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Wrong Direction: Income Down, Poverty And Uninsured Rates On The Rise

NothiringThese aren't the kind of numbers that indicate a hot streak, are they?

"Unable to keep up with inflation, Indiana's median household income has slipped an estimated 10 percent since 2000, with only three other states posting worse declines.

"Although Hoosier earning power appears to have leveled off in the last couple of years, poverty has climbed along with the number of uninsured, according to census figures released Tuesday.

"The numbers are from the Census Bureau's American Community Survey of 3 million households nationwide. Only localities with 65,000 or more residents were included in Tuesday’s report. In Indiana, 25 counties and eight cities were surveyed.

"The American Community Survey replaces the traditional census long form and is being released annually rather than every 10 years.

"The bureau reported Tuesday that the nation's poverty rate dropped between 2005 and 2006 from 12.6 percent to 12.3 percent – the first drop this decade – while the number of people without health insurance rose from 44.8 million to 47 million.

"In addition, median income rose between 2005 and 2006 to $48,200 nationally, according to census figures. The nation's median income in 2000 was $50,815, when adjusted for inflation.

"Indiana's median household income was an estimated $45,394 last year, lower than the $50,298 earned in 1999, when adjusted for inflation. Only Michigan, Ohio and North Carolina had greater percentage declines. Only eight states showed incomes that outpaced inflation.

"'It's not necessarily a surprise our rank has gone down,' said Carol Rogers, associate director for information systems and services at Indiana University's Indiana Business Research Center. 'I would attribute that to a reduction in high-wage jobs.'"


Obesity, SAT scores, and Poverty.


We're really on a roll here in Mitch's Indiana.

Hey, you Dems love to take credit for all the positives. Quick to say 'Don't forget that Bayh and O'Bannon helped bring this about.' Well, go ahead and jump on this bandwagon as well.

The Guv promised us oodles and oodles of positive change, and he spared no bashing of his predecessors to do it.

The blame for talking out of his ass -- and being out-of-touch with average working Hoosiers -- doesn't fall anywhere but squarely on his shoulders.

He should come back down to Earth and listen to the mere mortals once in a blue moon.

Remember Hoosier: Any problems Indiana has are OBVIOUSLY the result of 2.5 years of Daniels and completely UNRELATED to 16 years of Bayh/O'Bannon/Kernan.

Hey, 3:46, can you give me an estimate on when the guy who's in office is going to start accepting responsibility for stuff that happens?

That whole blaming-everyone-else schtick got old a long time ago.

The Guv wanted the job. The Guv got the job. Now he gets to own up to what's happened while he's been on the job.

TDW has a point - Daniel's incessant "everything's going great" mantra is kinda transparent in light of these numbers. Look at 2 of the 3 states that had declines bigger than IN's - OH and MI, the two most auto industry-intensive states in the union in terms of manufacturing. If I remember right IN is about 5th or 6th. That's the real culprit, and frankly there's nothing Daniels can do to stop it. But to act like the ship isn't sinking while your socks are getting wet is silly. Those More innovation, more high-tech. That's the solution. Getting there is difficult, and since most of us spend alot of our time bitching about our propety taxes these days, I doubt Mitch is going to table any suggestions for economic improvement involving taxpayer dollars.

Top it off with high property taxes

Again, the best advice on determining the state of the economy, stolen directly from the Great Communicator himself:

"Are you better off today than you were 4 years ago?"

In Indiana, by any reasonable measure, the answer is a resounding "no."

Census, shmensus. The IEDC's numbers are the only ones we should pay attention to,

Indiana is not alone with these miserable statistics and that points to other problems with our economy. Mitch Daniels has certainly done his share of damage by outsourcing and privatizing everything he can get his hands but I wouldn't give the "Little General" too much credit.

Both Republicans and Democrats at the national level have voted over the last thirty years to enable the rich to feed at the taxpayer funded trough (low capital gains tax rate, tax cuts for the rich) while working men and women must fight for the leftover economic scraps (declining real wage, failed immigration policy).

Didn't Daniels set his own #1 objective as raising the income of Hoosiers? He also put in pay for performance for state employees, i.e. exceeding, meeting or failing to meet expectations? Since he obviously failed to meet his own self-chosen objective, why is he running again? Oh, that's right..it's always someone else's fault.

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