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See Ya Later: Star Calls On FSSA To Send Do-Nothing Chaplain Packing

Pinkslip_2The Star wants Family and Social Services Administration Secretary Mitch Roob to give the boot to Michael Latham, the agency's overpaid and underworked chaplain:

"The bigger question is whether Latham can fulfill his obligations to the state as chaplain. Judging from a recent Star report, he's not even qualified to hold the job. Nor does he seem to have time to do the work. FSSA Secretary Mitch Roob not only needs to replace Latham; he also should explain why he got so little in return for $100,000 in tax dollars.

"Latham's lack of a college degree isn't a problem in itself; plenty of clergymen run churches without benefit of a sheepskin. But the fact that FSSA hired him even though he was unqualified to serve a similar role in one of its own hospitals is disconcerting.

"In fact, the whole process suggests that politics might have played a role in Latham's hiring. Roob denies that, despite Latham's previous campaigning for Gov. Mitch Daniels. But what else could justify such poor judgment?

"By failing to get the clergy-based counseling program up and running after its debut last October, it's questionable whether Latham can apply his real-world experience -- a reason Roob cites for hiring him -- to operations. If anything, the lack of success on this score, along with the fact that Latham continues to hold two other jobs -- hardly gives taxpayers confidence in this deal.

"Latham may be good at his other jobs, which include running the Fort Wayne branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. But he failed as chaplain.

"An investigation by the state's Inspector General is justified to determine how Latham got the job in the first place. The agency might also want to think about whether the chaplain's role is truly needed.

"Daniels often says government should be run more like a business. But what business could survive long by setting up deals like this one? This is bad business, and that does not make good government."

Ouch. But well said.


Nice post Jen, but there's lightning outside (rain maybe?!!).

Just a thought: this chaplain's obviously out for his own good, but it's probably not a good idea to call any man of the cloth "Worthless."

If your day goes sour, you were warned.

How's that parking garage comin?

Oh, fine. I'll change it.

"Worthless" didn't fit very well on the line anyway.

Man of the cloth! Ha! Just another self-interested swindler.

Praise the Lord and pass the Paycheck!

Inspector General, anyone?

I want to know details about the hiring process of Latham. Was there an actual job listing for the position at any point, or was this designed with this crony specifically in mind? If there were other applicants, what were their qualifications? Who ultimately made the decision to hire him? Who decided he deserved $65,000 and a state vehicle?

A lot of questions, and too few answers.

Can we also call on the Inspector General to investigate his own do-nothing job?

Qui Inspectis Inspectorianes? [mangled Latin]

TDW, I'm pretty sure that would cause some sort of rip in the spacetime continuum, but it probably wouldn't hurt either.

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