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Keeping Tabs: Some Press For Thompson And A 2008 Money Update

Jilllongthompson_2On the gubernatorial front, Democratic challenger Jill Long Thompson gets some ink in the Warsaw Times-Union for a recent stop there:

"Indiana Governor candidate Jill Long Thompson spoke on economic development, privatization, property taxes and education during Saturday night's Democrat Hall of Fame dinner.

"Approximately 50 Democrats attended the dinner at Bogey's Restaurant, Rozella Ford Golf Club, Warsaw.

"Long Thompson, 54, a Whitley County native, said she is running to lead Indiana in a new direction.

"'I am running for governor to foster economic development and provide new leadership to grow our economy,' Long Thompson said."

Thompson also spoke on Monday night in Grant County, according to this Marion Chronicle-Tribune piece:

"Sending Indiana in a new direction was the focus of a speech Monday night given by 2008 Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jill Long Thompson.

"'If you don't have a good tax structure and you don't have the right leadership at the state level, you can't create jobs,' Thompson said."

On the money front, Thompson filed a $10,000 supplemental yesterday; the individual contribution came from Barbara Lee in Cambridge, Mass.

Jim Schellinger, who picked up another UAW endorsement and a $5,000 check last week, also reported $10,000 from the Iron Workers Local in Hammond late last month.

Senate Minority Leader Richard Young has not posted any supplemental filings since June.

You can check out the Guv's latest big money donations here. Not unexpectedly, there are quite a few.


Just started to comb through the gov's list. No surprises so far. Interesting to note the nice big payback, I mean gift, from New Sunshine. Heck, they got all that money for economic development from the state. No wonder the Hilberts, I mean New Sunshine, can afford to contribute these days.

The governor's fundraisers must be quite titilating with six-figure donations from former strippers (Tami Sue Hilbert), johns (Randall Tobias), and Penthouse Pet best buddy Tim Durham. This is not the conservative family values Republican party of yesteryear. Do any normal people donate to the governor -- it seemed every person who donated had the occupation of Executive

Can we start using "a results-driven campaign" instead of "leading in a new direction" ?

Isn't "new direction" just rephrasing Mitch's slogans?

(...I think Hoosiers have whiplash from all the new directions we've been going in)

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