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On The Road: Schellinger Heads Back To Southern Indiana To Listen

ApprovedGubernatorial candidate Jim Schellinger and his wife Laura headed to Southwestern Indiana today on another leg of their "Hoosier Voices" tour. From the Washington Times-Herald:

"State Rep. Dave Crooks, D-Washington, has endorsed Jim Schellinger, D-Indianapolis, in his run for governor this fall.

"'He can get this done,' said Crooks, who has known Schellinger since January. 'He's proven his track record personally and professionally.'

"Monday, Schellinger stopped in Washington to visit with Crooks and other Daviess County residents at the White Steamer, where he ordered a cheeseburger with onions and French fries.

"Schellinger wants to run against current Republican Gov. Mitch Daniels because he believes he can bring better leadership and consensus to state government.

"'Indiana can and should be doing better,' he said. '(The state) deserves better leadership.'

"Schellinger grew up in South Bend, the sixth of eight children in a working class Catholic family. He worked his way through Butler University and Notre Dame to become an architect, then worked his way up to president of CSO Architects in 1996.

"Because of his background, plus the fact that he's not originally from Marion County, he feels he can identify with southern Indiana residents who may feel alienated at the state level.

"Having never held a political office, Schellinger feels he can bring a fresh perspective to state government along with his Hoosier values and leadership skills learned during his years as a business executive.

"'I have no preconceived notions because I'm not a politician,' he said.

"He also feels he is a better listener than the current governor. If elected, Schellinger said, he will trust the people for answers rather than making decisions in a closed room.

"'The people of Indiana, the people right here in this cafe, have the answers,' he said. 'I want to bring people together and make sure people are not left behind.'"


i thought you had to eat pork tenderloins in small country diners in order to be elected governor.

Mitch is so busy picking our his flannel shirts, eating tenderloins and trying to figure out how to be one of us that he has a hard time hearing what we're saying!

Wonder if Cheri special orders his flannel shirts from Saks too?

Mock My Man if you must, we'll see who's laughing in about 15 months...

To quote Terry Thurman, "You know it's getting close to the election, because Mitch is getting folksy again." Jim doesn't have to fake it.

You all are nuts if you think Shellinger has a chance. The word around town is that Danials has cut off his fundraising-- just ask yourself: why has his co-chair, John Gregg at Bingham, Lacy at Ice, and Fred Glass at Baker refused to raise any money? BECAUSE MITCH HAS LAID DOWN THE LAW STUPID!!!Mitch has threatened everyone in town that if they show up on Shellinger's list, they're done with state business. All the statehouse reporters know it, but they're too scared to report it.

Hmmm... that sounds kinda thuggish to me but after all, Mitch was one of Bush's boys!

Geez..let's think about 10:21pm's comments; Gov. "lays down law". Didn't he claim to the public he will clean-up ethics concerns regarding state contracts? ..meantime, his negative ratings rank him with Hillary. Makes me believe anybody but Mitch has a serious chance.

Again, this makes Schellinger seem like a singular, uninformed candidate--and makes it sound like the state party, which should be positioning itself as a 'We get you, We Understand' party, has no clue what's happening out there in Hoosier land.

We should be leading a revolution here...not leading a coffee shop feel-good "let me hear your problems" chit chat.

I've said it before. Most of us in Indiana are tired of listening tours...We need someone--including a state party--who, with force, moves forward on these issues and truly delivers on the promise.

Schellinger has a choice: Lead a revolution, or lead a book club.

If you think Hoosiers want a revolution, then you must spend all your time at hooka bars smoking something other than tobacco. THis is Indiana.

And what in God's name is wrong with actually listening to voters? This is a Democracy, not a dictatorship.

I think this is a great idea. the last guy who ran for governor and won pretended to listen, instead the tenderloins clogged up his ear canal, ( probably because his ears are approximately where normal sized males hearts are located)

As for Schellinger and his singular campaign, well, we will see.

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