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Presidential Post: Bilerico Snags A Few Thoughts From Bill Richardson

PresidentsealBilerico scores an exclusive guest post from presidential candidate and New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson on the issue of civil rights and the LGBT community. An excerpt:

"For me, these issues are about basic civil rights. LGBT Americans have been denied their civil rights for too long. And all Americans suffer because of it. I think that Dr. King put it best when he wrote that 'Injustice anywhere threatens justice everywhere.' Until the rights of every American are guaranteed, the rights of all Americans are demeaned."

You can check out the rest of the post here.


Go away, faggots.

Well, the GOP has spoken definitively, haven't you, Jerry?

Get lost, bigoted dickhead! Crawl back to your Klavern...

Go away, Jerry.

Even an old fella who had to google teabagging picked up on the Murphy reference

Thus sayeth Wilson:

"Well, the GOP has spoken definitively, haven't you, Jerry? Get lost, bigoted dickhead! Crawl back to your Klavern..."

Thus sayeth Dave:

You know, I'm a card-carrying, man-loving queer, and a statement like 'Go away, faggots!' doesn't bother me one whit. I consider the source, and know that I'll never reach a person who would make such a statement. He's lost and will die with his venom intact. Let him rant and look the fool for it.

What really bugs me are responses like Wilson's. As with most politics, the average guy always seems to be represented by the fringe, hateful, hypocritical elements who so rarely speak for the majority they so vigorously claim to represent.

Your endless supply of vinegar, Wilson, will never woo anyone, and for those riding the fence, will likely set them against us. You give moderate gays a black eye everytime you rise to the basher's bait and fire back with childish rants like 'bigoted dickhead.' (I'm still trying to figure out why you choose dickhead as an insult; I find them quite appealing. Don't you?)

Where is the logic in the stance: You must accept me, and by the way, I hate you and will voice it every chance I get.

B Squared: dont feel badly - I'm an oldtimer who enjoys "teabagging" - I just never knew there was a word for it. The younguns are so verbal, aren't they?

Sorry, David Shearer, I don't accept gross insults so humbly as you seem to do. You can take it in silence - let others lash back fiercely at the bigots!

Is this the same Bill Richardson that wants to allow obese people to be labeled as "Disabled" and protected under ADA? Heck, it's hard enough for people with physical disabilities to find parking spots now with all the people out there that have a "Disabled" placard that are so "disabled" they can walk all around the mall or campus. Laziness shouldn't be protected under ADA and people need to quit electing morons.

TDW can we adopt a "don't ask don't tell" policy for your blog? Something about men talking about liking dickheads is a little...um...too gay. I like womens breast but refrain discussing there niceness on this blog because some may find it offensive like Wilson and David.

Please, Jen, for the love of God...two words that should NEVER EVER be in the same sentence: Wilson and teabagging.


Oh yeah--is this the same Bill Richardson who stepped all over himself during the HRO debate?

Nice score for Bilerico, but the guy they interviewed is a confusing mess.

Which is sad. Because his resume looked so promising.

Thanks for the plug, Jen. Just a note for RftH though, we didn't interview him - he wrote the post himself for our site.

I actually really like Richardson even though he's made some gaffes. I don't expect anyone to be perfect.

I believe this (interview) is called "damage control". He f'd up, again, during the LGBT forum by saying that he believed homosexuality is "a choice". The thud you heard was his chance at getting elected.

Honestly, I do not understand how this guy didn't get us into World War III as a diplomat. He is a gaffe machine. Gov. Richardson, enjoy your time as HHS Secretary in 2009.

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