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Caption Fun: Two Burtons, One "In God We Trust" Plate, Endless Giggles

God, grant TDW the serenity to accept the things she cannot change, courage to change the things she can, and the wisdom to post the rest under "Caption Fun" and call it a day.

Have at it, friends.



In old, white, evangelical Christians we trust... to blur the line between church and state beyond belief.

This pic is creepy enough but it would be complete if Pat Bauer were peering out of the rear window with that confused look that he if famous for.

That could have been funny, 5:34, if it made any sense whatsoever.

Troll shoots. Troll misses.

This is Woody's greatest legislative accomplishment.

Oh, please - somebody throw this Chrysler in REVERSE!

I think danny boy is a walking (kneeling ?) commercial for teeth whitening products. The woodster needs to find out what his brother is using

Whitened is an understatement ... think maybe they've been capped????


Last time I heard clsoe to 500,000 In God We Trust license plates have been distributed.

It is good to know what you think of so many hoosiers.

Sorry it went past you 5:36. Maybe you should take some time off. Relax.

Last time I looked, Chrysler was a German-owned company.

Maybe Burton is reminding us of the last time a country said it had God on its side?

"Last time I heard clsoe to 500,000 In God We Trust license plates have been distributed."

Costing we the taxpayers how much?

We're not against God, sugar. We're against pander bears.

If you'd like to see what they look like, scroll up.

And the (alleged) figure of 500,000 includes how many which were foisted on people who weren't given any other choice?

You'll wonder where that yellow went, when you brush your teeth with panderdent

Aaaagh! No splaying, Woody, no splaying!!!

Woody: "Hey Danny, do ya think that tooth whitener might help the boil on my ass?"

the dead intern who just got tag teamed is in the trunk.

Dan: "Hey Woody, I could buy a gazillion of these plates if I didn't have so many illegitimate kids and mistresses to hide away."

when we crouch like this no one knows we're farting at the voters, ha ha!

Are those teeth real?

(Movie Trailer Guy Voice)

Don't look now, but two of Hollywood's most respected actors have picked up where two of its most outrageous left off...

Gene Hackman and Drew Carey in....

Black Sheep 2: In God We Trust

Holy Schneikies...Coming to a theater near you!!

"We'd actually touch the plate, but when we do, our fingers start to burn".

"Ma, get the bucket, I can see Woody's area, ulp, get the soda crackers and ginger ale!

Every single time I see one of these plates, I almost hyper ventilate.

Pander is an easy word for it.

It's state sponsorship of religion, purely and simply. Those who do not share the views of Christians--at last count, in this state, about a million of them, have a solid legal case.

May their tribe multiply.

Pandering, in any form, is never pretty. In this form, it's 500,000 roving billboards.


More pitiful: I believe the House vote on this ridiculous measure was something like 82-18.

Harrison Ullman was right.

Danny: Dr. McGoff has your number. Finally, someone within the Republican Party has balls. Soon, and to be exact, by Jan. 2009: female staffers all over Capitol Hill are a little safer.

Don't assume that people with that
plate on their vehicle are low key
and nice. Some of them cuss a lot
and use extensive profanity when
they're yelling at you in traffic,
regardless of their license plate.

Next year you will see the "In Mitch We Trust" plates!

Interesting note about these plates .... while driving through Alabama, we noticed "God Bless America" plates. Seems they too offer this as a no additional fee alternative to their "Stars fell on Alabama" plate. They have more options than you can shake a stick at there ... including decals for the standard plate for colleges and NASCAR numbers ... go figure!

Several states, including Texas, Missouri, Mississippi and Iowa, already have "God Bless America" tags available to the general public, but they are specialty tags that require an extra payment.

Haven't seen any others with In God We Trust ... I don't have a problem with the plate, just the fact that it supports a special interest and doesn't have a charge.

About a week ago I went to the local BMV b/c to renew my registration and plates (I had moved within the state recently). I had to fight to not get the IGWT plate the clerk was trying to push on me. It took me saying no three times and explaining that I object to the plate before she stopped harassing me about it.

The branch also had a color 8.5x11 printout putting the IGWT parallel (and seemingly equivalent to) the standard Indiana plate.

As a Vet who has 2 Hoosier Veteran plates, one on a truck and one on a car. I pay a $15 Admin fee on each plate which I have proudly done. Now we are giving Free God plates to Hoosiers (It seems popular on Trucks as now they are getting a free specialty plate to get rid of the ugly plain white plate) I think I'll turn in my Vet plates when they expire in Oct and it will not be for the In God we trust plate. I almost forgot it will be for the Blue one that almost looks like the IGWT plate...LOL

It's the lack of paying the administrative fee that gets me.

If over 500,000 IGWT plates have been issued, that's $7.5 million in lost revenue, all so incumbants could score political points against their opponents.

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