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Cheney Resigns: Indiana Headline Gives Hope To Millions Of Americans

Wonkette makes a funny out of this Times of Northwest Indiana headline:


By the way, if you haven't read the Washington Post's four-part series on the Veep, what the hell is wrong with you? Go do it. Right now.


OK, it's funny. But it is kind of a cruel joke. Even though I knew better, I did have a one second flicker of hope when I first saw the headline.

Heh, thats funny right there. :)

Frightening isn't it ... that we should have a man in the position of VP that seems to have that much power and a President that has the mental capacity and emotional stability of a pre-teen! And Cheney thinks his office is above the constitution. I believe he has simultaneously said that the VP isn't in either the executive or legislative branches. Great - maverick VP! Daily Show had a funny bit about that last Monday. Or at least it would be funny if the a-hole hadn't managed to get us into a war and god knows what else!

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