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Amateur Hour: Get A Kick Out Of The Latest Greg Ballard YouTube Ad

In case you didn't think the Greg Ballard YouTube ads could get any worse, this one has cheesy background music and goes after some fellow named Bart Perterson. If you want to be taken seriously, people, you should probably try spelling the incumbent's name correctly.


Even though I'm typing challenged too, I am not responsible for this ad in any way, shape or form.

Not that anybody thought that anyway.

I can't imagine that anyone would take credit for this thing without being forced to do so.

Cheesy? Sure enough! But 100% true.

If every voter saw this in rotation equal to Bart's latest, it would devastate the Bart Campaign.

It doesn't have to be cute and overly sophistiocated to tell the tale.

By the way, did you know that if pigs had wings, they could fly!!!

We don't live in a world of "ifs," Right.

If we did, Ballard would be able to snap his fingers, raise a bunch of money and run real ads, not this "unsophistiocated" crap.

I'll give the fringe types credit for trying, but this is pretty terrible.

Don't see any grass roots support for Peterson. These people want Ballard to win so badly that they are using their own resources to make commercials for him. It's brilliant. People LOVE this kind of thing.
I know I do even if the production qualities are low. It makes it all the more charming.

Funny, it looks to me like Mayor Peterson has enough support to get himself up on television with real ads.

Perhaps we just operate under different interpretations of the word "charming."

If he still cared at all about his campaign, Ballard would be wise to once again put some space between himself and the goofballs behind this stuff.

While it's unlikely that anyone other than insiders will ever see these ads, this isn't the kind of thing that's going to convince independent voters to pull for him.

hey who the hell is using our song without permission.

I think we should take some kind of legal action agains Ballard.



WE ALL KNOW that these untrue facts will not change the votes of any Indianapolis Dems. WE ARE a solid group that will SUPPORT PETERSON untill the END!

While 3:54 might think its great that the "people" are making commercials for Greg Ballard, these You Tube productions can't appear on TV stations or cable networks for several reasons. The major one is copyright violations. Using music and video clips without permission. And without the legal disclaimers required for political ads, whether authorized by a campaign or not.
Some Ballard supporters are breaking election laws in their zeal. And that could get Ballard campaign into legitimate trouble. If for no other reason as to cover his butt, Ballard and the local GOP should publicly distance themselves from their well meaning, but law violating attempts before it gets them sued by the Little River Band and others.

One of Bart's original campaign volunteers is a very close friend of mine and die hard democrat. She actually wept the last time I hung out with her over the betrayal she feels from Bart and over how he threw me under the bus for no reason other than a photo op news conference. I'm pretty sure she wants nothing more to do with the particular batch of democrats in power in Indy.

I talk with dem die-hards every day that are voting independent. They adamantly don't want four more years with Peterson.

Voting "independent" ? As in voting for the Libertarian candidate for Mayor? Cool! Way cool!!!

Truth Teller, I agree with what you say but when you know who Ballard's grass roots supporters are you'll realize that laws, ethics and protocols are mere suggestions to them, not to be taken seriously. See the other currently popular thread on this blog for a whiff of the coffee.

Yeah, well, this die-hard dem got a Peterson poll call last night and while she listed all of the things that irritated her about the Peterson administration, she sure as hell threw her support 100% behind him, if for no other reason than to keep this doofus out of City Hall.

Truth Teller,

You mean kind of like using Jack Webb's likeness to publicly promote a law enforcement blog? (Someone mentioned that potential legal pitfall to me yesterday with respect to IndyU's new billboard.)

Either these folks think they're above the law, or they're just not bright enough to research it.

WE need to contact Abdul He will know who we should sue.
AbdulMorning Show Host
NewsTalk 1430, WXNT
(317) 218-2241

"If every voter saw this in rotation equal to Bart's latest, it would devastate the Bart Campaign."

If Grandma had balls, she'd be Grandpa - Flory, Real World Miami

Once again, another amazing display of Ballard's platform: He's Not Bart!

What will Greg Ballard do about taxes? Not Be Bart! How will Greg Ballard make Indianapolis safer? By Not Being Bart! How will Greg Ballard fund education when he can't even fund a campaign? You guessed it...DOESN'T MATTER! HE'S NOT BART!

I have seen campaigns for high scool class president more inspireing, more on point and in recent years, with better media. Election day just can't come soon enough.

Thanks for sharing, TDW. If it wasn't for you, I never would have seen this. I know you don't like it, but I found it well worth the time to watch. Again, thanks!

I thought the incumbent's name was Art Peterson?

After enduring the Kelty commercials and YouTube postings here in Indiana's second largest city, this commercial doesn't look SO bad. Then again, it wouldn't exactly make me want to vote for Ballard either.



Whatever....Melyssa....please let it go already.....you don't help the cause when you still talk about it. You are making others look bad. And don't start by saying I am for Bart.....or anything like that. I am just tired of hearing your whining about it. LET IT GO ALREADY!! Thanks

Eh, just ignore her.

Ban me from the blog if you don't want to hear my opinion. I really don't care.

But one thing no one can argue with and that is that there are a lot of Ballard signs throughout the city. I have not seen any Bart signs except the ones that say he lies.

All the money in the world will not buy the hearts of The People.

I know Jen....you are right...but I was getting tired!

I saw both Ballard and Peterson in Speedway's little Main Street parade today. Bart looked fit and happy, Ballard looked a little seasick. Bart did a lot of glad-handing, everyone knew who he was. Ballard's recognition was nil; he was having to tell everyone he was running for mayor and the people in the crowd around me were just "whatever" although they wildly applauded Bart. Then again, Speedway is not Indianapolis. And they like it that way.

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