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Primary Woes: Bedford Man To Challenge Guv, Will Anyone Else Jump In?

GopelephantMike Smith of the Associated Press reports that the Guv just got himself a primary challenger. No, it's not Eric Miller himself, but the guy seems to have some very Eric Miller-esque ideas:

"A retired firefighter from Bedford has formed a committee to run for governor as a Republican and said he is confident he can gather enough signatures of registered voters to get on the primary ballot.

"La Ron Keith, 48, said Tuesday that he filed the necessary paperwork to form a campaign committee about two weeks ago but wanted to wait until he had his platform solidified before seeking any publicity. He must get 500 valid signatures from registered voters in each of the state's nine congressional districts to gain a spot on the ballot and challenge Gov. Mitch Daniels in next May's primary election.

"Keith said he is starting off with only his personal money and has not yet sought any contributions. Daniels had $4.1 million in campaign cash at the end of June.

"Three Democrats are seeking their party's nomination for governor _ former U.S. Rep. Jill Long Thompson, state Senate Minority Leader Richard Young of Milltown, and Jim Schellinger, president of an Indianapolis architecture firm and a longtime Democratic activist.

"Keith said he was 'fed up with politicians' who seem to make promises they do not have to keep and will not tackle tough issues.

"He said his platform included abolishing property taxes and replacing the lost revenue by raising the sales tax and extending it to everything, placing stricter spending caps on state and local governments and eliminating wasteful spending.

"He also wants to put the time zone issue to a statewide vote; prevent illegal immigrants from obtaining free social services, including health care; and return any budget surplus at the end of fiscal years to the people."

Does this guy have a chance? Probably not. But with the Guv weak on a number of fronts, you have to wonder who else might think about jumping into the fray.


And just what does Mike Smith plan to do about the forthcoming tsunami wave of gay marriages about to overwhelm Bedford and Loogoottee?

ooops - I meant to ask Candidate La Ron Keith that question, not the AP reporter who filed the story.

Wonder what Skillman thinks? I take it Damon Bailey won't help this guy out either?

"Wonder what Skillman thinks?"

That's a funny question in itself.

I don't think this guy has a chance, either, but I still plan to go to the polls in the primary in my reactionary, rural, Republican county and get an R ballot and vote against Daniels. I will either vote for this neophyte who, by his typical comments, is clueless about state budgets etc., or I will leave the gov. selection blank just to send a message. It might be a tiny, unheard one in a sea of rhetoric, but I plan to do it anyway.

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