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Dungeons And Dragons: City Ends Dominatrix Lawsuit, Let The Fun Begin

MelyssadonaghydominatrixUnder a recent court-ordered settlement, Meridian Kessler residents will no longer have to worry about everyone's favorite teabag-wielding, egomaniacal dominatrix plying her trade in the neighborhood:

"A lawsuit between the city and an Indianapolis dominatrix operating a basement 'dungeon' has ended without a fine.

"But in return, Melyssa Donaghy -- best known recently for property tax activism -- has agreed not to continue with such activities in her Meridian Kessler home on the Northside. In 2005, Mayor Bart Peterson said Donaghy was running an illegal home business, with clients paying to take part in sex-related torture.

"Donaghy and the city initially reached a settlement agreement last month in which no money would change hands. But Donaghy would not sign a new version prepared later by the city with more detail about alleged activities in her home, city attorney Teri Kendrick said.

"On Friday, Judge Michael Keele ordered the city to sign the first version of the agreement to end the case, according to court records.

"'We agreed not to pursue a fine or a finding of violation,' Kendrick said.

"Donaghy, 45, contends city officials never proved anything was illegal.

"'If I want to teach someone how to properly kneel or crawl on the floor, I can do that,' she said. '(But) I don't have the desire to do that professionally anymore.'

"Donaghy said she is considering suing the city for damages stemming from emotional distress during the dispute."

Raise your hand if you're surprised.

If you'd like to read the original complaint, here's the version that made its way to the federal court before getting kicked back to the local level in January 2006: donaghycomplaint.pdf


Jen's right! (for once)

If you stop writing, she'll go away on her own.

Yeah...I really don't know why you all are so obsessed with everything I do. I didn't write to Jen and tell her to post this story...she decided to on her own. I guess I am very interesting to her and the rest of you....huh? Otherwise, why would you bother?

Well the city enjoined me from practicing when they filed the suit, but the truth is I got all I wanted from the experience and was preparing my resume to go back into sales when it happened. I was planning to go to work parttime and just keep my favorite boys around.

The city's dismissal agreement does not exclude anything I wasn't doing in the first place.

And it is fact and a matter of public record that my shop was not a "sex shop". It was never classified as adult retail by city zoning.

They held a press conference weeks after I closed it due to the fact that I couldn't make the thing pay me more than $10/hour to work it....probably because I did NOT sell sex toys. I did sell a whole lot of $189 chastity devices for men designed to keep them from cheating on wives or girlfriends.

Sugar, if people only knew half of your story no one would be helping you do anythings. And yes please end this. Given this boob more attention only increase her ego.

I'll give this thing until tomorrow morning before I put it out of its misery.

Please TDW end this thread

So whatever happened to Melyssa's Mass Ave sex shop? Closed? Why did Melyssa just agree with the city to quit her dominatrix home business on Central Avenue? Sounds like a string of failures!

Please point to exact lies I've told and name who I have threatened...anonymous poster. You are likely one of those bottom feeder internet dominatrices who couldn't get a man to do as much as light her cigarette.

And if I've pissed everyone is it that I have so many friends and help with anything I decide to do? Maybe things go my way because most of the time I am absolutely in the right...that and I surround myself with people far smarter than me.

Down, old thread! Down!

Her tiny head does not support much brain.

"She is a self-obsessed and embittered woman who lies constantly, has threatened people, caused trouble with nearly everyone she knows, and still manages to spin everything in her favor."

You don't know how funny that sounds on a political blog. LMAO and ROFL!

I can't believe the moron is still getting the press she does. She is a self-obsessed and embittered woman who lies constantly, has threatened people, caused trouble with nearly everyone she knows, and still manages to spin everything in her favor. Do yourselves all a favor--don't encourage this fraud.

Nope, it's confidence I will prevail. Just watch! I don't think I matter more than anyone else. I think justice is what matters.

Egomaniac much, Melyssa?

Like I said, we deserve a city run by people of honor. I intend to do everything within my power to help bring that reality about. I could care less what people without honor say about me. I will ultimately prevail...I always do.

Guess it's force of habit. If it moves then she fracks it, if it doesn't then she stabs it.

"They act as if they are afraid of me."

Well, you are very scary....looking.

I suppose you are of no more importance to this city's government, than say... a pesky gnat.

doctor kinsey says "this is wrong in so many ways...But imagine the caption fun you can have with it- gop. christianists. the church. traditional gender roles. halloween(ie) have at it! (we're all adults here, after all, arent we? At least it isnt OJ, britney spears, eric miller, the iraq war, or horny GOP senators in airport bathroom gloryholing on a long layover. Imagine if Larry Craig got caught in the "Gay mile high club"- now thats a scream- open up- sky marshalls! whats going on in there!!!
(write your own funny answer)

Is Melyssa paranoid now or what? People peering out behind every bush. Melyssa, you are not that kind of factor. Media sound bites will not have any effect on any election. Get your ass out into the precincts and meet all the voters face to face at their door step. Then you will be able to gage their true feeling about this and next year election. That is what I do. Ever night and weekends. And you know what? Never heard your name mention. Get the picture? Do the work.

mlyssa, and tdw in a cat-fight/spankoff!

meanwhile, back in reality- the political prostitutes in the statehouse are planning to abuse your wallet again. without your consent. Grovel before yoour masters, you dogs! lick the boots of authority. Give me all your money! pay me bills! NOW!!! bark like a dog! woof!

dst, not TDW. I don't watch tv news, get home too late for that, so the last few days on this blog is all I know of your story. I must say, even if you are 100% right, I've already grown tired of your blathering on.

So, it is only my opinion, but it IS 15 minutes to me, and 14 of them were too many.

Did you hear something?

Got news for you Jen...they've been writing about me and airing my business on TV since 2003...a little longer than 15 minutes. They came to me, not vice-versa.

Since the mayor's stunt back in 2005 in which he used the media to witch hunt me, I decided I'd play it out in the media.

Doesn't seem like the media or the people are tired of my "15 minutes". And for the record I don't do this for me, I do it for the people. We deserve a better city that is run by people with honor.

Awwww. Puppy. Cute.

Haven't you ever seen a terrier puppy playing with a chew toy or old sock.

I had no idea that daylight savings time increases the '15 minutes of fame'. I guess that's just one more reason to loathe dst

I can't think of any other reason this is still going...

You are shameless tease too... ;)

Good luck trying to pull the race card on me. I regularly network with all kinds of folks in the african american community including folks at the Light of the World Church, Abdul, my neighbor Pat. I lived with a black male and openly gay roommate for nearly a year. (He is my favorite roommate ever too)

We think that attempting to frighten minority business owners into thinking they won't get city contracts unless they support the corrupt democratic machine made up of the likes of Monroe Gray is ludicrious.

Might come in handy later to know who attends that fundraiser because it will shed light on their agendas.

Aren't you curious which minority business owners leaked me the letter? Oh, I'll never tell.

"Black folk and most Americans"?

I don't know which half was more repugnant, "Black folk" or insinuating that they aren't Americans. It's bad enough that "African-Americans" have to be just as exclusivist as their snobby European-American counterparts. But, maybe that's what passes for "equality" these days.

Maybe, that isn't what you meant?

Question, has Miss "Teabag" pay all proper taxes on the income? I'm not knocking it but if you're going to illegally gamble, prostitute or sale drugs you should pay your fair share.

(For those of you who can't imagine that I'd give that advice, I'm much nicer in person than my online persona might lead you to believe.)

Without question!!

Now Melyssa is ginning up a bunch of white tax protestors to harass a legal, legitimate Democratic Party fundraiser Robin Winston is throwing at his office for Black contractors on Oct. 1.

Black folk and most Americans find it repugnant that a bunch of angry white folk try to disrupt and harass legal meetings of African-Americans. That's so Jim Crow!

If true, how come you just about ran me down on that Market Street sidewalk last week?

Just kidding.

I cannot imagine any scenario where anybody downtown who knows who Melyssa is would simply hand over public documents just because she asked nicely and smiled. You don't know certain Deputy Mayors like I do. There is probably a picture of her behind every counter with an order to report her presence ASAP to the 25th floor. That's importance for you. Not the kind one would like, but...

I've gone through months and months of being "nice". Didn't work. Now that I've decided to go for the political jugular of the lying thieves and engage the media to help spread the message of their corruption, I'm getting traction.

There are spies everywhere, never forget. I'm just an attention diversion from all the big guns out there. I play traffic cop for the volumes of information sent my way. Who do you think leaked the fundraiser letter that targeted the minority business owners?

Guess whose going to be at the fundraiser photographing everyone that attends? Stay tuned.

If you are fighting filthy dishonorable politicians, you need to realistically expect to get dirty.

My self esteem is not bruised by the words of people without honor.

Another lesson you could take away from all this: You get more flies with sugar than you do with salt.

Often times, if you just ask nicely, you won't have to go through the the process of filing an official APRA request.

(For those of you who can't imagine that I'd give that advice, I'm much nicer in person than my online persona might lead you to believe.)

Anyway, I don't think a witness would help in any case. He said, she said.

But, the whole thing is not under the purview of APRA, like Jen said.

You should take one thing away from all this. Politicians will say anything that could be plausibly denied later, if they deem it beneficial to themselves. Record everything.

I suppose that you will have fewer conversations with politicians that way, though.

It doesn't matter. Your request was not appropriate under the APRA.

Or did you not read the Public Access Counselor's response?

Laws exist for a reason, you know.

Nope, they didn't. That's because the city lied in its reponse. I have a witness to conversation I had with Steve Campbell promising to grant me and my lawyer an appointment to give us this information. He had no choice, I was confronting him in pulic. Perhaps we'll have to get the witness to sign an affidavit too.

This is another example the lies within the Peterson administration.

They act as if they are afraid of me.

I haven't been overly impressed with Neal, either, but that advisory opinion was pretty clear.

Even if Melyssa did make the request of Campbell at the public event, her request didn't fall under the APRA guidelines.

After she followed up with a written request, the agency responded and told her no records fell under that request.

Public officials and agencies have no legal duty to arrange special meetings. And given that Melyssa and the City were engaged in ongoing litigation, it wouldn't make much sense for them to do so until that matter was resolved.

The Indiana APRA really isn't that hard to navigate -- at least on stuff like this.

You just have to read the statute and tailor your request to it.

Daggonnit. That last comment was mine, but my name info had cleared. I hadn't noticed before.

It rather reads to me as if Ms. Neal believes the testimony of Deputy Mayor Campbell and is constrained to interpret the APRA within that context.

Nothing wrong with that, per se, unless Deputy Mayor Campbell is misremembering certain portions of his conversations with Ms. Melyssa Donaghy. If there is nothing further that specifically contradicts Deputy Mayor Campbell's testimony, then Ms. Melyssa Donaghy's request for access to certain records fail the test for APRA as it currently rests.

The key, if there is one, would be if Ms. Melyssa Donaghy had persuasive proof that her version has merit over Deputy Mayor Campbell's version. If she doesn't, well perhaps she learned a lesson about dealing with wily PR types (then again, maybe not).

I have seen other work by Ms. Neal recently, and frankly, I'm not overly impressed. If it were up to me, I would put someone in that position with a mite more experience in public law (like a retired attorney). But that's just me, and that decision certainly isn't up to me.


Not to bring the law into this, but would appear that the Indiana Public Access Counselor doesn't think you have much of a leg to stand on.

I'm glad that Melyssa is now fighting for public access issues...maybe she and Clarke Kahlo can get together.

And obviously Andy doesn't judge...just look how closely he works with the dominatrix on projects. He's never judged me once, in fact the opposite. He asks questions about my beliefs, my work, and my life and has never once passed judgement. In fact I bet he'd tell you he's learned a thing or two from our long talks. I respect him immensely and he's been a true inspiration in my personal growth.

by the way, I did ask Horning directly about gay marriage - his snotty reply about marrying dogs was his "Libertarian" reply.

I have three recordings of public officials attempting to intimidate me and lock me out of access to MY government paid for with MY tax dollars.

Just email me if you want the recordings. I've got public safety director Earl Morgan, Kobi Wright, and a hilarious recording of Councilor Conley telling me "because I said so" as an excuse.

Sure - Horning said allowing gay marriage would be opening up such abominations as a man marrying his dog. Would he like it if I asked if he had already married his dog? It would be an insult - just like Andy's comparing gays to marrying beasts.

I know Andy Horning pretty well. He's a devout Christian and I respect him as well as his devotion to his faith and his family. While he is personally against abortion, he does not feel it is the government's place to tell us what we do with our bodies. It is between us and God, as it should be.

Andy Horning is philsophically sound as Libertarian and I hold him in great respect. Andy is very tolerant of others and their ways and I have never seen him judge another person once.

I bet if you ask him, his stance is that the government should not be involved in the business of marriage at all....straight or gay!

(nice try at a spin, lose once again)

Democrats preach and vote in positions of power to make diversity possible. Republicans oppose "diversity" and consistently as a Party vote against inclusiveness. Libertarians are so miniscule they dont have a vote in the seats of power - their opinions about diversity carry little weight.

P.S. Melyssa's Libertarian Anti-Tax Hero, Andy Horning, is opposed to a woman's right to choose an abortion and he doesnt believe that gays should be allowed to marry. Diversity from Libertarians? I dont think so!

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