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BREAKING NEWS: House Committee Nixes Marriage Amendment In Tie Vote

Denied_2The gay marriage amendment is dead. At least for this session.

"A proposed constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage was defeated today by the House Rules and Legislative Procedure Committee, failing on a 5-5 tied vote.

"One Democrat joined four Republicans in supporting the amendment.

"That vote kills the amendment's chances for this year, though the issue could be resurrected for a second vote next year."

This was a bad amendment. For a number of reasons. It would have stunted economic development. It potentially affected "incidents of marriage" that no one could adequately define. It was duplicative. It was motivated by something other than the protection of wedded bliss.

And now it is off the table.

So, where does that leave us? Marriage is still only legal between one man and one woman, which should make proponents of the amendment happy. And now we can take up property tax reform and the other pressing issues that have been shoved out of the limelight because of this crusade. Let the session begin.


Thank god five sane Democrats were on this committee.

Needless to say, I am deleriously happy and a very proud Hoosier!

Thank god!

TDW, I, too, hate the amendment and celebrate the Rules Committee vote. But if you think this is dead for this session, you need to guzzle some strong coffee. It is highly likely that the amendment language will show up in any number of second reading amendments. The chair will rule them out of order or not germaine and there will be appeals of the chair's ruling. Are you sure that all 51 Ds will uphold the chair, or will there be a few more Dennie Oxleys who will bolt when leadership needs them most?

I may be legally wrong, but I believe this amendment can't come back in another bill. It's a constitutional amendment, not regular ol' legislation.

Some smart lawyer, feel free to correct me.

We will just pass part one next year, seems to me that no one should care since it was part two everyone had a problem with.

I am not a lawyer, but I am sure that TDW is correct, this can't come in some ordinary bill because it is a Joint resolution, not a bill. It's dead this year.

Now, let's start planning the attack for next year.

It may be "dead" as a viable piece of legislation, but it's not "dead" as an "issue" that will be beaten to death from now through the next election. Of course, even if it had passed, the issue still wouldn't go away; they'll want to keep proposing and passing more laws of this sort, one after another, as long as it gets their base all lathered up.

This Republican is thrilled that this was killed. Excellent work IE and Biz community for organizing a great fight.

Mitch, are you there? Come in Mitch. Mitch, this is Houston. Can you hear us?

Vegas just went crazy.

Odds are, once again, Bauer will be bounced, Bosma will be elected speaker, and Daniels will enjoy another strong margin against a Democratic official -- this time an ex-congresswoman.

B-Bosma must be writing thank-you notes to the Parker wingnuts.

Even if you are correct and it must come back in a joint resolution, that doesn't stop someone from offering the amendment. The chair rules it out of order and the ruling of the chair gets appealed. If Dennie Oxley wouldn't make a courageous vote in committee, will he vote to uphold the ruling of the chair with Eric Miller promising him retribution? (How did Oxley get in leadership, anyway?) Are there other Ds like Oxley? A quick look at the roster will reveal perhaps three or four more.

Besides, I doubt SJR7 is the only joint resolution alive, though I haven't checked that.

I hope this is dead for the session, but I doubt it. There is too much political value to House Republicans in forcing votes on this - even if they are procedural votes. All it takes is for a couple of Ds like Oxley to vote the wrong way and this thing could get a second life.

And even if it eventually dies, Republicans can get a lot of folks on record as "voting against marriage" in the meantime. It's a simple - if very unfair - accusation to make. But since when have political commercials been fair?

And they'll make those accusations.

But at some point, I believe Hoosiers are smart enough to realize that Eric Miller and the Boz have been having them on for political gain.

I mean, jeez, if you want to talk about the sanctity of marriage, don't talk to either of those guys.

If you can't make a logical argument, make innuendo.

Oh my God! Gay marriage is still illegal in Indiana today, tomorrow, and the next day. Why? THERE IS A LAW FORBIDDING IT AND THE INDIANA COURT OF APPEALS (IE THE "ACTIVIST JUDGES") SAID IT WAS CONSTITUTIONAL!!!!! There are NO Gay marriages in INDIANA! Does anything else need to be said on this?
Let's get back to property tax relief, investing in FDK, and trying to get MMM to spend some State govt $$ on INDIANA companies.

But, NEWS FLASH, we can't talk about the issues. Republicans lose when we do that.

We must break out the WedgeWhack! and scare the people. That's governing, after all.

Hey 68 in 08, you might not want to put $$ down betting against that one in Vegas. You won't get good odds and lose all your money. That's a guarantee!

It's too bad that the Republican Party is bucking every major corporate citizen in Indiana. We'll gladly take them.

Right, NEWS FLASH, gay marriage is already illegal. But isn't is incredibly important to make it SUPER DUPER ILLEGAL? Because that's more important than any other issue facing our state today.

" Republicans can get a lot of folks on record as 'voting against marriage' in the meantime"

And we get votes against domestic violence laws and Hoosier companies and universities

68 in 08, How sure are you the people in Indiana will bounce the Dems?

I think it more likely they will bounce your fundamentalists for spending all this time on something that's already illegal, instead of lowering their property taxes.

When someone has to sell the farm because they can't afford it, they don't care who gets married.

More anti-Progressive tactics from the hate-Indiana Left.

It's sad that the Left feel its more important to put their poles in boys' butts than it is to move Indiana forward.

Blah blah blah.

The name of the State is




Let's keep working to get this Amendment passed.


i wasn't too upset to see the DEms take over the House to keep Mitch from foisting more stupid ideas on us, but after seeing the obstructionist Democrats in action car bombing this Progressive Amendment, it's apparent that the Dems are nothing but hard-Left extremists.

The two year experiment we gave them can't end soon enough. It will be hard for the Dems to bounce back from this one.

That one traitor Republican is toast.

"Poles in boys' butts?" Is that your fantasy, buttercup?

Because you keep mentioning it. You seem a little...obsessed.

10:45 wrote:
"That one traitor Republican is toast."

Which one would that be?


A few posters seem a little too upset by this.

I wonder how many Ted Haggards are posting here?

Up here in Anderson, we have more pressing concerns - like jobs and schools and taxes. We can recognize the nutcases obsessed with something that does not affect us in our everyday lives. We hear the businesses talking about how this will be bad for them and know that there are too few good paying jobs to lose a Cummins. We want those better paying jobs. We want better schools. We want a rational tax system. Getting those things would truly be progressive.

I love how the argument Sean Hannity makes about killing people overseas, somehow bleeds into Indiana Republican rhetoric. "Far left" in freakin' Indiana?

Far left in Indiana is right of center in any non-Southern region of the country. Can you imagine dropping Bauer off in San Jose and watching the folks run him out of town as a "fascist"?

There is no real "Left" in this state, otherwise Dems would vote happily against divisive stupidity like this resolution without fear of getting bounced. What we have is Republican and Republican-Lite. Must be why the state is doing so well with its well-educated populace, booming economy, etc

TDW, why are people so in favor of property tax reform? Indiana already has a regressive system. Why are we letting the Hilberts, Irsays, and Eli Lilly off the hook for taxes, just so me and mine can pay them?

I like AI's reference to Eric Miller being twice married and childless. Now there's a man who can stand up for Hoosier families.

Why hasn't ex-Lilly executive and "businessman" Governor who talks incessently about a "comeback" commented about this issue?

Perhaps he's the guy dressed up in the yellow chicken suit!

Mitch Daniels won't weigh in on this issue for the same reason Evan Bayh won't.

Thank God for small favors.

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