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Indiana's Own: Recently Elected Nat'l Young Republican Chair Goes Down?

Here's a question for the masses: Newly elected Young Republican National Federation President Glenn Murphy is suddenly no longer listed as that group's leader on its website. Why?



oops - "who can only get it" -- sorry about that.

"I worry about young men who are ruled by their mommies."

And those you can only get it if the other guy is sleeping!

I can't find any pictures either.

They scrubbed the little sucker out.

From his letter...
"My family sat down with me Saturday evening to look at things from every angle. We’re very close. My mom was pretty blunt about what I needed to do. If I didn’t take the job, there could potentially never be that type of opportunity again and I would be shorting the security of my future and the future of my family. I took mom’s advice to heart."

I worry about young men who are ruled by their mommies.

Whoops! Glenn Murphy got caught in some non-consensual penis slurping!

Why is it that the ones who spend all day railing against gays are the ones who spend all night chasing penises?

If Glenn were ever to run for office, this would be his motto:

"Marriage is one man + one woman! Do not redefine marriage! And its okay to suck on the pensises of young passed out college boys!"

Where else should stories like this be shown. You Republicans better worry that NBC doesn't show up with those front line cameras.
If for some reason the tables were turned and the Progressive Left had control of the Media and this sick man was a Democrat this story as well as the park bathroom visitor in Florida would be all over the air waves.
Don't worry, baby. This will fade just as the congressional page fringe benefits taht fat Dennis and his friends were enjoying

No such thing as 'the greater good' when it comes to the Republican Party.

Hey dude, talk to the local police who filed TWO reports about your buddy...

This man has dedicated his whole life to politics to try and make a difference in our community. Has the democratic party become so desperate to regain popularity in Clark county that some of its members would spread malicious allegations that not only tarnish a political name but can also destroy the life of a
young man who has devoted his life to the greater good. The democrats should be ashamed that some of its members would sink to such depths.

No, really, it was a business contract. I'm not even sure sodomizing unconscious men is grounds for disqualification from the office he resigned.

Pleasuring an unconscious man? Uh-oh.

I'm sorry for the delay, but I'm redacting the names and addresses of the victims.

I noticed up the list a Roger J. Stone, Jr. as YNRF President in 1977-79. I can only assume this is the same Roger Stone who is an infamous dirty tricks political operative who has worked with Karl Rove, in the Nixon White House, for Ronald Reagan, etc. He and wife were also outed as swingers who were really into the S&M scene. Quite a list of family values Republicans running this organization.

"The president is popular in Southern Indiana,” Murphy said.

Sodrel and other area Republicans do not always agree, but they are on the same team. With issues such as family values, the war in Iraq and tax cuts, “we’re side by side,” Murphy said."

What family values is Murphy talking about?

I'll have the police report posted momentarily.

It's incredible, but when I tried to look for information on the Young Repub's site, I couldn't find any mention of his name. Pictures of him are gone as well. Was this a Stalinesque purge of some kind?

I wonder if this is the same Glenn Murphy. His setting may be private, but here's the quotation from the myspace page. BTW - Myspace is soooooooo high school. Facebook is where the grownups play.

"To sit back hoping that someday, someway, someone will make things right is to go on feeding the crocodile, hoping he will eat you last----but eat you he will.""

33 years old
United States

eric miller upset.... no military option.... hmm.... where's mr. obvious when you need him to cut through the innuendo. have the guts to say what's implied.

heck. if it is because of s---al --ien--ation then I hope folks on this site blast away for this guy getting knocked out of a leadership position because he's --y.....

I just re-read all the comments and you're the only one mentioning Bayh's wife. What does that have to do with anything?

Anyone else have a clue what Jen is talking about?

I really don't feel this is the place to talk about Evan Bayh's wife and all the money she makes from being on corporate boards. Let's keep this a positive discussion about how a nice person (someone you have probably never met) has won a contract and done well for himself. If TDW decided to leave the Democratic Party because she won a job with a news station making a ton of money WTF do you care. Her life and family come first. Not you! Or do you understand such a basic idea?

"You LaDouchebags need to get a life."

You may want to hold your tongue -- and your judgment -- until the rest of the story comes out.

Or should I have said business people with strong political ties?

So how come, 2:05, that so many of those lucrative lives outside of politics have lately become the gain of politicians with strong business ties?

We believe in you, TDW. You are our hero and we know when you know for sure, we'll know. But waiting is sure hard to do.

It has nothing to do with doing something bad. He is not only a great political mind, but a great business person and has won a contract that stipulates he must resign from any partisan positions. Yes "think the worse about everyone but yourself Democrats" there is actually life outside of politics. I guess one should not be surprised that you all thought the worst instead of something positive. You LaDouchebags need to get a life.

Erm, actually, it sounds like the army thing might not be possible...


he'll be lucky if this does not make national news

Yup, he was, 1:26.

Maybe it's time for him to put his body where his mouth is and sign up for a tour of duty in Iraq? Most of those Young Republicans seem to be chickenhawks: all for war but afraid to fight it themselves...(like Cheney was was)

Tough to find primary links anymore. Someone is tracking them down and removing them. Interesting.

WOW. Wasn't he the chairman of the Clark County GOP?

Indeed, 1:20.

I'll post the details once I have them.

Glenn's been a very bad boy. Eric Miller would not be happy.

Who cares? Be gone children of Satan.

C'mon ... inquiring minds and all that.

done something like what?

this was not the first time murphy has done something like this

I'm waiting for confirmation.

Why do you think TDW?

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