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Paging The B-List: Old GOP Hands To Share Tricks With The Young Folks

Elephant3Todd Rokita, the Lite Guv and B-Boz will go into their political dance at the Indiana Young Republicans State Convention this weekend.

Be careful who you bunk up with after the after-party.


Be careful who you bunk up with after the after-party? Is that some kind of gay joke? You're a phuckin hypocrite.

I think its more of a warning about rape or sexual assault than a gay bashing comment. Calm down!

Hello, Glenn Murphy reference

The trolls are kinda dense today.

It's a Glenn Murphy reference, you idiot.

I know it is a Glenn Murphy reference TDW, but isn't this the type of homophobic comment that one would expect from someone who supports keeping gays out of the military .... the "we don't want the gays in the shower with us cause they might try to have sex with us" argument? Jerry is no idiot, you are a hypocrite.

Uh, what?

Since when do I support keeping gays out of the military?

If he's guilty of what's in those police reports, it doesn't matter one iota whether Glenn Murphy's gay or straight: He's a sexual predator.

Wow, that should be an interesting party. Master Todd and Slave Murphy. HAHAHA

TDW you are dodging, and it is beneath you. I didn't say you supported keeping gays out of the military -- I said you made a comment that reeks of homophobia. (who is dense today???) You made a comment that wasn't funny. Do the right thing, fess up and move on.

I doubt TDW needs support from me, but boy oh boy David and Jerry sure need to redirect a bit o’ their hostility this afternoon. Though the Glenn Murphy reference wasn't one of TDW's wittiest bon mots, she needn't apologize for anything. Gays and lesbians aren't inherently funny, but gay Republican hypocrites? They're a laugh riot!

(He's) not gay. (He's) not gay. (He's) not gay.

After all, he said so (three times in a row). LOL

and dont listen to any toe-tapping music on you i-pod in the hotel bathroom!
dude! hey( waving hand under stall). hey. you got any paper over there? my stall is out. you know how sometimes you are in ahurry, and forget to look? . thanks, dude!
dude! hey- peeping thourhg the "glory hole"- hey. it stinks over here. got a match?
dude- it could have happened that way.
and dont pass out in the bathroom- you might be molested by Dr. FRankenfurter. you know the movie scene!GOP toast!!

You at least have to respect roach for being consistent in his complete inability to make any damn sense at all.

Here's some free advice to all the Young Republican women attending: Stay away from Brian Bosma, especially if he offers you "career advice" and let's talk about things "in private"

and that is my point- by mocking the absurdity of things by being absurd.
more more of the "Theatre of the Absurd", read http://x-wire.blogspot.com

Besides, the earth is going to be destroyed by either a comet, asteroid, or meteor by 2012 anyway? havent heard that one yet? ask yourself why all the history channel, discovery channel, and others are showing so many shows and movies, and documentary's on that subject? ask the Preaident why everything fiscal wil happen after 201? Its because the earth will be destroyed, and there wont be anybody living , left holding the bag.
Why is the GOVT shutting down the Radio observatory at Aricibo, Puerto Rico? because the "killer Angel" asteroid is already inbound- so why have one more source of radioastronomy to record the destruction? who will be left to see it, or even care.
So to heck with governments, laws, and morals. We are already doomed, so eat, drink, gamble, frolic, and do whatever you want, because after 2012 othing will matter anyway.
conspiracy? or coincidence? I bet if I asked that question often enough, to the right people, they would taser me too.
giggle!! might as well. we are all "dead human s walking". But the lowly roach will still survive........

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