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Open Thread: Maybe You Could Show Me How To Let Go, Lower My Guard

Pay_phone_2Who moved TDW's news?

Do your thing with whatever catches your eye.

The blogmistress will check back with you in a bit.


i'm pissed off about property taxes!


The above link goes to a picture of a guy I seen with my own two eyes yesterday driving back to work from lunch. I understand that I'm not supposed to post stuff that is disparaging about Democrats since I'm a Strong D and all, but I can't help but share this photo with everyone. It's the protestor's artistical direction that has really impressed me and caught my attention.

Who wants to take bets on whether this guy's a packrat?

No blog post about the Mayors tax increase to fund safety projects, more cops on the street, funding the police / fire pensions ?

Shouldn't the trolls be all for $$$ for public safety??

I don't think Pike Voter has a job. Either that, or a workplace with a very liberal internet usage policy.

That's a good way to improve inner-city life...tax the high income people. That should help sell all the vacate condos.

Brian: poor people have to pay Indiana income tax too - this state does not have a progressive income tax. But thanks for playing -- better luck next time!

I wasn't sure what point Brian was trying to make with that comment.

We've been hearing the cops gripe for months about their pay and lack of manpower. We know crime is a problem. We don't have the money to pay for more officers.

So, we're all being asked to come to the table and pay for these things, and now you want to bitch that we shouldn't have to?

You can't have it both ways, Brian.

Now, about those property taxes...

Brian is just another "socialist" Republican who wants government services but isnt willing to pay for them.

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