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Family Tree: B-Boz's Anti-Gay Stances Hit Close To Home For Cousins

Thumbsup Gary Welsh over at Advance Indiana spends some time talking to Amy Klemm, one of B-Boz's two lesbian cousins, and documenting the Bosma family's history in Indiana politics. It's a good read that should make the wingnuts think twice about the phrase "family values."

"Amy and her sister are by no means close to Brian Bosma and his family these days. They see each other at least a couple of times at year at family gatherings around the holidays. Brian is always friendly and cordial towards Amy and her sister. She says they don't discuss politics, and they don't discuss their sexual orientation. Amy doesn't live in Brian's legislative district, but if she did, would she vote for him? 'Absolutely not,' she replied. She and her sister are, not surprisingly, disgusted by their cousin's outspoken advocacy for discrimination against gays and lesbians. 'It shouldn't matter to him who I choose to love in life as long as I'm happy,' she said. 'His religion forgets to teach him that you should judge not, lest ye be judged,' she added.

"Asked if she had any advice she would offer Brian, she had this reply: 'Brian and his wife have two beautiful children. Whoever they choose to love in life, I hope they support them fully so they can be happy in their lives.'"

Sage advice, indeed. But trotting out the WedgeWhack! to win votes is so much easier than practicing tolerance, love and understanding.


I would love your blog even more if you did the same thing to members of your own party instead of either bashing the opponents or sugar coating your own members.

At least AI has the guts show the good and not so good of people of both sides.

But as you will probably say - that is not your job - go find that somewhere else.

To be fair to Jen, It's not her job to bash members of her own party. If she did, she would be on the outside of the party looking in as I am with the Republican Party. Thanks for the link, Jen.

This is about as low as you can go, Jennifer.

'His religion forgets to teach him that you should judge not, lest ye be judged,'

Time for a Sunday School lesson.

First -- Property quoted it's, "Judge not, that ye be not judged." (see Matt. 7, KJV)

Second -- Jesus was not teaching that we should not judge. Rather, he was teaching that we set the standard for others to judge us when we judge others.

To this end he adds, "first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother's eye."

Good advice for all of us.

"This is about as low as you can go, Jennifer."

Outing hypocrisy should be a full-time bi-partisan preoccupation for all of us.

But if Bosma genuinely believes that gays should be maginalized, that is "merely" bigotry.

There's way too much of both in the Indiana GA.

No one makes you read, 10:41.

Thanks, Gary.

That was the most insightful thing you could come up with, Hmmmm?

Kenn, you're a lost cause.

I know it is in poor taste to choose a name with hair in it on a bosma thread, but kenn is splitting them so I thought it fit.

while kenn is technically correct in his recitation of the relevant scriptures, he also, in my opinion, widely misses Jesus' point.

if we actually pick the plank out first we wouldn't have time to even glance at anyone else. if we did actually get around to it and gave others the same mercy we would hope for concerning our own transgressions then there wouldn't be hypocrites like bosma.

'you just think everyone should be able to do what they want and be forgiven for it all'

not so much, I just recognize that God has no logical reason to forgive our faults yet he does because He wants His family reunions to be more often than a couple times a year and much less strained than it sounds like the bosma bashes are.

Jen, you're a dunce. Kenn takes you behind the woodshed for misquoting the Bible, and you offer only vapidity in retort.

You are ignorant trash.


Does 8:05's comment lower the level of discussion enough to warrant removal?

And I do love the people that seem to know so much about the Bible, but call people trash. I think there's a scripture in there somewhere that says you shouldn't do that.

Nice Sunday school lesson & all, but ...the Bible was written in English? News to me.

Yup, 8:30. I'm removing that comment right now.

Some people just can't have a discussion without getting mad.

It's sad, really.

Be on the lookout...

Kenn's on the scene. That means the super-secret gay agenda squad is probably on on the prowl, looking to wamboozle us all into their hedonistic lifestyle!

I swear, my favorite part of Kenn's "Gay Watch" website is when he outlines the very personal plot that the GLBT community is pursuing to destroy him:

"• Since mid-2006 when homosexual activists rose to prominence in the Libertarian Party of Indiana, conservatives and evangelicals were marginalized, criticized, ignored and, at times, met with hostility.

• When invited to participate in a movement to end property taxes in Indiana, I forewarned the organizer that I had been tagged by militant homosexuals as an "undesirable." After some initial investigation, he confirmed my warning.

Unfortunately, many conservatives unwittingly accept slander as fact. In some cases they actually help spread the rumors.

It should be noted that not all homosexuals engage in such visceral hatred. But many — perhaps most — do.

It stands to reason: If homosexuals don't mind destroying other homosexuals with lies regarding the health risks of their lifestyle, they certainly won't hesitate to destroy the reputations of those who disagree."

Who would have thought that it was the gay agenda that destroyed Kenn's credibility, rather than his fringe beliefs and mild (though humorous) paranoia. Don't forget your tin foil hat on the way out...

Next thing you know, he'll be telling other fringe bloggers that I'm following him everywhere he goes.

It's hard to believe that a couple years ago, people considered him marginally credible.

Another comment for Boz, "people who live in glass houses should not throw stones"

In defense of Kenn's paranoia...

The stuff his party likes to 'party' with tends to make you a little paranoid

it also gives you the munchies....

which explains the sudden shortage of Funions when the Libertarians are in town.

Deleting posts, Jennie?

So now Jen is pandering so much to the homosexuals that she dictates the type of criticism that can be leveled at them.

For shame, Jennie. Nobody hates free speech like a Liberal.

Let's see if you delete this:


Tell you what, Libtroll. I'll leave up the part of your comment that *yawn* goes after me, but I'm going to delete the pointless gay-bashing.

(You do know that straight people have anal sex, too, right?)

P.S. My site, my rules.

No likey? Go play elsewhere.

Jennie, the whole idea of political speech is that sometimes it is offensive. Is open political speech still allowed here? I see you've blocked over 50 anonymous sites, so it's obvious that you either only allow agreed comment, or you will allow comment from people if you are able to identify them and spy on them.

No profanity was used in the post, yet a portion of it was deleted. Worse, you changed some of my text to reflect your words but presented it as mine.

You're just deleting ideas with which you don't agree.

Bad form, Jennie. Bad form, indeed. Nobody hates free speech like a Liberal.

Homosexuals stick their penises in men's anuses. That's physiological fact. If you find physiological comment offensive, take it up with the participants, not with those who comment on it.

Shouldn't you be stealing more photos from the Illinois Governor's web page?

How do you find time to update this page, comment on every single thing here, edit posts, delete posts, block anonymous servers and still have time to do your job?

People will want to know.

why do I suspect the 11:53 troll will soon be standing in the Craig-Foley-Murphy camp?

Just when I thought the FH crowd had run out of venom. Pop goes the weasel.

Heterosexual males stick their penises in women's anuses. That's physiological fact. If you find physiological comment offensive, take it up with the participants, not with those who comment on it.

P.S. I've seen research that shows 50% of heterosexuals indulge in anal sex.

"(T)he whole idea of political speech is that sometimes it is offensive." The point of political speech is to be offensive? Since when? Since Karl Rove started using any means necessary to get his sleazy candidates, including the POTUS, elected? I guess you must be right.

By the way, what's with ostensibly straight people like Brian Bosma and your creepy little troll who are so morbidly obsessed with what gay people do with their genitals?

It is funny that this troll is so obsessed with you and your site that he can't stay away but is too chickenshit not to sign a name

Now this is funny . . Pot ? Kettle ?

01:45pm - It is funny that this troll is so obsessed with you and your site that he can't stay away but is too chickenshit not to sign a name

Posted by: | Sep 13, 2007 at 01:45 PM

( hmm no name either ? )


Can someone please hand this gay man our agenda? I seem to have been left out.

Perhaps that explains why I have no idea who the hell "Kenn" is and why we're after him.

I like that, TDW...Bosma's "stance." Is that a wide stance?

I am always amazed by the amount of hatred that is spewed by “good Christians”. I am also constantly amazed that people believe that spewing the hatred and quoting the bible or whatever book you read is going to change anything. The gay and lesbian community isn’t going to wake up one day and think my god they’re right we need to change our ways. How about you let it go and worry about something really important like making sure that every child has food and a roof over their head, or bringing our brave men and women home from Iraq, or helping the elderly get affordable medication so they don’t have to choose between food or medicine, etc., etc., etc., no you would rather say terrible things about people who want nothing more than be left alone to live their lives.
Brian Bosma is great he just keeps shooting himself in the foot. These threads always fun to read and Jen always gets called some really interesting names.

I guess if Bosma slams gays, it is bad. However, if a Democrat mayor appoints a fire chief that throws around the word "dyke," it is ok. Democrats, ok with bigotry in their own party. Typical.


Still spinning that tired yarn, 10:22?

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