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Replacement Cost: No One Likes Property Taxes, But What Do We Change?

Moneylove This just in: People still hate taxes. Specifically, property taxes.

Find out who they blame for this year's sudden increases and what they think should be done to fix them in the latest installment of WISH-TV's most recent political poll, which the station will be promoting all week.

By the by, if you're the Guv, these numbers should really, really worry you. Maybe even enough to come out from under your desk and do something.


I hate these surveys becasue they make it all sound so simple. Yeah, sure, we can replace property tax with gaming revenue. I cannot imagine a situation where we could generate enough gaming revenue. Las Vegas we are not.

Spending down the surplus when it is more than 50/50 that we are heading into a recession? I don't think most of the people taking that survey understand the implications of heading into a recession without a surplus. In fact, most fiscal policy folks and economists will tell you that the surplus we have is too small.

...and the reason the State has a surplus was by cutting back on local 'subsidies' which forced up local property taxes. Slick move, Daniels!

I blame Art Peterson

Wislon the state legislature was complicit in that move. They knew they had to do something to build a recession cushion. Unwilling to make cuts or increase taxes, they hoisted it off on lcoal governmnent, especially schools. Remember when the govenor suggested an income tax increase for those making over $100,000? That idea was dropped like a hot potato.

Do you people get it? All property tax replacement credits do is hide the true cost of local government.

If I were Daniels I would eliminate PTRCs (and the sales tax they come from) altogether and let Hoosiers really see how much their local governments cost and decide how many of these useless officials they want to keep around.

Just some breakfast for your brain.

PTRF was begun by Gov. Bowen in 1973. It was part of a complex package: he needed to provide local proeprty tax relief for scremaing farmers statewide. And compared to other states, on the property tax front, they had a mightly sweet deal already. Estate tax is another thing, but their property taxes were and are comparably low.

Thus: the 1973 sales tax was doubled. Most (but, tpyical state govt., not all) of the increase was devoted to PTRF. And the legislature demanded that all county treasurer tax bills include a statement thanking the legislature for the "relief." Your tax bills showed what would've been paid, and what was due under the "New" Bowen PTRF scheme.

It was, and is, a Ponzi scheme that created a sugar teat for lazy legislators. There have been zero--Z-E-R-O--bills offered to fix this ridiculous scheme since it was enacted. So much for political courage.

Because our Property Tax bills didn't rise as much as they would've without the PTRF, we were lulled into this false sense of local government budget reality. Sadly, schools and cities drank the same Kool-Aid. But, if you're looking to school superintendents to get budget religion, well...look elsewhere. There's no incentive in their systme to do so.

Nothing substantive will be done unless the Kernan-Shepherd Commission stakes out broad and bold alternatives.

I keep my fingers crossed, but anyone who's watched Randy Shepherd tiptoe very lightly through the tulips for 30 years, well...you get the picture. Same s---, different decade.

How the hell will gaming revenues replace property taxes? Are they going to authorize more casinos and other gambling? I hope not. Doesn't say much for those Hoosiers.

I see they didn't have raising the income tax as one of the options.

All these surveys are stupid... why not just ask the following question:

Do you want to pay taxes or should someone else pay them?

I also blame Art Peterson... that guy's a flake.

Excellent proofreading WISH-TV. My confidence in our local media has risen dramatically.

Thanks so much, Abdul, for your brilliance. I'm glad you're here to think for me 'cause all this tax talk makes my little ol' brain want to bust!

Here's a tip, Abdul: if you're trying to get people to come around to your way of thinking it's not a good idea to tick them off at the outset by calling them "you people".

Yeah, Abdul, saying "you people" was a racist comment!

I call everybody "you people." My people are me, myself and I!

I have to admit the numbers on repeal of the property tax scare me. The General Assembly has a nasty habit of imposing highly regressive taxes. While I think the possibility of a large increase in the sales tax is still an outside possibility, a large increase in the income tax, without any graduated rates, is still somewhat of a disaster.

Let's use the funds from leasing our tollway to reduce our property taxes

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