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Whitewash Alert: Deflector General Clears Former Lottery Director

Hoosierlottery The Office of Inspector General releases its official report on the Hoosier Lottery and its infamously overbearing former leader, Esther Schneider. It should come as no surprise to anyone that she's been cleared of any and all ethical wrongdoing, though the State Board of Accounts took her to task for personal spending with Lottery funds.

For background on the complaint:

Lottery Director Admits A Few Mistakes But Says She Welcomes IG Investigation

IG Complaint: Fun Is Good, But The Hoosier Lottery Director Might Not Be


Remember that time when the Inspector General was a position that actually meant something?

Yeah, me either.

I love that the IG says in the report that Schneider's decision to use Lottery funds for a Republican women's leadership forum "is challenged as inappropriate" but does not rise to the level of an ethics violation.

Has anybody with any shred of competence ever led the Indiana Lottery for any length of time?

This is the third loser I can think of just off the top of my head.

Jack Ross did a great job as lotto director, and the legislature just hired him to take over Legislative Services, so he is obviously well respected and competent.

Ah. Thanks. I don't remember him.

Before Jack Ross was Jim Maguire, a great Lottery Director who Jack Ross worked under as Deputy Director. He was a professional and fair man who always let employees know they were appreciated. Too bad new directors can't get a crash course in "How To Be a Good Lottery Director" from him.

densborn doesn't need advice
before taking the job she said god taught her every thing she needed to know about being lottery director
what has happened to esther since she got fired??

So, she is another one of Mitch's appointees that passed the religious zeliot test? This clown Donahue that we have to work for in D.O.C. makes us hold hands and pray at conferences at lunch! Is that even legal?

I don't think anyone's missteps at the Lottery can hold a candle to the antics of Jack Crawford and Ms. Cartwright....lessee, who appointed them and what party affiliation were they?

Should have known it wouldn't be long for a R diehard to come up with that one from 17 YEARS AGO. Only real crime there was that Jack Crawford was married. No money stolen, no personal political agendas, just some bad decisions he made regarding his personal life that he made BEFORE becoming lottery director. Let's move on shall we.

D'oh. Except for hiring his girlfriend for another high position with her best job "skill" having been "girlfriend".

Of course, his replacement was another political hack loser who just won't go away either. That's why I wish the best of health for the Mayor at all times.

Spent money on non-related expenditures and it's not unethical?

What pray tell is unethical? Must be those Hoosier family values they are using as guidelines.

The IG's report has the quality of a 9th grader's book report and the 9th grader
was held back last year.

Hello??? The IG is the political cover for the guv and his cronies. IG Qual: Superior ability to sweep under rug. Experience looking the other way is a plus.

"what has happened to esther since she got fired??"

Let is pray she has given up the idea of running for public office.

Her campaign would end when she threw one of her famous tantrums.

What do we need an IG for if he's just a rubber stamp for the guv? Maybe we could use that salary for something that actually benefits the state.

What a great excuse he gave. The lottery can pretty much do whatever the hell they want because they're not really part of state government. Just sort of part of state government. I'm pretty sure that nepotism and huge financial special favors weren't part of the plan when they set up the Lottery.

The IG is bull and the report is ...

If this doesn't point to the Governor's office messing around in the IG's office and defending its unethical and underqualified appointments, nothing will.

Guess Esther gets to keep her pension.

Esther Schneider was one of the most vicious and unqualified of Mitch's appointees. She was truly crazy and gets a free walk from the Governor and his puppet IG.

I just hope Janna Shisler continues with her lawsuit and publically nails her hide to the wall.

People, long ago I posted a comment about the IG. He was not hired to cover up any of this administration's shenanigans, althought it's no surprise it has evolved to that. Have you forgotten so quickly the virulent hatred and vicious contempt for the previous administration Mitch had? The IG was his ferret to find any HINT of foul play so he could nail some old D hides to the wall. Now that most of those opportunities have passed, the only thing left is to whitewash the same trash from his own poor excuses for appointees.
I'll make a prediction. If the D's take back the Gov's office next year, it will be the same scenario in reverse and there will be plenty of crap to expose to the light of day for this administration. If not criminal, then just plain stupid!

To varionguard - "his replacement was another political hack loser who just won't go away either." - His replacement was John Weliever, who I found to be a fine and decent man. Get your facts straight. JD came later.

Oops. My error. I apologize to anyone who thought I meant Mr. Weliever.

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