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Backtrack Express: Guv Won't Ship In More Inmates Any Time Soon

Prisonkeys_2 It took a riot and touch of public outcry, but the Guv appears to be done trafficking in out-of-state prisoners for a little while:

"New Castle Correctional Facility likely has seen the last transfer of inmates from Arizona, according to Gov. Mitch Daniels and a state prison spokesman.

"A rising inmate population, the closing of one prison and unexpected renovations at another leave Indiana officials focused on using available beds for their inmates, state Department of Correction spokesman Randy Koester said.

"W'e don't plan on opening up any additional housing units for Arizona,' he said.

"The April 24 riot at New Castle, which involved Arizona inmates, did not have a 'direct' impact on the decision, Koester said.

"Daniels was asked about the prison transfers during a Friday news conference. He said he did not expect to see 'any more prisoners accepted anytime soon' at the medium-security prison.

"'The main reason to take this step at all was to start using a white elephant prison that was largely empty, to hire 300 Hoosiers -- that happened -- and to get them trained,' Daniels said. 'The day is not far off, probably measured in months, when we'll need that space for Indiana prisoners anyway.'"


"The closing of one prison..." = Medaryville. A quite low-risk facility that the Arizona inmate population would never have been suitable for.

"Unexpected renovations at another..." ???


Mitch and his DOC are really reaching on this one.

It sounds like Mitch no longer believes Donahue can run a privitized corrections system.

It sounds like the privatized corrections system can't even run themselves, to be honest. Not a month goes by without another negative story about GEO screwing something up.

But they're trying really, really hard to provide decent service while making oodles of cash. We should just be patient while they trip over their you-know-whats all the way to the bank with our hard-earned money.

The old Wackenhut Corporation was run by goons and idiots who could not have pulled off running a gulag in Siberia. So I guess that it makes sense that they partnered with Daniels and Donahue who have had their own problems running things.

How is GEO and Liberty going to amke any money? Adam Deming with Liberty and Timothy Budz with GEO have been in the news and Indiana keeps contracts with both of them.

"Unexpected renovations..." could they be talking about the repairs and upgrades at New Castle itself? When you build a prison for GERIATRICS and then house offenders that do not fit this catagory you renovate. New Castle was a "white elephant" from the start due to a republican controlled legislature not approving the funding for staffing from the day it was opened. GEO was respomsible for the repairs to bring the facility back into the condition it was in when they received their contract and the State footed the bill for the numerous upgrades necessary to "harden" the facility for the type of offenders currently housed there at J Davids insistence.

GEO what a joke. Get real Daniels and JDD. You failed. Take care of our own and quit worrying about other states and your privatizing the state prisons. Daniels and JDD leadership is terrible. Its time for a change Indiana and the above mentioned cant run squat...

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