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Look At Me! Look At Me! Durham And His Ego Live Large On The Internets

LaughLongtime TDW readers may remember local businessman and big political donor Tim Durham from this photo taken earlier this year at Atlantis in the Bahamas.

Needless to say, it's no big secret that the guy made a few million and has accumulated trappings of wealth that any sensible 15-year-old would admire: fancy cars, Penthouse models and Kato Kaelin. (Okay, most self-respecting 15-year-olds have no idea who Kato Kaelin is, since his quarter-hour expired more than a decade ago. But still.)

Anyway, the Star's Matt Tully writes about Durham's party boy antics in his column this morning:

"In March, Timothy Durham's Obsidian Enterprises headquarters hosted a fundraiser that collected roughly $250,000 for Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani.

"In July, Durham hosted a more interesting 'Fantasy Pajama and Lingerie Party' at his home featuring 2005 Penthouse Pet Martina Warren. The festivities are documented on Durham's R-rated MySpace page.

"Durham, whose holding company operates out of a suite atop the Chase Tower on Monument Circle, has been one of the state's top GOP moneymen in recent years. He gave $50,000 to Gov. Mitch Daniels last year, making him the governor's top individual donor.

"Durham also has given heavily to the state Republican Party and was a delegate to the 2004 Republican National Convention. He served as Marion County Prosecutor Carl Brizzi's campaign finance chairman last year, giving Brizzi nearly $160,000 along the way. He heads the fundraising arm of the Marion County Republican Party.

"Although he gives most of his campaign cash to Republicans, Durham also has financially supported some Democrats, including Mayor Bart Peterson.

"But these days, political insiders are talking about Durham's MySpace page, which highlights the pajama party. One photo shows two naked brunettes making out. Another shows three blondes groping. The site also includes photos of the 45-year-old Durham -- who is divorced -- with D-level celebrities and Playboy Playmates.

"If the photos were on Durham's fireplace mantel, who would care? Since he put them on MySpace for the world to see, insiders are talking.

"'I'm a private citizen,' said Durham, who is a member of the governor's re-election Steering Committee. 'I am who I am. If someone doesn't want money from me, they don't have to call and ask me for it.'

"Durham, who lives in Fortville, said he hired 10 off-duty police officers, mostly from Fishers, to make sure no laws were broken at the party.

"'I had a party,' he said, 'and some of the attendees got a little out of control.'

"Then he posted photos of the action on MySpace. After I called, Durham limited access to his site to his friends."

Now, for those of you expecting TDW to get all self-righteous and condemn the guy for his lifestyle, sorry. He hasn't committed any criminal acts (though his law license currently is suspended for failure to pay his annual registration fees), and his actions don't really reflect on those to whom he gives money unless they take part in or openly condemn those actions. (B-Boz, who loves him some family values talking points, is the only pol who might want to think twice before accepting another $10,000 from Durham.)

Alas, the guy's greatest sin appears to be hubris.

But Durham, who's fond of telling reporters that he wants to be the richest guy in the world, probably learned a valuable lesson about the Internets from all this: What happens in Vegas Fortville only stays in Fortville if you don't post it on MySpace.

That being said, if you'd like see what got people talking, follow the jump. Because you'd have to be an idiot not to take screenshots of this stuff. (Warning: Don't let the kiddies clickety.)




A couple photos from Durham's online albums...




A 45-year-old with a My Space page? Regardless of how silly or offensive the content is, I'm having trouble getting over the fact that he's on My Space at all.

My first reaction was to laugh. I wish I could have somehow captured the full effect of his MySpace page for you -- complete with Weezer's "Beverly Hills" playing in the background.

The guy really thinks he's hot stuff.

Ageism. Oh, the pain. What next? Demi Moore saying that her age is getting her passed over for roles in teen angst movies?

He probably hasn't seen those commercials on MTV warning kids about posting photos on the internet.


Who cares....looks like the guy has fun and no one gets hurt.

More power to him....Party on!

I'll bet Joanie SerVaas is damn glad to have divorced the SOB...even if he left her with a namesake.

If he promised Brizzi enough money, I am 100% sure that Carl would put on a g-string and give Tim a lap dance too!

if this is what the guy does in his private life, who cares? it only matters to me because he supports the party that wants to insert itself (no pun intended) into my private life.

apparently this is another example of 'its ok if its my guy doing it'

what I'm curious about, and nobody ever answers here (and I don't necessarily mean TDW), is where is your line? at what point does something stop being ok, even if it is your guy?

for me it is hypocrisy, or at least a plausible explaination for the exception. that leaves me with very few choices in this day and age.

Do we think Mr Durham is personal friends with Ms. Penthouse Pet or did he pay her lots of money to come to his house. Anyone know if Eric Miller or his cronies were at the party. I doubt Glenn Murphy had any interest in attending.

The Right's hypocrisy has always existed as far as the midwest is concerned. They want to tell you what you should and shouldn't be able to watch on television, who should and shouldn't be allowed to marry, or what God you should have to pray to (and I am a Christian).

Yet, many of them lead an immoral lifestyle (cheating, mental or physical abuse). You know; Good 'ol boy behavior...

Carl and others are very "Do as I say..."

He has proven money can't buy class.

His parties are advertised through e-mails on indyscene.com, which I signed up for hoping there'd be something I'd want to attend but so far usually they just get deleted. If he wants to have some parties at his own home where everything is legal, and is OK with others viewing what he posts for the world on his myspace page, good for him. Surprised Tully picked this up--it's only been two months since the July party...

whats the link to his myspace page?

TDW, you use Internet Explorer? You should switch to Firefox.

Wonder if he invited his neighbor, Reggie Miller, who lives a few doors down?

I use and love Firefox on my Mac. I've just never bothered to switch on the ol' PC.

Durham's Myspace page was set up by his teenage son.

Dems are just scared that the new wave of conservatives (younger, not as "old fashioned") will pull away the gay vote. Right now the Republican party is split on the old fashion types and the new party hard, live your own life types.

Nice random comment there, 9:27. That's some brilliant political insight you're channeling.

Back on topic: I can't imagine Durham had no idea that page was out there. He strikes me as the kind of guy who Googles himself frequently to find out what people are saying about him.

"Dems are just scared that the new wave of conservatives (younger, not as "old fashioned") will pull away the gay vote."

I guess I missed the part where these 'younger, not as old fashioned' types had actually grabbed hold of the levers of power in the party. Otherwise, I'm sure SJR7 would not be the 'most import piece of the people's business' as B-Boz as so often reminded us.

Too bad the repubs are so hell bent on my bedroom instead of my property taxes, the endless war in Iraq, reducing global warming, and our insistence that there is no need to replace the petroleum based machinery in this country. That alone would knock the last two items (Iraq and Global warming) right off the list.

Oh yeah, that's right, they are too busy partyin hard to care about the consequences on myspace tomorrow.

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