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BREAKING NEWS: Imported Inmates Take Over, Start Riot At Privatized Prison

Prisoner_3Holy crap. Broken windows, fires, potential hostages and inmates -- from Indiana and Arizona -- with sticks. It's never good when local news breaks into afternoon programming to tell the world that the Guv's imported prisoners have taken over the prison.

"Indiana State Police have confirmed a disturbance at the New Castle Correctional Facility. Troopers have been dispatched to the scene. New Castle Mayor Tom Nipp calls the disturbance a 'riot.'

"Chopper 8 flew over the scene and witnessed at least three burning fires set outside of the facility.

"GEO Group manages and operates New Castle Correctional Facility. In a phone interview with GEO Group Spokesman Pablo Paez, he said they are working to bring the situation under control.

"Paez said there are over 1,000 inmates from Indiana currently at the facility and they are in the process of taking in inmates from Arizona. That process stared at the beginning of March."

The brother of an inmate just reported live on WTHR that the riot was started by Arizona inmates who don't want to be here.

UPDATE: In case you were wondering, GEO Group, the Florida-based company that runs the New Castle facility, has given $24,300 to Republican candidates, including the Guv, over the past few cycles. Run that search here.

SECOND UPDATE: Here's the first in what will undoubtedly be a string of media releases from the Indiana Department of Correction.

"New Castle, Indiana – (April 24, 2007) At approximately 2:01pm, a disturbance involving Indiana and Arizona offenders began at the New Castle Correctional Facility today. The facility received additional support by local law enforcement by 2:15pm. At this time we have information that cell houses D, I or J were involved in the incident.

"The Indiana Department of Correction immediately responded by mobilizing emergency squads, county police and Indiana State Police to the facility.

"Two New Castle Correctional Facility staff members have been injured and are receiving treatments locally. Facility staff and personnel are managing the situation professionally and applying procedures including tear gas to return the facility to stable conditions.

"'We are quickly collaborating with local law enforcement to properly handle the New Castle Correctional Facility situation,' stated Commissioner J. David Donahue. 'We will keep the public updated as more details unfold.'

"A second update of facility action will be released this afternoon by 3:30."



I just heard on Ch.6 that two have died already!

Heck of a job, Mitch!

I only heard that there were two injuries.

This story made it to CNN!

You say that like it's a good thing, 3:58.

This is a mess. Wonder if the Guv will come out from under his desk long enough to answer for it or if he'll try to spin it that at least the response time was good.

You know it's bad when they break into Oprah for this...c

...running prisons like a business!

Arizona's DOC has 630 inmates now in IN, was planning to be at 1200. Inmates started being moved here in early March. They may pull their inmates back. Adios!

About 30 years ago, Hoosier prisoners rioted and took over a prison - rookie State Representatives Julia Carson and Bill Crawford crossed police lines, entered the cell blocks and negotiated a peaceful end to the takeover. It could have been a bloodbath like Attica! That's when I learned to respect the personal courage of those two long-serving public servants!

If the City-County Council would've approved housing our own convicts in New Castle, instead of having them out on the streets, then we wouldn't have had to import other inmates. Who's to blame here? Stubborn Dems on the City County Council who can't stand to agree with a good idea that came from Carl Brizzi.

they couldn't house them there
its a constitutional thing
is that the best spin you can come up with???

Maybe the "perps" could be paroled to work as dishwashers or waiters or bartenders at Carl Brizzi's hot new Speakeasy ?

Wilson, you are always on here saying that we should treat criminals with cable TV, basketball courts, etc. so they won't go crazy. Obviously that doesn't work. These folks had all this and they still act like animals. Time to make every prison like a supermax. Something tells me after a few months in a supermax, some of these thieves will change their tune.

As far as politically, I could see this coming. The prisoners, most who are under-educated, were sold a bill of goods. Once they got here and found out the tape they saw was nothing but lies, they got pissed. So they decided to get a little crazy. I think it is time to send these guys back home since it seems like Peterson and Anderson are going to be in need of jail beds considering how crime in Indy is taking off.

"I just heard on Ch.6 that two have died already!
Heck of a job, Mitch!"

You liberals slam the cops for getting excited on Indy Undercover when they write about killings in the city. Wilson gets happy about these killings and the rest of you liberals, especially TDW, remain hypocritically silent. Typical.

I just heard a woman being interviewed by WTHR say that the riot had been threaten over a week ago ...

SuperMaxes are way too expensive to operate except for exceptionally tough prisoners. Republicans want to be mean-spirited and un-Christian but then they dont want to pay for it -- sounds kinda socialistic, dontcha think?

These are the bad guys, remember? A 'full scale riot' quelled in 2 hours. No serious injuries. Kudos to the staff (even though liberal nuts here think only state employees can run a prison) and first responders.

"SuperMaxes are way too expensive to operate except for exceptionally tough prisoners."

Give me a break. Any prison can currently be ran as a SuperMax. It is called keeping the jail cell doors locked. Steel bars are steel bars, regular prisons don't use plastic doors Wilson.

If privatizing is so good -- maybe we could privatize the new IMPD? Ask for bids - choose the lowest bidder - throw out employee contracts - hire Pinkerton rejects - cut property taxes - get re-elected massively and then run like hell for the county line!

SuperMaxxes cost a lot more to operate because of the massive increase in staffing costs. It's not the capital costs but the operating costs that shoots up horrendously...

I think the law abiding citizens of Indy are about willing to try anything, Wilson...

The IndyU nutterballs know that if Mitch Daniels were Mayor, the first thing he'd do first day in office would be to abolish the F.O.P. !

What happens when you run prisons on the cheap? you get very expensive riots YES! Indiana tax payers will be footing the bill for all the overtime and repairs to the trashed facility. This kind of crap is exactly why privatized prisons have never exceeded more than 6-7% of the overall corrections market. And someone needs to ask J. David Asswipe about the suicide in the max unit at Putnamville and the over-the-fence escape from Indianapolis Juvenile both last week. He runs a lousy prison system and we will all be paying for it for a long, long time.

"About 30 years ago, Hoosier prisoners rioted and took over a prison - rookie State Representatives Julia Carson and Bill Crawford crossed police lines, entered the cell blocks and negotiated a peaceful end to the takeover. It could have been a bloodbath like Attica!"

You would think they could walk on water the way Wilson tells the story.

...and IndyErnie would then joke it's because "those people" can't swim!

Now this post is what is PREDICTABLE, lol!

"would then joke it's because "those people" can't swim!"

Jokes are funny your racists comment isn't.

Take the hood off Wilson before those insulted see you for what you really are... a racist.

Would you all just ignore wilson already?!! The guy is secretly Larry from Abdul in the Morning... a moron!! Just let the poor man be.

Ernie -- behave yourself! Stop this silly namecalling you so love. It's getting tiresome for everybody.

Eric Dickerson lost - I helped - get over it! "Sorest Losers of 2006" indeed...

I think the Guv has some 'splain' to do. It didn't take long for this "good deal" to go south, did it?

What's so unusual about out-of-state inmates from Illinois or Arizona? Indiana's Democratic sheriffs do it in their jails all the time, right now in fact.

Where's Mitch at telling us how great outsourcing is?

Hey this whole plan to move inmates from Arizona was rushed by Commisioner Donahue

Like everything else he does he hopes not to stay around long enough to see what damage he has caused but this one got him.

You can not expect to move prisoners clear across the country and take them away from their families, take away smoking and their porn and expect these guys to be happy.

I would have thought that the all powerful all knowing donahue would know better.

The problem is, everyone in Mitch's cabinet are blinded by dollar signs and fail to measure any and all social costs involved when they outsource another state service as they claim that they are "saving the state money" in some shape or form. When you move 600+ inmates 1700+ miles away from their home and take away previously allowed privileges, this is bound to happen.

Anyone think Donahue will resign over this?

And I think the riot today was the nail in the coffin that just about sealed Mitch's fate in 2008!

Let's see Mitch.....you pushed DST against the wishes of many, sold our toll road for the next 75 years, outsourced numerous state amd social services (including New Castle Prison), are trying to outsource the lottery, cost numerous Hoosiers their jobs and now your bumbling appointees and their unlogical thinking have resulted in prison riots occurring. Wow, what a record! Good luck in '08!

And that's just the stuff you public see. If you only knew the crap going on inside state government. Bumbling is putting it kindly. Don't ask me to dish details. I wouldn't dare under the current regime without giving myself up and I need to work a tad longer. State jobs don't pay well, it seems the public thinks all state employees are idiot slackers or incompetent thieves with no compassion and no wits to be elsewhere. Public service is not a well understood concept. But even for those of us who felt called to it, this administration has shown that it is a foreign concept to them, or at least the lowest priority, waaaaay below dollar signs. And for you elite folks making big bucks in your "tough world" with your nice digs, spare me your righteous lectures. I have worked elsewhere, and I have worked under several administrations, so I can compare. You do NOT know what current conditions are like, and you are clueless so far about the damage done by your man Mitch and his pals. The next administration, whoever it is, whether in '08 or '12 will fully comprehend the phrase; "to the victor go the spoils!"

Oh 10:23 you sneaky rascal. Give us the goods...come on, you obviously speak for all state employees. As leader and example to the idiot slackers (of which I guess I am one, though none of the constituents I've ever work with have even insinuated such), you owe us some dirt...speak...

This event at New Castle is only the visible tip of a big, bad iceberg.

And don't get too caught up in the fact that this happened at a facility that has been "privatized", or that it happened with "imported" Arizona inmates. This could have (and still easily could) have occurred at any one of the state's prison facilities. The problems in the DOC go way beyond just GEO's bottom-dollar management and a poorly thought-out plan to house out-of-state offenders....

It is a system-wide problem that starts and must end with J. David Donahue.

How many more people have to be hurt?

Just out of curiosity, does anyone place any blame on the prisoners? I mean, I know they just did it, but it probably wasn't there fault, right?

Blaming a prison uprising/riot on everyone except the inmates. Fascinating.

This is just mostly an employee gripe site, but does provide some insight into the stuff that goes on. arggh. wouldn't let me post a link. try this:

can't remember exactly, something about 38 congressman were involved...

What do you expect when the starting wage for a prison guard employed by GEO (not the State mind you)is only $8.00 an hour. That's only 75 cents more an hour than McDonald's. Would you like fries with your riot...

I am a "correctional officer" at N.C. First we lost a good health care contract provider, then we essentially lost our jobs to this out of state corporation. Between new h ealth care and new admin approaches, this place has become very dangerous.

"What do you expect when the starting wage for a prison guard employed by GEO (not the State mind you)is only $8.00 an hour. That's only 75 cents more an hour than McDonald's. Would you like fries with your riot..."

Seems like for $8 an hour they did pretty well at putting this thing down. Kudos to them and the privatized management. Riots can and have happened in prisons throughout Indiana every few years. When something like this happens and it gets stopped with only minor injuries, that is a good thing.

Damned fools! There are dog fights that are worse than this. The biggest disturbance in New Castle is the news sattelite trucks all over the place.

9 minor injuries - none requiring more than first aid. A mattress burned - horror of horrors a really bad guy burned his mattress - ok let him sleep on the floor.

No one in that facility is anything other than a really bad guy - Indiana prisoners and Arizona prisoners. Its prison - they are bad people or they wouldn't be there. No one short of murderers ever went to prison for the first felony he committed - just for the first one he got caught and sentenced for.

So, whatever they did, its a terrible thing according to you lefites. If this was a Democrat governor, you'd have hardly heard of it.

This is 100% the fault of the bad guys who EARNED there way into prison and no one else bears the slightest scintila of responsibility for it.

Are you listening to Abdul's radio show? Jen is on the air!

Serious question here... Does she know what she is doing?

Lov ya more than my luggage, Jen. honey, but Vane got the best of you on Abdul's show.

This is INDIANA. We hate criminals, and don't care what happens to them. You were doomed from the start, dear.

Hint: ya might have mentioned collective bargaining, which MMM destroyed, which might have dealt more effectively with staffing issues at prisons in the mediation and grievance process.

Robert's party owns the process now, Jen. They won't go quietly into the still night.

But we'll have it back soon. The state will be ours again, soon. Thankfuly.

Love the raspy voice. Damned sexy.

You rocked, Jen. Way to make your points in that one and a half against one debate (I like Abdul too much to call him the Republican he actually is). Entertaining segment. Nice work

>>Just out of curiosity, does anyone place any blame on the prisoners? <<

Generally, it's a waste of time to blame a scorpion for stinging. You plan for it, and if you don't plan correctly and get stung, you've gotta take some of the blame.

My voice doesn't usually sound like that, but thanks.

Did you really think I'd go on the air thinking Abdul's mostly conservative audience wouldn't call in and read me, quite literally, the riot act?

Unlike a certain somebody, I don't believe that hiding under your desk is the best way to get your point across.

I'll be on Garrison on Monday. Brizzi's guest-hosting.

Doug, that's a hell of an analogy. Absurd of course, but nonetheless interesting as it clarifies your train of thought.

I just knew the prisoners couldn't be to blame. What was I thinking, personal responsibility again? How foolish of me.

It's absurd to assume that people who already have committed crimes may be inclined to commit other crimes?

We send people to prison for a number of reasons. Among them is the notion of punishment for wrongs against society.

By and large, people aren't fond of punishment. It makes them, shall we say, a bit agitated.

Prisons are filled with dangerous people, which is why they're [supposed to be] staffed by lots of people with weapons and training.

Obviously, Arizona officials didn't think New Castle was doing a very good job when they visited last week.

If we're going to operate a penal system, it has to be secure and safe, especially for the people who work in it.

That hasn't happened, and you can put five bucks on the fact that GEO was more interested in turning a profit than in making sure needs were met.

Garrison? REALLY? With Izzy Brizzy as guest host? That's a red-meat audience if ever there were one.

Brave, Jen. Or stupid...not sure which. OK, I'll go with brave. Cause you run a damned fine blog.

Monday morning, follow the Superhero mantra, somewhat altered:

Bullshit shield, UP!

And the raspy voice is sultry as hell. Hubba, hubba, Mr. TDW.

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