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Spin Cycle: Major Moves Cash Can't Go Elsewhere (Unless The Guv Says So)

OrangeconeNo offense to Ice Miller transportation lobbyist Dennis Faulkenberg, who is quite capable and smart, but this part of his letter to the editor in today's Star made TDW scratch her head:

"Finally, The Star's question about 'why mass transit isn't on the list of alternatives that could be funded through the $3.8 billion Major Moves plan' is most vexing. The Major Moves money is committed to the 400 projects the General Assembly considered necessary when Major Moves was passed into law last year. The public should not be fooled into thinking that the Major Moves money can be directed to other unmet needs such as mass transit, nor should our elected officials be tempted to break their promises they made when they passed the Major Moves legislation."

Um, you mean unmet needs like the six new roundabouts in Carmel to which the Guv recently directed $50 million in Major Moves money despite the fact that other Major Moves projects across the state have been postponed or called off?

Incidentally, Ice Miller, Inside INdiana Business and Butler University teamed up and released a survey today of more than 200 Indiana business leaders. Among other things, the survey asked CEOs to talk about Indiana's economic climate and things we could do to improve it. From the executive summary: "They would like to see the state focus more on health care and mass transit."

If you have a chance, you can read the whole thing here.


Like the Carmel roundabouts or don't like them, they're highway projects on US 431. They aren't on county roads or city streets.

You probably forgot that, didn't you? No really, you knew that, right?

People in Carmel are very touchy aren't they and they also don't have very good reading comprehension.

Its not a question or whether its a county road or a city street, its a question of the letter writer's contention that "Major Moves money is committed to the 400 projects the General Assembly considered necessary when Major Moves was passed into law last year. The public should not be fooled into thinking that the Major Moves money can be directed to other unmet needs"

Lo and behold, No My Man Mitch takes some of this "committed" money and hands it to Carmel for their project while ignoring many of the other 400 projects statewide that are still waiting to see the money.

First of all, Keystone is State Road 431, not US 431. Second, it is not a state priority to have roundabouts in Carmel.

Mass transit is a hoax, it has a catchy sound to it, but it will not take off in Indianapolis (or any city with the same population and density) unless it is faster than driving and cheaper. Very few people are willing to give up the convenience of a personal car that leaves when needed, goes where desired, and gets home faster.
Mass transit is tossed out as a solution by these think tanks since it sounds responsible, but I would be willing to bet that most of the think tanks have never seen mass transit implemented outside of New York or Chicago.
I tried the Indy-go bus from Fishers to downtown a few years ago when there were major construction going on; it took 50 minutes to get to work, not counting the 10-15 minutes waiting for a bus compared to getting in my car and driving directly to work in 30 minutes. It was taking an extra hour of my day to get travel back and forth to work. BTW, I did this for an entire month.

Oh, but 7:15, you've committed blasphemy by insulting public transportation! How dare you!! Better hope that Ehren Bingaman, the new head of Central Indiana Transit Authoriy (read: rapid transit train facilitator) and a bigass John Edwards supporter, doesn't read your skepticism. In a letter to editor blasting IBJ story a year ago that called into question the financial and ridership payoff of NE corridor rapid transit train, ol' Ehren arrogantly commented that he "didn't see the point of the story." Beware: you're getting the Fishers train whether you like it or not, if bureaucrats like this have their way.

Mass transit work in places with MASS population moving in tight spaces... NYC, DC and the Dallas airport for examples.

Building a mass transit system where you have moderate traffic flows like we do in Indiana is a VERY costly mistake.

Guess 11:53 has never been on 1-65 when its takes 45 minutes to get from teh Noblesville ramp to Castleton. Moderate traffic indeed! Do we have to wait to have 2 hour commutes to get mass trasit?

Perhaps better than mass transit -- for now, anyway -- it would have been responsible had INDOT under previous administrations made some improvements to I-69 and I-465 years and years ago. It should have been clear to INDOT, then run by the same sanctimonious Democrat geniuses who are professing to save us from the inept current administration, that population trends clearly were on uptick north and NE of Indpls. Hell, the real estate and retail folks could see it. Forrest Gump wearing welding goggles could have seen it. It didn't necessarily require adding multiple new interstate lanes as much as building better ramp systems, such as SB I-69 to I-465 --work that FINALLY is being done. Reconfiguing that idiotically designed Fishers exit on NB I-69, which allows last-minute merges by selfish sunsabidges in their Saabs and BMWs, has resulted in numerous rear-end accidents. And whomever at INDOT who designed the exit just beyond that, to Noblesville via SR 37, ought to be shot, given how it creates a chokepoint for traffic coming from 116th Street, headed north. More intelligent design would have gone a long way. Instead, INDOT planners were picking their noses and mired in the defeatist mantra of "if you improve roads it will bring more traffic and you'll be screwed again soon, anyway." Well,you twerps, the motorists still came, because the impluse to flee Indianapolis and its poor schools was more overpowering than the fear of congested roads. Of course, lots of Republicans live in Hamilton County ...

I suppose the Hamilton Country schools are ok if you want your kid's view of the world to be incredibly myopic.

"I suppose the Hamilton Country schools are ok if you want your kid's view of the world to be incredibly myopic."

So typical a response of Marion County folk trying to assert some sort of moral superiority. Did you learn that from the prissy voiced borgeois on NPR? Don't tell anyone, but we have and incredible number of Asians up here, including those in my family--and those of Arabic and Indian descent. And -- get this -- I saw eight black people here in Fishers today, and they weren't "the help." Pretty remarkable, huh? And we myopic people up here, cause we're rich, yunno, have seen more of the world than you diverse metropolitan folk in my old home of Marion County. Hamilton County Schools are ok if you want your kid to get a good education. Istep scores would be a measurable indicator.

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