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HobNob Love: Indy Chamber's Annual Political Event Is Next Week

Hobnob_logo_2And now, a shameless plug for the Greater Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce's annual HobNob event:


Thursday, September 20, 2007
5 – 8 p.m.
Indiana State Museum
650 W. Washington St.

The Greater Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce's HobNob is fast approaching!

HobNob is the largest non-partisan political event in central Indiana. The event gathers the political candidates for the upcoming election year in a casual and fun environment and provides community members the opportunity to interact one-on-one with the candidates. Community members can network with over 800 attendees including regional community leaders and policymakers. The 2007 event will take place along the canal in a festival-like atmosphere and will include a short program and food and beverages for attendees to enjoy.

The political process requires active participants, not spectators. Please plan to attend!

Pre-registration is not available. Please plan to pay $10 at the door.

For more information about HobNob, please visit http://indychamber.com/hobnob.asp


Argh. The only evening that I have to overnight out of town. At least it is in the evening.

And the potential for some face to face sparring between bloggers....

Maybe I'll customize some T-shirts that say, "I went to HobNob and all I got was snarked on by (fill in the blank)".

The T-shirts could be blue, red or green to denote your particular political leanings.

I'm actually going to have to miss this year's event, too.

Well! If you're not going, then the snark potential is sharply reduced.

I'll save the T-shirt idea for some other time.

Hey, I did not get my free tickets this year!

I really like this event. It is, usually, very well done.

I should probably have given this more of an introduction. I agree, 9:05. I've been several times, and it's very well done.

I think the State Museum will be a nice venue, too.

They realized they were giving away waaayyy too many free tickets in year's past, so they altered their ticket distribution list a bit. Alas, $10 for hot dogs, alcohol and hob nobbin' is still a great deal!


Didn't you momma ever tell you, 9:59, that if you can't say something nice, say nothing!

Hob-nobbsss....lol You said nobs. hehehe Kind of like the tea bag'n. Speaking of which I wonder if all five of them will be outside tea bag'n the canal.

I can't imagine the taxnuts won't show up for this.

I wonder why it isn't at the Historical Society this year? HobNob is the best event in our dog n' pony show I think.

Maybe the IHS was already booked.

I wonder if they needed more space. I think the State Museum can hold more guests.

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