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Good To Be King: In Case You Were Worried, Macquarie's Doing Fine

Macquarie1Just checking in with the folks who are going to own the Indiana Toll Road for the next 74 years: Business still going okay, y'all?

"MACQUARIE Infrastructure Group and Transurban are blitzing bids on some of America's major toll roads.

"Speaking to the Merrill Lynch Australian Investment Conference in New York, MIG head of investor relations Stewart Green said the Macquarie Bank-backed fund was looking over the Pennsylvania Turnpike, a major toll road, after governor Ed Rendell called for potential bidders to present their qualifications by October 1.

"'We will look at that opportunity,' Mr Green said. He described it as a transaction that could be quite big, but MIG would not give any details about its potential bid.

"Macquarie is the world's largest owner and developer of toll roads.

"It has made billions buying infrastructure assets and packaging them in funds that it then sells to investors seeking the steady, reliable flow of tolls or other usage charges."

Billions, you say? Well, that sure is nice.


Why don't the states just keep the money in their own accounts? The citizens would benefit more in the short and long run.

I wonder how these private enterprises can possibly make oodles of money when they are in the business of making a profit. While Daniels couldn't make a nickel with the state operating the roads.

How much is Daniels going to rake in after he leaves office and how much in political contributions will he receive for his 2008 campaign?

6:23..your second sentence answers your first sentence. The citizens WERE NOT benefiting, short term or long term.

Just bend Mitch over and let these companies stick it to Mitch and the state again.....

Wow, billions? They must be living paycheck to paycheck like Jim Schellinger.

Maybe Mitch'll go on the MACQUARIE payroll...

Don't even try that phony "paycheck-to-paycheck" crap again! You know darn well that Schellinger was referring to his past - his family lived nine to a 3-room house. Jim's made a success of his life and now the GOP wants to put down a man who has lived a rags-to-riches story. Why do Republicans hate such American ideals?

It's the best they can come up with on Schellinger.

I can't figure it out, either, considering their guy pretends to be an Average Joe decked out in ratty jeans and flannels.

I think actually Jim's exact words were "up until a few years ago, we lived paycheck to paycheck". That's the issue. We all know that a "few years ago" Jim was doing just peachy, financially speaking. TDW is right though - beyond this one (and I think fairly innocent) slip of the tongue, there's not much dirt out there on the guy. Closer to election time though, the mud will start a-flyin'.

The "billions" refers to all their toll road investments (mainly on other continents). Not just the Indiana Toll Road.

I hope that whoever is the D candidate
we don't listen to how poor/middle class
they had it while growing up. I'd rather
that all the D candidates privately agree
amongst themselves to only attack that
lying lil' schmuck named Daniels.

Wilson, I assume that you meant it was
a "3 bedrooms house" not a "3 rooms house".

Actually, 9:09, I think it was a three-room house. Less than a thousand square feet, or something along those lines.

How much revenue did the state make from the toll road before it was sold? How much did the state spend on the toll road before it was sold?

It's the best we can come up with because it's the only thing that's out there. He's said nothing publicly, he's just hangin out waiting for the field to clear. In the meantime he's telling everyone he feels their pain and he's struggling too. No doubt, the public's had enough of funding his retirement to the Governor's office.

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