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Hardly Working: Guv Doing His Best To Look Busy On Property Tax Issue

TaxpayerWith a couple days left before he jets off to Japan with a few dozen of his closest friends, the Guv is doing his best to look busy "dealing" with the property tax relief issue, despite years of doing absolutely nothing to address the problem -- and making it much, much worse in 2005.

"Gov. Mitch Daniels today gave an extension to homeowners who missed the June 10 deadline to obtain a homestead deduction and credit exemption on their 2008 property taxes.

"Homeowners now have until Oct. 15 to seek the exemptions. The standard homestead deduction reduces the taxable value of a home, so long as it is occupied by the owner, by as much as $45,000, while the homestead credit reduces the amount of taxes owed.

"The action, though, must be ratified by the legislature. Daniels said he has spoken to legislative leaders, who agree with the step. They are expected to retroactively approve the extension when they gather for what usually is a one-day organizational meeting in November.

"While this extension will not help people on this year's tax bills, and will not make them eligible for the rebate checks which are to come out late this year or early next year, it will pare hundreds of dollars from the bills they'll pay next year."

Not that anyone's likely to challenge it, because lawmakers are going to sign off on it, but is this action legal, or is it another one of the Guv's Executive Branch Interventions Of Convenience? He couldn't touch the gasoline sales tax, but it's okay to mess around with the tax statutes or execute an end-run grab for racino profits?


I'm just sure you posted that YouTube link twice on accident, so I'm deleting this one.

Doesn't the governor know that the legislative session ended in April? The republicans want to take authority away from the judiciary, and now the governor is taking over the legislators' job; what's next?

Exactly where does Ditch Daniels have the authority to provide an homestead extension to homeowners?

State Senator David Long might as well stay home during the next session.

Didn't you know that he was elected Emperor for life with an overwhelming 53.5% of the vote in 04?

A pox on both political houses, neither Bayh, O'Bannon, Kernan, Gregg, Bauer, Mannweiler, Bosma or Garton did a darned thing to solve this long impending mess. Everybody stuck their political heads in the sand for years and here we are.

"A pox on both political houses, neither Bayh, O'Bannon, Kernan, Gregg, Bauer, Mannweiler, Bosma or Garton did a darned thing to solve this long impending mess. Everybody stuck their political heads in the sand for years and here we are."

Yet Jen and others claim everything will be ok. These idiots are having meetings!! Everything will be ok, Jen and friends will maintain their two party power system. Instead of a having a protest (funny how liberals never slam groups like the Black Bloc, or other commie groups that protest at the G8, World Bank meetings), Jen wants these rebel rousers to just go back to bending over and getting screwed. If we are lucky, we might actually get a reach around this time!!

this is off topic but Id like to make a request to Jon Murray of Star and Jack from channel 6 who have the ability to follow a story.

Here is my concern: With all the talk about conflicts of interest (like the stories on Monroe Gray), where is the coverage of this serious conflict:

Last week the star reports that Brizz's 6 or 7 charges against juvenile center employees failed. The main guy charged is funded by FSSA and once worked for Jim Payne. Jim Payne is quoted in the story and glad this guy got off. Im not judging whether or not this guy should have been found guilty - dont know enough of the facts.

BRizzi's wife gets paid by FSSA, directly by Jim Payne!! (if she's not now, which I think she is, she was during the case proceedings last year). How can that be? HOw is that not a conflict. Brizzi had a financial interest in this case going down as his family gets paid by the agency that oversees these employees. Brizzi got the best of both worlds - hyped up the charges at election time, then failed on all counts later which his wife's boss commented publicly was a good thing. CONFLICT here???

I'm not sure Melanie Brizzi is still on contract with FSSA.

The governor dawdles on property tax releif while the counties, cities, and schools are borrowing money to stay afloat. Have fun on your "privately financed" trip to Japan governor while the taxpayers pay the interest.
It would be interesting to know how much in TIF money is being spent on projects from Japan and what that means to Indiana schools.

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