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Principles And Trust: First Tom Henry Campaign Ad Hits The Air In Fort Wayne

Fort Wayne mayoral candidate Tom Henry has released his first campaign ad. You can watch it here. You'll notice that it wasn't filmed on a rooftop, nor does it address the mean old judicial system. Ahem.

Meanwhile, embattled Republican Matt Kelty doesn't have time to focus on city issues. He's too busy trying to push back his court date until after the election:

"Fort Wayne mayoral candidate Matt Kelty is seeking a delay in the criminal case pending against him that would push his next court appearance until after the election.

"According to documents filed Tuesday, Kelty asked Allen Superior Court Judge Fran Gull to move the date of a pretrial hearing from Oct. 10 to Dec. 10 to allow him and his attorneys time to review information not yet provided by Special Prosecutor Daniel J. Sigler.

"He has also added a pair of Indianapolis-based attorneys to his defense team, according to court documents.

"In August, a grand jury indicted Kelty, a Republican, on nine criminal counts, most relating to how he reported $158,000 in loans to his campaign. He is also accused of lying in his testimony to the grand jury about a public opinion poll.

"Kelty said he asked for the delay on a recommendation from his attorneys. He said a transcript of the grand jury proceedings has not been made available. He said the transcript will need to be examined by his attorneys before proceeding.

"Kelty hired Larry Mackey and Jason Barclay of Barnes & Thornburg in Indianapolis because they are two of the best attorneys in the state and they help his defense greatly because of the staff resources available at the firm, Kelty said."


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