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To Shelby County! Henkel To Advise On Taxes, City Attorney Not Official Yet

TaxmanToday's Shelby County News brings us a couple of interesting nuggets. The first has to do with the property tax reassessment that recently was ordered by the Guv:

"The Shelby County Board of Commissioners approved the hiring Monday night of a property tax consultant who previously served as commissioner of the Indiana Department of Local Government Finance.

"The board unanimously voted to pay attorney Beth H. Henkel $250 per hour for her expertise in property tax matters. She works for Schuckit & Associates PC, an Indianapolis law firm. The firm's lawyers practice in business litigation in state and federal trial and appellate courts, property tax appeals and business transactions, according to the firm's Web site.

"After reviewing Shelby County's property tax numbers with Henkel, Shelby County Auditor Amy Glackman, Shelby County Assessor Lynn Bass and Shelby County Treasurer Kathy Plunkett said in a statement to The Shelbyville News that they believe a reassessment is not necessary.

"'This is a very big issue and could cost taxpayers more money than necessary,' the three elected officials said in the statement."

The second piece follows a story that Shelby County Truth, a local blog, broke last week about the new Shelbyville city attorney who is not, in fact, an attorney yet.

"Shelbyville's newly hired city attorney, Michelle Cobourn-Baurley, has moved into her second-floor office in City Hall.

"She was hired to replace Brett Haacker, who left in late August to accept a position with a local law firm. She is still waiting on the results of the bar exam, which she took in July, and has signed an agreement with the city stating that her job is contingent upon her passing the exam.

"Cobourn-Baurley said she was excited about her new job and hopes to become better acquainted with the community in the next few months. She will be paid an annual salary of $45,000."


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