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The Gospel According To Luke: Eric Miller's Tax Plan Is Hardly A Plan At All

TaxmanThe Times of Northwest Indiana's Pat Guinane reports on the ongoing property tax debate at the Statehouse. Specifically, he focuses in on wingnut Eric Miller's "abolish the tax" talking points, which have replaced his "abolish the gays" talking points of late.

"The property tax abolition movement led by Christian conservative activist Eric Miller got some face time last week at the Statehouse.

"But the lengthy legislative hearing was more about exorcising a demon than it was slaying the $6.2 billion dragon that is Indiana's real estate tax. Lawmakers want the public to understand the latter is no simple task.

"Miller was met with skepticism -- and perhaps a little scorn -- when he told the Commission on State Tax and Fiscal Policy the death knell for property taxes could be sounded with measured income and sale tax hikes and an iron-clad inflationary cap on state and local spending.

"'The Miller plan just doesn't work on the face of itself,' said Sen. Luke Kenley, the Noblesville Republican who leads the tax commission. 'If we're going to consider eliminating property taxes, we're going to have to do a lot more than he did in order to get that accomplished.'

"In fact, state analysts say lawmakers would have to more than double the 6 percent sales tax, nearly triple the 3.4 percent income tax or meld a heavy mixture of tax hikes to come up with the billions needed to run local government in Indiana."


I have a theory.

I think Eric Miller either found a crazy study or simply believes in his own mind that gay people rent rather than own property.

Of course, Eric Miller's followers are primarily homeowners.

Ergo, I think Eric Miller is trying to eliminate the property tax because he believes it will take the burden OFF his heterosexual fanbase and ONTO the homosexual apartment-dwellers.

Just a theory.

As odd as the 12:17 comment sounds, I honestly had the same thought too! You can be sure that Eric Miller plans to disadvantage the gays somehow with property taxes.

Actually, what I think he is trying to do is to get a Constitutional Convention called for property taxes, and while it's open, he's going to make it his play toy to get the Marriage ban through.

Or, he's going to get an amendment authored to ban property taxes, and while doing so attached something to ban gay marriages, which all of the legislators will be forced to vote for because it has property tax relief in it.

Rest assured, Eric Miller has some trick up his sleeve.....

Eric probably hsa more than tricks up his sleeve. I would not be surprised if it does not come out someday that he has a wide stance.

Really makes one wonder. It appears that the Republican politicians who are most vociferously anti-gay, pro- "family values" and insistent on prayers in Statehouses are the ones who get caught in flagrante delicto. Brian Bosma, do you have anything to tell us?

This is a ...t kicker, cracker state. We will never try the no property tax route because no other state has a cheat sheet for us to follow. But, its like old Sr. Regina said in the 3rd grade, "better to kick it than to smell it".

If you kick something that stinks you are likely to end up with it sticking to you.

It doesn't say much for Indiana when it has such fine upstanding Hoosiers providing the common sense that it so sorely needs.

(I have something stuck in my throat)

Need to amend my previous statement.. it was in reference to the the highly esteem, pure as a driven snow Eric Miller

I wish the rest of us common folk could get as much face time as this intolerance-spewing guy. That whole separation of Church and State thing seems to never apply to Indiana. I think the alternate license plates are a great example of that...

eric miller- another vocal kool-aid drinking, pro-lifer cultist. why anybody even gives this nut job any credibility i find hard to understand. kooks like his ilk should move to iran, or saudi arabia, if they want to live in a theocracy. I get tired of them making me pay for their wingnuttery, and impositions on my life. Sunday blue laws, for instance. most liquor laws. all gambling laws. most tax laws . prostitution laws- smooth talking swindlers fleecing the flock with fear, insecurities, peoples weaknesses, preying on the weak.
meanwhile, Indiana is slowly sinking further into irelevancy, as all the smart hoosiers are leaving the state. why am i still here? I still hold out hope in trying to stop the theocrats, and get joy out of screwing them over. I've got nothing, so nothing to lose.
Someone needs to dig up some dirt on these sleazeballs, and hypocrites, and get it published- Larry flynt is offering millions to bring these self-rightous lunatics to light.
eanwhile, use the laws against these kooks- the ACLU/ICLU is our only hope- regular lawyers who bring inconveneint lawsuits agains the "state", are treated like pariahs, and soviet era dissidents, and banished to the gulags.

More wingnuttery theocratic impositions on our lives: abstinence-only sex ed, "controversies" over evolution and global warming, lack of funding for stem cell research, and a jihad against American women re: birth control and the morning after pill, to name a few.

Face it people; The only thing Eric Miller cares about is his mailbox. He has picked a subject which is sure to help is fundraising!

"Actually, what I think he is trying to do is to get a Constitutional Convention called for property taxes, and while it's open, he's going to make it his play toy to get the Marriage ban through."

Let's hope so. Indiana needs a lack of taxes and a lack of fa g s.

8:24, I am sorry that you are so ignorant, but at least you are honest, I wish Eric Miller and his unmerry band of theocrats were as honest. They would prefer to not live among gay people they just cannot be honest about it. I am afraid the reason most people are afraid of gay people is because they are afraid they might secretly be attracted to them and want to act on the attraction, but then have been taught that it is an abomination and gross and horrible. But I must ask, do they never masturbate? If you are playing with yourself what is the big diff between your own equipment and someone elses? Not much really

Aren't Miller's 15 minutes up by now? The man is a toad.

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