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Damn Those Activist Grand Juries: At Wit's End, Kelty Cuts Radio Ads

Questionmark Here's a fun question to contemplate: How the heck is Matt Kelty paying for this?

"Weeks after being indicted on nine criminal counts, including seven felonies, Republican mayoral nominee Matt Kelty has professed his innocence to the public.

"The Kelty campaign has started airing radio commercials in which he says he filed his campaign reports correctly and told the truth to the grand jury. Kelty's indictments allege campaign finance violations and perjury.

"'Only one side of this story has been told,' Kelty said in the advertisement. 'I am wrongly accused, and I am innocent.'

"After the indictments, Kelty declined to discuss his legal troubles in detail. The radio spot is the first time Kelty has taken his case directly to the public, and the first in which he calls the charges politically motivated and spurred by his opposition."

Bonus: If you read the whole story, you find out that even Kelty's radio ads aren't telling the truth. Poor guy. He just doesn't get it.


He must have lent himself some more money. Or am I wrong, was that the story he told? I'm losing track....

Reminds me of the quote from Albert Einstein on the definition of INSANITY - "doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results."

Earth to Kelty - is there anyone in there??

Radio's so cheap he probably put it on his Visa card.

If the issues are ever allowed to surface in this campaign, Mr. Kelty will repeat his surprise victory this November.

This race reminds me of the phrase "if you can't attack the message, attack the messenger."

Government needs to shrink, not grow. Let's talk about issues and quit kicking a good man while he's down.

Ya know, Ken, I've read through Kelty's campaign website several times, and I really don't see any issues on there.

I see lots of platitudes and pandering written by a man who has no idea how government actually works.

Also, it's not like the guy was kicked to the curb by some outside source. He did this to himself by cheating and lying.

But I guess you're no fan of that personal accountability thing, are you?

Which is it? Did he make/air some new radio ads or instead did he decrease the number of his radio ads?

i think TDW means "cut" in this instance as in "cutting a record..."

Thanks, MoCo. That's precisely what I meant.

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