaves?

I honestly don't mind the plate, but I think the idea and meaning of God has well been lost long ago. I have no doubt this country wouldn't have so many problems if people lived under the basic morals in the bible. The problem is that they don't. The people to blame are the elders of various past generations. Every affair, every kid out of wedlock, every theft, every bs government funded program to make a few folks rich is what helped send God and basic Christian religion to the sewers. Today we just expose these things that have been happening for centuries.

We're getting a new plate tomorrow, so it will be interesting to see if that is happening here in southwestern Indiana.

Maybe Jim Schellinger can run on a platform allowing a plate in support of Atheism or Satanism, how far do you think he will get?

The point I'm making is if you don't like the plate, don't get it. In Wilson46201's case, check the bus before getting on if it has a "Under God" plate, wait for the next bus or walk.

Right, and my point in posting this open-ended thread was to find out whether people are being given the plate even if they don't want it.

I was given the choice at the South Meridian branch.

"Right, and my point in posting this open-ended thread was to find out whether people are being given the plate even if they don't want it."

Righhht. There is a difference between stirring s*it and requesting information that you already had.

When I went to get my plates at Virginia Ave, the clerk did ask if I wanted the In God We Trust Plate. I thought it was a bit odd that the clerk was only pushing that plate and not some of the other specialized plates. Employees paid by all the taxpayers of Indiana shouldn't favor one plate obver another. If a customer wants In God We Trust on their car, cool. But, government shouldn't try and do a suggestive sell. It's a lawsuit waiting to happen.

3:58, you say that you were given a choice - did they say "Here are the free plates to select from" or something like that?

I wonder what would happen if I said I prefered my "Mother of God" (i.e., Notre Dame) plates?

we will know they are christians by the IGWT plate on their Hummer H2

For the record, I don't really care who gets which plate. From reading the various accounts on this blog, it seems as if people are given the option of the IGWT plate and that it isn't being forced on them. That seems okay to me.

As to why they promote that plate and not others, my guess (and it's only a guess) is that most, if not all, of the other specialty plates have an associated fee (in my case, my university alumni plate has *two* fees associated with it, $15 bucks for the BMV and $25 for the university).

Really, if you don't like the plate, that's okay with me - to each his or her own. Don't get the plate if you don't like it (or if you don't like a radio show don't listen, or change the channel, etc.)

And if you're offended by the motto, "In God We Trust," I won't begrudge you (but if you'd be so kind as to just give me all your money, that would be okay - after all, if you find the motto offensive, you shouldn't use any currency upon which the motto is imprinted, should you?) :-)


I'm tempted to get one of the new plates and put my own sticker over the spot where it says "In God We Trust". The possibilities are endless.

No, the plates are not being forced on anyone. However, I witnessed several times (while waiting in line at my BMV) BMV employees pulling out the IGWT plate first and only switching to the regular one if the customer said they didn't want it (which I only saw one person do).

I'm not ready to link this to some grand Christian conspiracy. I do, however, figure that since these plates are a new alternative, that employees have been asked to use them by default, knowing that many people won't care either way. This is so someone upstairs can say "look, all these people wanted these new plates!" When, really, they were just taking what was handed to them.

Would you like to try a new caramel machiatto? No really, you must try one...TRY ONE!!!! --- the caramel conspiracy is vast, and if you don't belive me, just ask a bunch of knuckleheads the first question out of the drive-thru barrita's mouth has been for the past few months...

Indiana's pushing license plates that say IN GOD WE TRUST?
JesusMaryandJoseph! I thought we couldn't have state sponsored religion!
Have Hoosiers taken leave of their senses?
Retract that.
of course they have.
they've all been addled by DST!
I remember now why I moved out of Indiana...

Love the coffee comparison! I hope it puts the situation in perspective for some of the people on this thread.

I recently bought a new car and had to make the dreaded license branch trip, on N. Michigan Road. Unquestionably the snottiest branch in Indiana.

The 95-minute wait was accompanied by a trip to a public bathroom with no lock, which was filthy. Just FYI.

The main topic of conversation, with my clerk, was the computer system, which was, and is, pathetic, slow and inefficient. Because my particular new car is a hybrid, not all the excise tax tables were in the computer just yet. When the clerk tried to override the system, she had to get a supervisor to do it--three times--after asking me a series of questions.

Evidenly the BMV doesn't trust its employees to make decisions.

The God plate was there in full view. I was offered it first, before the regular plate.

I declined. I was in the minority that day.

The point here is--how many of those plates in use, would've been selected if there were a typical fee associated with this vanity plate?

Exactly. Answered your own question, didn't you? The state is now officially in the God business, sanctioning Christianity with free plates, unlike any other religion or vanity plate institution. We have that birdbrain Woody Burton to thank for this.

It's a pitiful misuse of authority. I used the occasion to school my 14-year-old son on the separation of church and state. He got it before I finisihed my explanation.

Learning opportunities abound.

I wasn't going to get one of those plates, but if it annoys you guys this much, perhaps I will.

I shared this story with TDW yesterday- long story short, I bought my son a car (in Fort Wayne) and my ex-wife got the plates.

She was handed the IGWT plate.

I only brought it up because I know what is next- the Republicans will tell us how popular those plates are...when they were suppose to be "BY REQUEST ONLY".

Don't blame the braless idiots with bad dye jobs and foot-long fingernails that work at the BMV. Their promotion of plates that are supposed to be "by request only" is probably just habit passed down from their former McDonalds job, "Would you like God with that?"

"I wasn't going to get one of those plates, but if it annoys you guys this much, perhaps I will."

I wonder how long it will take before the first liberal/progressive keys a car just because the person has one of these plates?

Too late...been there, done that.

"I wonder how long it will take before the first liberal/progressive keys a car just because the person has one of these plates?"

Happened to my van. I had a Republican bumper sticker on it. A witness told me a wacko in an “I Heart Carson” T-shirt did it then boarded a city bus. Happened after the Labor Day parade.

That certainly sounds like a fabricated story - considering I wore a Carson T-shirt to the Labor Day Parade and am one of the few that regularly rides the bus, it sounds like bullshit!

But what else can you expect from "The Sorest Losers of 2006"?

My husband got my new plate today, and he said that at the branch he visited here in SW Indiana, they were offering people upfront a choice between the IGWT plate and the regular plate. Now, if the IGWT plate is supposed to be "by request only", then what our license branch was doing goes beyond that, but at least they are not trying to force the IGWT plate on people as in some of the other experiences we've heard recounted here.

Wilson, did you key someones car after the parade? If so, shame on you. Two words point to you. "Wacko" and "I (heart) Julia" Please say it wasn't you, I'll believe you and I know that you'll request JC to ask her supporters not to do vandalism in the future! It is illegal, you know. Not to mention, it's just wrong!

Just a question, I have no idea if there is a difference: Does anyone know if the cost of producing the new plate for renewals, rather than issuing a sticker if people keep the old plate is different?

Of course I didnt do it - you know Julia would be furious at anybody who did such a thing. The story is just a fabrication by one of Dickerson's "Sorest Losers of 2006". Odd that they'd wait until March after Labor Day to float such a defamation. Looks like they are still crying in their beer...

Interestingly, I dont even carry any keys whatsoever - I dont drive and I have a keyless security system on my house.

to 12:15,

Here is a link to the bill that created these plates, and you can view a .pdf of the fiscal impact statements.


Depending on how you might interpret it, each plate could cost as little as $3.80 or as much as $8.30. I'm not sure how those fees work. But I think you can say that a little sticker doesn't cost that much.

There's been a big argument about it over at indygasprices.com

"The story is just a fabrication by one of Dickerson's "Sorest Losers of 2006"."

Wrong not a fabrication. I have the key marks to prove it.
I didn't accuse anyone, I repeat what was told to me.

Who said I was with Dickerson? Brizzi can attest to which campaign I volunteered.

I thought I was responding to another comment didn't realise I was "crying" and as to your denial remember the old saying "the smeller is the feller".
If it was you, you suck. Are you a wacko or the only one in the T-Shirt who looks like a wacko?

I was returning home today with my son from a doctors visit when he pointed out a new Indiana license plate, which said, "In God We Trust". The first thing that went through my head was, "You have got to be kidding me".

Maybe if a private organization wanted to pay for a specialty plate that said, "In GOD I Trust" maybe it could be justified, if and only if non-believers had no hand in it. However, who are the "we" in this license plate, all the non-religious taxpayers. Taxpayers are paying for this plate, regardless to what is said.

Then when I heard that it was free …Yah! Right! This is nothing but a state sponsored religious plate (Christianity). When are people going to start trusting in themselves, we are sovereign individuals? We are our own gods; we are all gods of our own sovereignty. What God do they trust in? This plate is a disgrace to all intelligent people who think and act of themselves.

I would like a State sponsored plate that paraphrases a comment of Aristotle, "Religion is the Opium of the Masses", why not, as a citizen I have just as much right to this plate as one who is supporting one which says, “ In God We Trust”. Unless, however, the State is promoting such a religion, do you believe the State would sponsor such a plate for me, if not, why not. For one reason, a lot more is done in the name of God, even wars, how about Police States. Are we going to have Christian soldiers with identifiable markings on their vehicles?

For centuries, politicians have used religion as a means to their own selfish ends, feeding off the fears of an estranged populace. What happened to the separation between Church and State? The government can better control and feed off a religious throng than a freethinking sovereign collection.

Better yet, how about a plate, which states, “I am a freethinker, I trust in myself”.
Religion is religion, no matter how many ways you look at it. This plate cannot be anything but a State legislated pandering of the Christian religion.

This plate is the forerunner for a stronger and more supportive Police State with its own Christian Christian Soldiers.

Just remember, the State has more than one reason for doing this. It is just a prelude for worse things to come, Totalitarianism in the name of God. Do Christians believe they are doing something great for the State of Indiana by getting this plate, they are just becoming minnons for a tyrantical Political system.

What a discrace to live in such a an ignorant state.

bhively, I'll pray for you. God knows you need a little peace in your life.

How about a nice plain-Jane white plate with numbers on it, like our truck plates, for everyone? Then the Christians can get a bumper sticker to flaunt their faith.

Exactly. No one is preventing anyone from expressing their beliefs.

Keep this NONSENSE off of the liscense plates and decorate your car with a bumper sticker expressing whatever you want.

A sign in a small Indiana variety store:

"In God we trust -- all others pay cash!"

-- "Why must all the liberals get bent out of shape when folks are taking these plates on their own accord and obviously not having a problem with it?" --

Some people have a problem with it, because my tax money is going to allow you to express an idea that not everyone believes. Would you like your tax money to support "In Apollo We Trust"??

This is precisely why we should keep church and state seperate!

this country was founded in God we trust. no one seems to turn down money. if you are not proud of this country or want to change it then leave it.

No one may be preventing the bible thumpers from displaying their faith on their license plates, but dammit, I want to display my faith in the IU Hoosiers for FREE too.

sandie said, "this country was founded in God we trust. no one seems to turn down money. if you are not proud of this country or want to change it then leave it."

Rediculous! This country was founded as a liberal rebellion of the masses against the King of England and his aristocrats. The King forced the people to follow his religion, not their own choice.

I cross out the word God on my money.

I don't want to change this country, but keep it from being changed into a theocracy.

One thing to bear in mind is that this is not a year, generally, when you get a new plate. Just stickers. Yet, a friend of mine went into a BMV in Hendricks County to pay her taxes, and they actually tried to push the IGWT plate on her -- they said, "do you want to trade in your plate for the IGWT plate?" She did feel almost intimidated, as though it was expected of her to want to. The guy next to her was loudly proclaiming how glad he was they had such a plate. When she said, "no, I don't want one," the clerk behind the counter looked offended. Before that, the clerk had been friendly. After that, she said not a single word until the transaction was completed.

"In God We Trust" is the national motto, and on all our money. I have never been that bothered about it -- it's like the Masonic symbolism on the dollar bill -- a curiousity and a reminder that our founders were a wonderful blend of contradictions.

Or, similar to the dichotomy of the First Amendment that says differing religous views and free expression are to be protected -- but the government shall not advance a particular religion.

I do feel uneasy seeing these "optional" plates all around. It disturbs me that state workers are pushing them. And the subtle pressures are like the evangelical prayer in the General Assembly.

Prayer and mindfulness of God should help and inspire us to act mindfully with each other -- but the expression of religious views in public can inspire anger, even violence, when others express different beliefs. When advancement of religion becomes oppression, then we have crossed an inappropriate line.

Boy, this Allen guy sounds like a real dipshit. Get your stupid hillbilly ass back to KY (the jelly, not the state!)

Hey, don't tell everyone I'm gay. I just want to force my religion on everyone. I can't help it. Just like a typical hypocrite, I try to ramrod my religion down your throats. I'm a moron, learn to love me and my intolerant views tied to my self-loathing. I suck (dick), but I ain't gay....I hate 'em.

Sandie is a trucker whore. She gives blowjobs for $1....and swallows, even for relatives. She learned everything she knows (like fingers in the ass, hers and yours) from her uncle. She will let you cum in her mouth or on her face, you make the call. Just cum.

ALLEN let me cum in his ass.

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