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All Others Pay Cash: Burton's Undies In A Bunch Over Money Motto

GolfguyDan Burton honestly thinks the most important issue facing our country right now is the placement of "In God We Trust" on our money. (Hat tip, Blue Indiana.)

"Saying America is 'moving in a very, very wrong direction,' Indiana Rep. Dan Burton says he will introduce legislation mandating that "In God We Trust" be retained in a prominent place on U.S. currency and coinage.

"'Recently, there were thousands of coins minted without 'In God We Trust' on them, and now they're talking about putting 'In God We Trust' in an obscure place on coins so that people can't read it, right on the edge of the coin,' the Republican complains.

"Practically preaching from the pulpit, the congressman warns that 'once you start turning your back on the good Lord, I think you are going to reap the whirlwind, and this is something this nation cannot afford to do right now.'"

Two comments, Danny: Our foreign creditors don't care. Neither does your caddy.


What an ass. Hell, we don't even get to hold onto our money long enough to read the "In God We Trust." He's another one that will have to die in order for him to vacate his seat. Along with Lugar, Carson and most of our State Legislators. Sigh...

I am so effin' sick of these stupid issues. We're one step from a major economic recession. Home forclosures are at an all time high. Iraq is claiming billions of dollars and thousands of lives. We're polluting our air and water on a daily basis. The list goes on and on. But what is the GOP concerned about? Who sleeps with whom and keeping God on our money. Why do people keep electing these fools?

They don't want to be forced to worship just their God.

They want to be able to worship god and money too.

Just tell the fools the money was blessed by Bush.

I doubt his once-Muslim wife really cares, either.

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