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Floundering Support: WISH-TV Poll Spells Trouble For Guv's Oh-Eight Bid

DanielscornWISH-TV's Jim Shella offers a preview on his blog of the poll numbers he'll be presenting tonight with respect to next year's gubernatorial race:

"Mitch Daniels is vulnerable as he begins his bid for re-election in 2008.

"That's the bottom line on findings in the WISH-TV Indiana Poll that will be presented on 24 Hour News 8 at six.

"His approval rating is below 50 and so is his automatic re-elect number. We'll also have horse race numbers for the Democratic primary and a first look at a fall matchup."

Couple that with the finding that one out of five Hoosiers blames the Guv for the property tax mess (that number goes even higher when you include those who point fingers at the Guv's Department of Local Government Finance), and you've got yourself a recipe for one helluva race next year.

This may be one corner His Mitchiness can't folksy his way out of.


Not good for a man who wants to be re-elected.

Bye bye Mitchy!!

Then I guess the Congressional 11% approval rating means Dems are doomed to lose the U.S. House and Senate in 2008, right?

Congress traditionally always has a low approval rating that equates to nothing come General Election time.

Governors however are very vulnerable to poll numbers and if you can't pull a majority this far out, then you've got some trouble.

Exactly, 1:05.

That's why if you poll the entire body of Congress, you get an unnaturally low number, but if you ask those same people whether they approve of the job their Congressional representative is doing, you will find nine times out of ten that they still support the individual politician.

People hate the institution, but usually can still like the person.

Governor Daniels is the institution and an individual, so to have his approval ratings be below 50% this far out doesn't bode well for him. Especially because attitudes toward incumbents are much more difficult to change than attitudes toward challengers.

Well said Thomas

The stock market is way up for a second day, but you know that won't last either. Enjoy Mitch's crappy numbers, but it is a LONG way to November '08 and people forget--which usually happens and which I am sure the guv and his little people are counting on. I would love to be confident. As said before, the D's really do not have a strong candidate that is likely to sway the disgusted R's and we independents who are fed up. I will NOT vote for Mitch, no way, but some R's will anyway for party reasons alone when it comes down to it. Jim or Jill need to really grab the hearts of the people or there needs to be somebody else that's SMART, strong, experienced and instills confidence and hope.

I have no doubt the Guv is going to pour a bunch of money onto television in an attempt to restore his image. It is, indeed, a long way until next year's election.

But I think, at the end of the day, you'll see a well funded, likeable Democratic candidate with a clearly articulated message and unified party support.

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