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Rumor Doesn't Have It: Young Says He's "Working Hard, Raising Money"

RichardyoungdoxieWISH-TV's Jim Shella, via his blog, reports and kills a rumor that State Sen. Richard Young is backing out of the oh-eight gubernatorial race:

"Sen. Richard Young recently made a personal request to speak at the Marion County Democratic Chairman's Club monthly meeting and then sent a surrogate to speak on his behalf. The change came without prior notice.

"That fueled speculation that Young's campaign for governor may fold soon.

"Reached by phone this afternoon Young sought to quell the speculation. Young, who said he was on the way from a speech in Marion to an appearance in Rockport, said he is 'working hard, raising money.'"


The fact that this post is drawing no comments should tell Young something - that nobody really cares about his candidacy.

I do.

The fact that this post has few comments doesn't mean that no one takes Young seriously. Those of us in the know never even thought he was folding up his campaign, so Shella's "announcement" told us nothing we didn't already know, Young is continuing to campaign around the state.

He's a nice enough man, but very short in the brains department. That's no secret. Have you ever listened to him? It's frightening.

He'd have found a way to lose if he were the only candidate. He's not. He'll come in third if he stays in. He won't crack 8 percent.

We know you care, Jen. It's your (day) job. And you're good at it.

But out in the state, he's being laughed at. Seriously. He left a speech in northern Indiana last month, where there were 40-50 partisans in attendance, and before he got his car started the giggling was intense. I had relatives there, and they said the speech was mind-numbingly simplistic, unimaginative and not worthy of a state Senate campaign, let alone a gubernatorial effort. That review came from an aunt who's a missionary and never says anything bad about anyone. She's annoyingly sweet-tempered.

He needs to back out. He's going nowhere. Fast.

For a guy who doesn't have a chance, Young sure does receive a lot of commentary on this blog.

09:39 - have you ever heard Jim and Jill speak? Talk about mind numbing.

Oh yeah, and Jim just lies. Have you heard the penny story? Have heard about his tale of living paycheck to paycheck?

Let's face it - The Democratic gov candidates are weak. No money, no ideas, panderers - Mitch will destroy any and all of them.

At one time the Schellingers indeed did live paycheck to paycheck: nine people in a 3-room house. Young industrious Jim has prospered since then but he remembers that most Hoosiers today still live paycheck to paycheck (if they're lucky enough to even be having a paycheck!)

The incumbent Governor is too haughty to even live in the Governor's Mansion. Talk about being out of touch with real Hoosier values, Your Man Mitch takes the golden prize!

"Mitch will destroy any and all of them."

And therein lies the entire problem with his role as governor. He's so busy trying to destroy his perceived opponents that he's forgotten that once the election was over, we were all on the same team - the one that wanted to make Indiana a better place. You don't do that by continually bashing people, firing workers that had years of experience under both parties and failing to listen to your constituents. To govern is to lead. He chooses the role of dictator and wonders why no one is listening to him.

The man who thinks he knows everything actually knows nothing. The governor could learn if he could just get past his own ego!

I'll never say the Guv isn't a smart guy. I will say that he shouldn't act like he's the smartest guy in the room.

"I'll never say the Guv isn't a smart guy. I will say that he shouldn't act like he's the smartest guy in the room."

Well, Jen, somebody has to.

The absence of apparent and actionable smarts has got us in the current doldrums.

Irv Leibowitz, long-ago editor of the Indy Times wrote that Hoosiers find comfort in mediocrity and loathe change. He said it 40 years ago. Nuthin has changed.

I would rather see an individual announce he IS the smartest person in the room and will be an agent for change- not necessarily through concurrence- and hope that we in Indiana can achieve something positve above the 4th quartile. Feathers may be ruffled, but at least things may be different. Maybe we won't be 44th in college grad residents.

And while on the subject of smart, what's with IU giving away $20 million in out of state scholarships just so they raise their ranking in Newsweek.

I don't think it's out of the question to be the smartest guy in the room and to accept input from other people.

Therein lies the Guv's fundamental problem: He doesn't give two hoots what other folks think, though he plays the part when he has to.

Oh I love them! But I think ti is fair to spred rumors for every candidate, not just poor OLD Richard...

You hear the one about Schellinger being reprimanded by the Broad Ripple little league? Not only is it true, but according to the fella running the baseball organization Jim hasn't even appologized for yelling at a kid's parent during a game!

Do you know what a Carson insider told me? That Jim told Julia Carson that little old Richard was getting out of the race so he could get her endorsement...

Yelling at parents! Telling fibs to a congresswoman!

Now that is leadership for you...

Sound the Loser Alarm. Indiana Jefferson's in the house.

While not speaking for Carson, it was highly unlikely that she'd ever endorse Young. That rumor sounds like a total fabrication by "Indiana Jefferson"

Indiana Jefferson is a complete whackjob with no political sources whatsoever. Seriously, the guy's a nut.

Did anyone notice this news release that didn't get much attention here? Someone is noticeably absent:


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