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Fix The Glitch: Saving Silverman Cost $6 Million, More Than A Year

BmvlogoCleaning up after dim-witted corporate goofball former Bureau of Motor Vehicles Commissioner Joel Silverman has been a time-consuming and expensive affair, according to this update from the Star:

"The majority of problems created by the BMV's new computer system should be resolved by year's end, officials said today.

"There were more than 2,500 problems and changes needed in the sytem after the conversion. Eighty percent have been addressed, BMV Commissioner Ron Stiver said. Average wait times continue to fall and most of the problems in registrations are no longer an issue, he said.

"The fixes have cost nearly $6 million. The contract initially was for $32 million, he said.

"Stiver's presentation came just days before the one-year anniversary of a botched, $34 million computer system upgrade that threw license branch operations into disarray for weeks and left thousands of customers fuming over long lines and having to make multiple visits to complete basic transactions."


Got plates yesterday, and the ones we ordered were actually there. And they did ask if we wanted IGWT plate, but none of the others were mentioned. I think it must be a policy.
Anyway, the employee was very pleasant and helpful and terribly apologetic for the computer problems. Still, it took less time than in the past. At least all the people there were working!

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