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On The Internets: Find Out What Someone Might Pay To Buy Your Blog

Cash1Got a blog? Want to find out how much it's worth? Check out this website.

Like most technical things on the Internets, TDW isn't exactly sure how this works, but it's kind of fun to play around with. Thanks to the friend who pointed it out.


I'm willing to sell out, if anyone is interested. Fine real estate, a view of the lake, and I'll even take a few grand off of the suggested retail price just to smooth things over.

Between this and the mysterious organization that apparently pay folks to post comments on TDW threads, I may be able to retire sometime next week.

I think we may own some of the most valuable political real estate in Indiana, thomas.

If "posting pay" is commensurate with content, then I'm likely not on anybody's payola list (this website or any other).

I'm impressed:

"Your blog, takingdownwords.com, is worth $121,376.10."

I was completely shocked.

and poor ole Indyundercover is only worth $18,629.82.
Sucks to be Loe Friday. He can't even pay his tax increases from that sale.

I wish someone could explain to me how the calculation works. Flattered as I am, I can't imagine anyone would pay me $121,000 for this site.

However, if someone's willing to make me an offer I can't refuse...

I would be curious to know how the calculations are made as well. My little ol' art site isn't worth jack! Zip, nada, zilch.

I still love you.

AdvanceIndiana comes in at $49,679.52 while Abdul is just $0.00. Darla's is also $0.00.

This tool has been around for a little while now, and is based off of a purchase AOL made of a group of blogs.

You can get an idea of the math behind the calculator here: http://tnl.net/blog/2005/10/06/doing-the-numbers-on-the-aol-weblogsinc-deal/

I'm not entirely certain of the exact math, but it is all based around the figures involved in that sale.

RuthHolladay comes in at $18,629.82. Doug Masson's often-interesting blog is $32,743.32.

Bilerico is allegedly worth $167,668.38. Wowzers!!!

I have to assume it helps if you've been around for some time. This site got started in early 2005, though I didn't steal it until a little later that year.

That's an eternity in blog-time, isn't it?

Mine is worth a whopping $1693.62.
I would have never thought that! Mine is completely uninformative, usless, and not updates very often.
Just like Jen, I'll take it! Write the check!!!

Just out of curiosity, what does the site say that FrugalHoosiers is worth? I know the followers of this blog wouldn't shell out a penny for it, but I am curious as to what the official tool tells us.....

Okay, I thought the tool was more difficult to use, but it wasn't. Turns out that Frugal Hoosiers is worth ZERO. Talk about things we already knew :)

How impressive to see that we're the top real estate - at least from the ones listed so far. :) But our measly $170k doesn't even come close to Shakesville's tag price of $723,740.28

And $90k for Blue Indiana? That's pretty darn good, Thomas. Gary's been around a lot longer and is only $50k.

Part of it is based off of your Technorati rank. I think we have the highest Technorati rank of all the local blogs, so that wouldn't surprise me. (The rank is the number of other blogs that have linked to you in the past 6 months. A lot of times the blogroll doesn't count - only stories do. This means that others are actively distributing what you have to say thus lending credence to your blog.) The dollar amounts are based off the AOL deal Thomas references.

And let me say, we've had a couple of buyout offers already - and none of them came close to $170k. LOL

It's totally bogus methodology. A blog's worth should be based on the actual revenues it generates from advertising, which in the case of most of the mentioned blogs is very little or nothing. There are little games some blogs play to give an appearance they are receiving more traffic to their blog than the actually are. None of these blogs are worth the values quoted or we would have all sold them by now.

I'm going to call you Gary "Life of the Party" Welsh from now on.

Party pooper.

Gary, I agree that the blogs are probably not worth the stated values, but I'm not sure I agree that actual ad revenue should be the measure. Most blogs are operated for pleasure (perhaps masochistic in nature), or at the least are not operated for a business purpose. While you are correct that traffic can be manipulated and overvalued, saying that blogs that don't earn ad revenue have no value is like saying that PBS's airtime is worthless because it doesn't run commercials.

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