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Missing The Point: "At Least We're Not Michigan" To Be Guv's New Slogan?

NothiringOut of work? No health insurance coverage? Pension plan disappearing before your eyes? It's okay because you don't live in Michigan! The Indianapolis Business Journal reports:

"As Gov. Mitch Daniels travels to Japan this week in search of job commitments, he can take some comfort that, if the state fails to pull out of its static employment status, there's always Michigan to point to.

"Not much is going well for Indiana's northern neighbor."

That's supposed to make us feel all warm and fuzzy inside, is it?

Sorry, Guv, but the rest of us are still going to hold you accountable for promising great things and delivering a bunch of stale talking points instead.


See his doubletalk (although you have to
sit through a fairly quick commercial):


"Just shook hands on a deal yesterday..."?

Because so many companies suddenly decide, based on a single visit, to spend millions of dollars and sign on the dotted line.

I do like that the reporter asked him about property taxes.

Even half the world away, he can't escape that one.

"Sorry, Guv, but the rest of us are still going to hold you accountable for promising great things and delivering a bunch of stale talking points instead."

Ummmmmmm, have you been reading the papers, sweetie? Honda, now this. It's been a great year for Indiana, a bad year for the Indiana Democratic mouthpiece.


Associated Press

INDIANAPOLIS — Governor Mitch Daniels announced the creation of about 1,700 jobs in Indiana thanks to the expansion and relocation plans of two Taiwanese companies.

FoxConn plans to expand its Plainfield computer assembly facility, a move that will create 1,400 jobs. The company provides storage and assembly services for the computer industry.

Computer components and accessories maker ASUS also plans to move its service and help desk operations from Louisville to Jeffersonville, creating 300 jobs.

Daniels made the announcement shortly before leaving for a seven-day trade mission to Japan.

How can it be a good year for Indiana if there are 23,000 people in a twenty county area all seeking 1700 jobs?

Because my anonytroll says it's a bad year, 7:42!

If the Guv wants to hang his entire economic development record on one deal, that's his choice, but the more he does that, the more out-of-touch he seems with the thousands of average working Hoosiers who aren't going to work at Honda when it comes online next year.

P.S. Don't you just love his "I'll gladly talk today about jobs that won't be around for another few years" strategy?

Never a mention of what's going on in the here and now.

So there are a few plants being built in Indiana - that's supposed to let the Guv off the hook on his promises? Indiana ranks 3rd from the bottom in the economy compared to all other states, and job growth statistics are much worse than previous administrations (Bayh, O'Bannon). So when you want to "look at the numbers", then you need to practice what you preach. Indiana has gone steadily downhill the last few years, and we the people need to hold this Guv accountable.

It's time to privatize Mitch!

A view on what is going on in Michigan:


Oh, and a lot of MI's current fiscal problems come from slashing the state income tax .2% in 1994 and raising the sales tax to fund education under Gov. Engler(R). It ultimately didn't work out all that well. Huh!

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