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The Order Of Things: A Law Grad Sans Bar Admission Is Just A Law Grad

Gavel For you legal beagles out there, Shelby County Truth poses an interesting question about Shelbyville Mayor Scott Furgeson's recent appointment of a City Attorney who doesn't appear to be a lawyer -- at least not yet.

"Mayor Furgeson has selected a new City Attorney. But before she can even begin her duties in advising the Mayor, the city council, and city departments of what the law is, she may have to advise the Mayor that he broke the law in making her appointment.

"According to The Shelbyville News’ article from last Thursday’s edition announcing her appointment , Michelle Cobourn-Baurley, was to begin her new legal job with the City on Monday of this week. Also contained in this recent announcement was the confirmation that former City Attorney, Brett Hacker, has moved out of City Hall and into private law practice with–yeah you guessed it–McNeely, Stephenson, Thopy, and Harrold.

"Anyone see a pattern here? We’ll likely come back to the issue of the most recent city attorney’s depature to the firm, but we have so much more to report to you on the Mayor’s appointment of the new city attorney.

"To be appointed city attorney for the City of Shelbyville there are some basic requirements for the job. These requirements are imposed by state law and city ordinance."


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