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New Business? State Issues RFP To Manage Child Welfare Services

FssaHonest question: Is this RFP for the coordination and management of child welfare services something new, or is it something that's already provided by an outside vendor?

TDW would appreciate any insight folks might be willing to share.


Are thngs that bad here financially that you are now allowing ads from the nrcc and nrsc?

The ads are generated based on key words in my content; I don't choose them, though I can block them if I so choose.

I haven't paid much attention to them, honestly.

Maybe follow up on a "trial run" Governor Daniels initiated soon after placed in office for a Lilly Foundation.
If not mistaken, there was an RFP issued soliciting for a vendor to bascially practice and promote if foster care services among other things in child welfare system could be successfully done by privatization.
This contract may have went to "The Villages" a place that boasts on finding foster care placement.
It was about the same time state employees in maybe some state agencies, for sure DOC, began being solicited for donations to "The Villages". When looked up "The Villages" on the internet there was a big sign outfront a building that had "The Villages" and underneath I think it said, Ruth E. Lilly Foundation. DOC facilites, at the insistence of Commisssioner Donahue, requires employees to have fundraisers to solicit donations for money and school supplies for the Villages by way of Project Backpack. Offenders in DOC make the Backpacks and stuff them with donated school supplies for kids the Villages tries to and/or places in Foster Homes.

What will be left for Roob to outsource within FSSA as it seems as though every other week another service is being privatized?

according to fssa almost 90% is already contracted to private vendors == most already in place before mitch....

The 90% of FSSA being privatized is misleading. It includes all the money spent on medicaid. Just another bit of misleading information from this administration. Like it will cost $125 million to get out of the privatization contract signed with ACS (not really IBM). Remember the state got a 1 year conditional approval but signed a 10 year contract. Why would anyone sign a contract knowing that the federal government could stop it at any time and cost you $125 million. More misleading information? One of the things that the Mitchs said when this was discussed was that if it didn't work they could get out of the contract. How many of our elected legislators would have voted for $125 million pay out clause. I forgot they didn't get a chance to vote or even debate this.

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