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Event Reminder: Hobbits To Nob It Up At Local Chamber Event Tonight

Hobnob_logo_2Just a reminder that the Greater Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce's annual HobNob event is tonight.

More info here.

You know you wanna.


The Mayor and Ballard are slated to have a Q&A fairly early in the night- get there by 5:30 to enjoy that.

Questions for Ballard:

1. Do you have a plan?
2. Where is it?

Questions for Bart:

1. How can I get you to care about our concerns whenever you're not in re-election mode?
2. If you win, will you become a more proactive leader, rather than a reactive leader?

Your questions are fitting too, Jen...

How about writing in my dog,Charlie, for mayor? He likes everybody, ne's house broken, and he is smarter than either candidate! He also knows that the best thing to do when there is a problem, TAKE A NAP!

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