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Damage Control: WISH-TV Poll Shows Guv's Re-Elect, Approval In The Toilet

Thumbsdown_2 With re-elect and approval numbers like these, it's entirely possible that TDW could run against the Guv and win.

Okay, just kidding. Your friendly neighborhood blogmistress isn't old enough to run for the state's top job.

Even more than a year out, this is bad news for an incumbent who's made a habit of pissing off and on political allies and enemies alike.

They say it's trouble when your numbers dip below 50 percent, and the Guv's re-elect is at 39 percent. That number dips even lower in the Indianapolis metropolitan market, where he's counted on beaucoup support in the past. (Quick! Order up a few more roundabouts!)

TDW is heading out the door to celebrate Mom TDW's birthday. Do your thing.


Wow, the governor is really unpopular! yeah!

Jill Long Thompson's numbers were very impressive. The more I hear and see, the more she appears to be our best shot at knocking off Daniels. Only 8 points down this early in a head-to-head with an incumbent governor. Go Jill!

Happy Birthday to a fellow Virgo, Mom TDW.

I know I will vote for a Democrat for the first time in my life next November. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, not gonna happen. Not with my vote!

Looks like it is time for Schellinger and Young to pack it in.

i wish they had tested jim against the gov
he has the $$$ to win!

There have been other Democratic candidates that had the money and lost. It's not ALL about the money. It is the person and the campaign that also creates a winner.

In O'Bannon's case he wasn't that great of a speaker but his wife was fabulous!! There is a case of the woman behind the man. And making a difference.

ROTFLOL! Shellinger is trailing Richard "Floyd the Barber" Young! It must suck to be a Democrat blowed-dried establishment candidate who can't get any traction, despite hiring every unemployed Democrat campaign hack this side of the Potomac.

I know you trolls don't want to talk about it, but 39 percent? Your guy needs help. Stat.

Thanks varangianguard. It's not easy being the only Virgo in a sea of Leos :-) But we are a patient lot.

She'll never win. Jim's our only shot, but he better shake things up fast. Need some new blood in that campaign.


To "Jill's A Joke" and all those others on their high horses who berated and denigrated Jill. Looks like you're wrong. A good share of the respondents thought she was for real and not a joke.

Looks like those who have continuously denigrated her better take a second look. All three candidates are good people, but, it looks like Jill is doing pretty darn good for only starting her campaign 10 weeks ago.

I am sure the response will be her "name recognition", but that leads me to ask how it is that Schellinger and Young have been campaigning since the first of the year and they still aren't well-recognized in the State.

Jill is doing so well because of her name recognition. Once the voters get to know her they will have a change of mind.

Name ID means not a lot at this point in the race. What was Daniels' name ID in 2003? It's all about FR and who can win the race against Daniels.

Jill Long Thompson is the best choice for us to beat Daniels. Like Gary pointed out it is not all about the money, yes I agree that it plays a role but ultimately it is about finding a candidate who will connect with the voters and as life long Democrat, Schellinger doesn't even connect with me, let alone the many others who have no party affliation.

Where does he even stand on issues, as a woman and an educator there are several issues that are near and dear to my heart yet he has not proven to me that I should vote for him or that as a Democrat will see to my best interests.

Schellinger is merely a puppet on a string and a mouthpiece for the good ol' boys and frankly it is time to move past that which is why we NEED someone like Jill Long Thompson as the Democratic candidate!

I'm going to vote for Jill in the primary because I have follwoed her career and views for years, and I like what I see.

I don't dislike Schellinger, but...I am tired of the same elected folks telling me whom I should support. And aside from his checkbook endorsements, I can't tell what he's done for my party or the state in the last 15 years or so. Except presided over a company that built overprice schools all over creation.

That all being said...these polls, this far out, mean so little. If we are to apply your logic, Jen, our beloved Mayor is only two or three poitns away from trouble. The old "under 50%=trouble" mantra is so oft-repeated it's getting tired, and in this day I'm not sure it's applicable.

Under 40, well...I'd be worried, but Mitch has done some pretty unpopular things. But he has built an impressive endorsement list and campaign group, as well as a treasury.

This thing will tighten up big time.

My issue with Jill is this-- Each time I have spoken to her at various functions, she always looks past & around me, and it seems to me she is searching the room for others with bigger checkbooks or more clout.

And I also have an issue for those who are supporting Jill because of her past (& noteworthy!) contributions to Indiana government. While she represented us well, she really disappeared for some time... where has she been the past 5 years? DC? This is an honest question, I'm not trying to be snippy... I really don't know. I've been involved for about that long and had never met her before this year.

I encourage anyone to meet Jim face to face. Ask policy questions, get to know him personally and I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. At the very least, I know he'll look you in the eye!

10:53 - If you get a policy answer from Jim, please let us know! I don't think he's developed a policy position on anything yet, and that's what frustrates me and others!

I understand 10:53's Jill in-the-eye comment. I think it's a nervous habit of hers, and frankly, of many other politicians. I'll voerlook it and so should you. Frankly, it's petty to base a vote on such a personality trait.

But for God's sake, look at policy, positions and real issues. She has an identifiable record in Congress. She's posted position papers. She answers tough questions.

Jim is trying really hard to spend enough money hiring flaks to avoid really tough issues-oriented questions. But guess what? Voters need those answers! Or, some of us do.

Actually, enough of us do to make a difference. Until Jim develops some sound policy statements, he hasn't got enough money, and can't raise enough, to fool us.

After all, we bought the motorhome cornpone schtick in 2004. Fool us once...

huh, where does Jill stand on any issue that is relevant to the sate of Indiana? Property taxes, health care, education, she has said nothing but platitudes. What exactly are you looking for? Seems to me a person who has been in politics for THREE decades should have a better grasp on why she is running other than her gender

My guess is that Jim hasn't written position papers or disbursed policy information yet because he is working his tail off raising money. Money that will enable him to define himself to the general public and eventually get his message, and policy positions, out statewide. When he's got money, he'll be able to do that through statewide travel and media outlets. If he doesn't raise enough money now and define himself, Daniels will get out there and define him first.

Anyone in politics would agree that raising money isn't the best part of a campaign. Most genuine candidates and politcal hacks ENJOY the creating and implmenting policy piece. I'm sure they all wish they could focus solely on that. However, if you have no money to spread the word about your principles, beliefs and policies... it doesn't do much good spending time on coming up with them in the first place. (If a tree falls in the middle of the forest and there's noone around to hear it... does it make a sound?)

Sometimes politics sucks like that. Money matters, especially for such a hot Governor's race. It's not very idealistic and everyone might not appreciate the harsh realities... but that's just what this is. Reality. Big money- especially big money early- helps win campaigns because you can better shape & target the message.

Therefore, Jim will likely spend much of his upcoming time raising money. Not working on name recognition and not working on policy. Oh... it will come eventually. But first things first, and fundraising comes first.

Did anyone else notice that Mitch gets 39% on generic reelect, but goes up to 45% against Jill? Hardly looks like she's our best bet. "Nobody" fares better.

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